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Wow! What a great new artist coming up the ranks, Spencer. If you have never seen or heard Spencer, you are truly missing out. He is making a lot of noise and the noise has gotten louder with the release of his new music video, “Whatever”.  Spotify unveiled his new single on the Billboard in Times square.  

“Whatever”, is a love song about a girl that’s really special. This song has great meaning to Spencer. “There may be other girls you may have occasionally messed around with on and off, but they don’t really matter because you always come back to the perfect girl”, says Spencer.  This song would be a great one to dedicate to that special someone letting them know they are truly the perfect person. 

The video for “Whatever” brings the story in the song to life, with many special moments throughout. The video was shot all throughout LA wandering about the city. In the making of the video a few scenes they had a large crew involved, but for other shots he ditched the crew. For them to just take off and leave the crew, Spencer felt more of the authenticity that he wanted would be captured. He was correct, the realism is there. 

When preparing to shoot the video, Spencer wanted something different that made a statement, he got it. It was decided it would be shot with a cell phone. This was a brilliant idea. This is how these special moments would have been captured by anyone out on the town having fun. It gave it more life.  Spencer says, the director GAB3 was the genius behind the video. He also says, he and his manager J, GAB3 collaborated on the original concept, but made up a few scenes as they went along. 

Spencer is back in the studio working on more songs. Be on the lookout for more to be released. He also has several live shows coming up and more videos. His fans can follow him on Twitter and Instagram

Inspiring people to be themselves and bring out their true personalities is something he hopes to accomplish. Spencer says, “Life is too short to cover up the real you”. 



Canadian Superstar Jadyn Rylee Strikes Again!

Canadian superstar Jadyn Rylee strikes again with another smash hit, “Only You”. Only You, is a song that people fell in love with the second it was released. Her new song is one that listeners of all ages can relate to. The story of the song is one of a great friendship telling each other  how they feel. The song is touching people in their hearts. Anyone who has a hard time letting a  friend, spouse or sibling know how they feel, this is the perfect song to share and express one’s true feelings for the other. The tenderness of the song, the lyrics, leaves no doubt the meaning. Whoever you share this song with, that person will understand fully how you feel about them. It’s in the title, Only You. You cannot listen to “Only You” and not be touched.  

Jadyn’s fans have known her as a girl of rock, and fearless. But with the release of her three original songs, everyone has been able to see, there’s more to Jadyn than meets the eye. This is especially true when it comes to, “Only You”. This song allowed Jadyn to showcase her tender side and add a little emotion.  According to her fans posts, they love it. To be a great artist and rise to stardom it”s necessary to be versatile, and Jadyn is good at it. Another important aspect of an artist, is to be able to connect with the audience, and Jadyn has proven herself able to do this time and again. 

“Only You” features Jadyn’s friend Brayden Ryle. Brayden was also seen in Jadyn’s video Beaches of Tofino, but it”s not his first time in front of a camera or mic. When your dad is multi gold record Curt Ryle, music is going to find it’s way into your system And it did just that with Brayden. Brayden has his own song out called, “Eye On You” and has been received well. It’s a catchy upbeat song with fun lyrics. This song shows off Brayden’s artistry and skill. Now singing together, they are a perfect match.

They both have a strong bond with each other, this is where the sincerity in the song comes from. This bond began right away. About a year ago, Jadyn was introduced to Curt Ryle, which of course led her to meet Brayden. The bond of friendship was instant and has grown unbreakable. As wittiness, they are like a modern day, Bonnie and Clyde with the exception, they are not stealing people’s money, they are stealing their hearts.

During the creation of “Only You”, it was Brayden that had the idea to add the rap. What a genius concept, it went together brilliantly. Jadyn sings with a soothing voice and then in comes Brayden with his rap. It was meant to be, like peanut butter and jelly.  Once you listen to the song, you can’t stop listening, you want more. Their individual parts draws you in, and then when they combine, it’s wow! it gives you chills. Excellent song and production, two outstanding artists. Just can’t get any better than that. It would not be surprising to see Brayden and Jadyn together in more upcoming videos. 

Jadyn is rising  to fame fast. She can be found on countless media outlets, radios, as well as hometown papers. Jadyn’s delivery of songs has captivated people right from the start. Her fan base has grown in a big way. Now it is getting ready to grow even larger. It was recently announced Jadyn has been accepted into the Mini Pop Kids. Mini Pop Kids have concerts all around Toronto. People have grown to love her from around the world through the internet, now they will get to see and meet her in person. Her fans will love her even  more, her live performances are incredible. 

One of the things that seems to intrigue people when it comes to Jadyn is; when they think they have seen all she can do, she surprises them with something different. With each new video the viewers get to see a whole new and different side to Jadyn. Day after day people tune into her music and cannot get enough. There’s been brilliant artists come out of Canada, like Justin Bieber and Shania Twain. Jadyn however, has the capabilities and the heart to rise above them in the future. What people are witnessing now, is only the beginning.


“Only You” was written by John Castleberry and Jadyn Rylee. It was produced by Curt Ryle of Big Matador Records. Video by Lance Goodman.

Florida’s Country Sensation Jasmine McDonald

Photo credit John Matthews

Country music recording artist, Jasmine McDonald has been working hard cranking out original songs and videos over the past year. Jasmine’s singing of cover songs has turned heads for a longtime, but now, it’s time to change. The change Jasmine is making, is easing out some cover songs, for songs of her very own. 

People have been enjoying Jasmine’s singing from Florida to Tennessee and everywhere in between. Now with three songs of her own making, all of her fans will have a new love for her, and her music. Jasmine’s new songs are, Bet Your Heart On Me, Key To A Young Girls Heart, and My Time To Shine. All three songs will keep you smiling and tapping your foot all the way through. Her delivery of these songs makes you believe the story she is telling. Any young person listening will be able to identify with the lyrics, it fits them all. 

Jasmine has created videos with each song and in doing so, there were different aspects of the process she enjoyed for each one. One of the things she enjoyed about, Bet Your Heart On Me was that it was her first, and she played the mandolin. “I loved, Key To A Young Girls Heart too, because my friend Selton Tison and I got to play in the stream”, says Jasmine. Her favorite however was her newest, My Time To Shine. She liked this one so well because it was in Nashville. Jasmine had her family were in it, and it made her feel like a star signing autographs. 

Jasmine’s producer is Jack Molette and videographer is Dustin Jenkins, both are a regular at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Jasmine met them both while she was at the theater competing in NACMAI. She won several awards for her performances and in doing so, she caught the attention of Jack and Dustin.  

Along with her producer, Jasmine is also lending a hand when it comes to her writing songs. “I get my ideas for new songs on a whim, they just come in my head”, says Jasmine. She keeps everything she needs close by her bed, guitar, pen and paper just in case she wakes up during the night with an idea. Jasmine has about ten songs already written. “I am always writing” says Jasmine. More videos for the songs are in the planning too, so be on the look out for them.

Having a dream and working hard for it brings success, and this is all true for Jasmine as well. “My dream is just smile! I love to see people smile when I sing” says Jasmine. Someday Jasmine hopes to have a recording contract, and go to a CMT award show. To sing at the Grand Ole Opry is also high on her dream list, as well as opening for a major artist like, George Straight, Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton. “Someday I will have my own bus and go on tour, but it is all in God’s hands, so wherever he leads me I will go” says Jasmine. Big dreams come with big rewards and some of those rewards have been coming Jasmine’s way. 

Over the past few years many good things have come to be in Jasmine’s favor. She has won awards and produced three amazing original songs. Her song My Time To Shine has truth in it. She is shinning and there’s been doors opening for her. No matter how many no’s she gets, she pushes on. The prize she is gazing at is not far out of reach and she is getting closer to it everyday. It is Jasmine’s time to shine, and she is getting brighter everyday. 



Sam Hurwitz

 Throughout time, various people have come along and made an imprint in human culture, for instance J.K. Rowling, Ron Howard, and Paul McCartney. What has set these people apart from many others is, they are visionary’s. People like J.K., Ron and Paul are dreamers who look beyond the obvious, and creates something that impacts people. Sam is one of these people who has the ability to see things differently, and create something that those who listen, can find themselves being part of his story. 

Sam’s ability to create began showing itself at an early age. At just two years old, Sam would play a toy guitar and make up songs. When he turned eight years old he began performing for others. It was his guitar teacher who invited him to his first performance, which was a songwriters circle.  

Big dreamers often demand big audiences, well Sam got just that. He got to perform a song at a NY Knicks halftime show at Madison Square Garden. Of course this was a favorite of his. “I had never played to an audience anywhere that size and it was very exciting” says Sam. Another performance that has become one of his favorite shows was at a gala for Stuttering Association for the Young. For this gala, Sam was asked to write a song just for it. “This was the first time I had to write a song on demand. I remember the songwriting process leading up to this gig well; getting ideas, scrapping them, forming melodies, until finally coming up with a song I thought was good” says Sam. For this performance, he was accompanied by a professional band, which he really enjoyed.   

The creativity Sam has as a songwriter has started to catch the attention of various people in the industry. He was an American Songwriting Magazine Daily Discovery and an American Songwriting Awards nominee for his song, Without a Rhyme. Also a weekly independent chart in the UK called, Fabchart has picked up several of his songs. 

Unlike most new artists, Sam doesn’t generally perform many cover songs, but he does like to learn them, mostly the instrumentals. However his favorite artist is Wilco. “I like them because of how memorable and unique each of their songs are” says Sam. Another favorite band of his is, Avett Brothers. He says their songs are very catchy and musically interesting, especially their album I and Love and You.  

Getting out and performing to showcase the songs he has written, is something he loves. Sam says he likes to see the feedback his songs get. “It is also fun to play numerous songs as a set, bringing together different projects that I’ve been working on” says Sam.  He also says, it is interesting seeing what the environment and location of each performance is, and who is attending.  

Sam’s dream is to always do something involved in storytelling and fiction. It doesn’t matter if it is through writing songs, writing stories or film-making. “I am fascinated by fiction; how one thought can create a whole universe, how one sentence that anyone can write can create characters and settings. I always want to be involved with stories” Sam says. He wants to harness his creative energy and always study , create, and experience fiction.    

To master the art of songwriting a person needs creativity and imagination to bring the story that is in a lyrics alive. These skills along with many others can be found in the songs Sam writes. He officially started writing songs at the age of six, he is now fourteen with sixteen songs complete. One of the songs he loves is, Without a Rhyme. He remembers the writing process and creation of the video very well. “I wrote it while I was at a creative writing camp and the process and place I was in, was very special” says Sam. The music video for this was his first and has gotten the most attention.  In four of his songs he adds harmonica and this gives a great flavor to them. His latest song, Everlasting Oak, he has combined the guitar and harmonica which brings back to life an old era from Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Sam felt this was the perfect song to add the harmonica. The guitar he used can be seen by another icon who used one like it, his name, Buck Owens. “The guitar I play in that song was a gift I received that came from the collection of my favorite musician Jeff  Tweedy of Wilco. It’s a 1969 Buck Owens American guitar and using the harmonica just felt perfect with this song and guitar” says Sam.

Creativity and imagination is not only needed in writing a song, but also, to inspire ideas. When he was younger, he said he would just pick up the guitar and start singing, and that would be the song. As he got older, his ideas came from books he was reading or more often, a theme he is interested in. “For Everlasting Oak, I thought trees and forests had a lot of great imagery and potential for thoughtful lyrics” Sam says. He also says, he likes to write his lyrics as poetry, and strive to make the audience think. “I don’t just say the theme straight out, or tell the story in a very literal way” says Sam. He likes to weave a more complex tale that will leave the listener making his or her own interpretations for it.  It is songs written like this, that stick with him. 

As of right now, he doesn’t have any up coming gigs to attend, however he is starting high school this fall. During the summers is when he works on all of his passions that he doesn’t have time for during the school year. “I was lucky that I got to attend amazing programs this summer for film-making, creative writing and music” says Sam. He also self published his first book in a fantasy series that he has been writing for two years. He hopes to publish the second this fall. 

Somewhere inside of Sam lies sort of a lake of creativeness that is growing deeper by the day. It is being fed by many tributaries of imagination, wonder, fiction and reality. It is felt in what he creates, that this is not just what he does, but who he “is”. He is the modern day Bob Dylan, much of who Bob was, can be felt in Sam’s music as well. Sam is not just an artist, he is a visionary. He looks at things at different angles, not just straight ahead like most. The stories that he tells are not empty, they are full of substance. The music he creates is what music was meant to be. This is only the beginning. Where will his name be in the future? Beside Ron, J.K., Bob, and Neil, could very well be!

Carmen Wyler

A lot of people in the music profession often try to mold themselves after someone else, but it is those who do their own thing that stands out. Carmen is one who likes to do her own thing in music. She does most everything herself, producing, editing, upload, record, it is all hands on for Carmen. Her love for music is what drives her.

The love she has for music came at an early age, and whatever she heard, is what she sang. After Carmen began learning the piano, her true love for music sank in even deeper. Her day ever since has been engulfed in music. At the age of ten, Carmen shared her musical talents with the public. The crowd was small in Liechtenstein, but she gave her performance. Liechtenstein in 2011, was just the beginning, and now she has many performances, and loves them all. “I like every performance because it’s just that fun” says Carmen. Her last big performance was at EYOF (European Youth Olympic).

When performing Carmen likes the old classics like, Nina Simone, Ray Charles, but she also likes the new. If she is covering a newer band or artist she likes Milky Chance or Alt J. Carmen says they have their own soul and styles in their songs.

The love of performing does run deep with Carmen, and is about the feelings. “The feeling and the ability to show your feelings and thoughts throughout music and sounds” says Carmen.

With great artists comes great original music. Carmen is currently in the process of producing her own song. She is very excited about it and is looking forward to releasing it. It will be alternative, but also moody, emotional and rocky. “I don’t want to set myself a genre, it has to sound how I like it” says Carmen. She invests a great deal of time and work in her music to make it just right.

She dreams to work everyday as a musician. She wants to support herself and live by what she loves.

Carmen does carry much talent, and she is driven by music. Her passion for music shows with every performance. The work she puts into music and the passion, will allow her to realize the dreams she has. It will be an amazing thing to watch her grow in music.

Lyric Dubee “Black Ice”

Lyric Dubee Black Ice at stars2come




Lyric Dubee, sixteen year old Barrie teen and Nashville recording artist, releases first single “Black Ice” from his third album. Black Ice is another incredible song, Lyric continues to deliver great songs one after another. There are not many  artists that can create such works of art as Lyric does. The lyrics in his songs always have a great flow to them and are  written so well they never leave you head. The melody in Black Ice is hypnotizing and pulls you deeper into the story in the song. Lyric says he was just practicing some different air tap guitar techniques and came across the melody. The lyrics then fell together shortly after along with the rest of the song.

Black Ice is the first release of a 10 song CD he is currently working on. He will be releasing a single every 4 to 6 weeks with the drop of the album in January 2015. These songs were recorded in four different studios, with three of them being recorded in Nashville and the rest in Toronto. All of the songs on the album are either co-writes or songs he wrote on his own. On this album he teamed up with Nolan Neal, Bobby Amaru, Gord Richards and Dave Dunlop.

Lyric also shot an amazing video for Black Ice. This video was shot in an old abandoned house and that made for a great back drop with a lot of character, and gave it depth. It is about a girl who left you and then came back, however, now you do not want her back. This is a video you definitely want to see.

Lyric’s next song and video to come out is called, “They Say”. Lyric says, the video unlike the song is about a child coming to a new town/school trying to find his place in the new area. This is certainly something you want to keep an eye out for. Lyric continues to outdo himself with each and every song. He is a lot like Eric Clapton, you never know what is coming, but when it gets there it blows you away.

Lyric has been one busy artist, not only has he been working on his new CD, but went on tour through part of the US. His first tour here in the US he performed in Ohio, Kentucky and Nashville. This was a two week tour with eleven performances. After having the pleasure of seeing Lyric live, it is easy to say he is someone you never want to miss, he puts on an amazing show gaining the attention of all who are in ear shot. He will leave you wanting more every time. This may have been his first tour, but another is already being planned for 2015 after his CD release.

This year Lyric also this year attended the world’s biggest music festival called, SXSW (South By South West) in Texas. This festival had over 100 vendors and over 2200 performers. Lyric said SXSW was over the top, an amazing experience. He says there was music everywhere. While at SXSW he played two showcases for CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association).

Lyric is one amazing artist with one great song after another, make sure to keep up with everything he does by following his website Lyric Dubee.com. He is going to become a legend.


Dalton Cyr

Dalton Cyr at stars2come





 One of the great performers that just got off the Country, Pop, Rock Tour is Dalton Cyr. All the performers put on an outstanding show and Dalton was right there rockin the house with them. He is one person that his videos do not do him justice, he is a person you need to see live! He has a lot of style, and showed it off very well on tour. Dalton’s show started off with an awesome entrance, coming out you could lonely see a shadow of him through the fog, then he emerges with guitar in hand jamming and the girls go, “wild”, you could barely hear the music over the roar. Dalton worked the stage like he had been doing this for years. He was from one end to the other jumping up on the monitors in the corners playing and singing, and all the girls reaching out to try and touch him every chance they had. It was evident that he was having the time of his life, and he was not selfish with this. Between songs he picked a girl out of the audience and brought her on stage and sang a song to her, this was the time of, “her” life, she was so excited and happy. Dalton truly won over the audience with this move. Dalton was a real pro and put on a very exciting show.  Dalton said the fans were incredible, and he does not even have the words to describe the feeling they gave him.  The tour was super exciting for him, and the other artist were cool and awesome being able to perform and hang out with them. He said they became like family. One of his favorite places to perform along the tour was the Winona Coliseum in Ms. He said this was one of the hugest places he had ever seen and the stage set-up was amazing and fun to perform on. While in Winona he met a gentlemen by the name of Sargent Robert Britt, he had started an organization called Sara Smiles in honor of his daughter. Sara was helping spread the word about anti-bullying and suicide prevention. He said the man was really nice and doing great things to help people, and Dalton really appreciates that and likes that in a person.

Dalton Cyr stars2come   Dalton has really come a long way from making his fist performance at the Clay Country fair in 2009. He got to perform at an Acoustic Concert when he was nine that he had watched his dad play at for a couple years. At this concert Dalton got his first standing ovation. He then moved to some more amazing things, one of which was his CD release party held August 2, 2012. This was very exciting for him. He had worked over a year to write, record and put his CD and show together. He said it was awesome to have such a huge turn out and so much support from his hometown. Dalton has also made his way to TV doing interviews about his music and has sang some of his originals live.

 Dalton has written many songs, and he has a great mind when it comes to lyrics. Like many great writers, he too takes things that happen in life and puts them to music. A couple of wonderful songs that he has written are, “Your Not Alone” and “Whisper”. Whisper is really an outstanding song, which he dedicated to the soldiers coming home. This is a very touching song, and you can bet this has touch many kids who have parents in the military. Dalton delivers this song with great feeling and care, showing the amazing artist that he is. This song was a combination of inspirations for him. His grandmother that he was very close to passed away and he was missing her. The military was very important to his grandmother and he also goes to school with a lot of people who have parents in the military and they talk about how much they miss them. It is this combination that brought about this song. When people talk about songs coming from the heart, this is Dalton “he” has heart!

 Dalton has a lot of great performances coming up that no one should miss. In Jacksonville he will be singing the National Anthem at an NFL Jaguars game. This coming spring he will be flying out to France and will be performing at Notre Dame Cathedral and Normandy. Dalton’s performances are a must see experience, he is tremendously talented and a great entertainer. You will never be bored at one of his shows. They are excellent!