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Spain’s Hit New Pop Artist, Charlotte Summers



Spain’s new hit pop artist Charlotte Summer has been mesmerizing people from Spain to American with her magnificent voice. At just twelve years old Charlotte already has a smash hit out called, Unicorn. This song was originally written for a Eurovision entry for Malta by Greek singer/songwriter Gorgi and Swedish composers Ylva and Linda, but was not chosen for the entry. The song was then adapted for Charlotte for a festival in Italy. She has won best original song and best singer in her category. It is now out as her first single.

Unicorn is a fitting song for Charlotte. The song itself is beautiful, but “Unicorn” has always meant much more. A Unicorn is a beautiful, wondrous and magical animal, it has been known to light a girl’s heart and imagination. This also describes Charlotte. Her voice has the beauty that is needed for a song like Unicorn. She has captured the essence of the song perfectly igniting the imagination of those who listen and magically takes the listener into the story.  No other person could have delivered this song the way she has done. The song may not have originally been for her, but destiny knew who needed to sing it. This song does mean a great deal to her. “It is very special to me as it is a beautiful song and a lot of people really like it” says Charlotte. 

A stunning video was made for Unicorn which not only shows her beauty, but the beauty in the location. It was filmed in Marbella Spain by the sea. Charlotte says, it’s where the Unicorns live. The location is shown as a magical place, all one needs to do is believe and you can see the Unicorn. I believe, she “is” the Unicorn. The beauty, the magic, it is her,  she opens a person’s imagination. 

Most of the world didn’t know anything of Charlotte until a video went viral. In the video she was getting her hair done and started singing her song Unicorn. The majority of us didn’t realize that it was her own song at the time. She belted out the song so perfectly that everyone instantly loved her. She then became a worldwide favorite, leaving everyone asking, “who is that girl”? It turns out that her hairdresser asked her to sing, video taped it and put it on their Instagram. Once people began learning who she was, they flocked to her music loving everything she sang. 

For many, it was the viral video that introduced them to Charlotte, but this was not the beginning.  She first started singing at about six or seven years of age. She began performing at her primary school, St. George in San Pedro de Alcantara. At school they would often do shows for their parents. The boys and girls in the class would go on stage and sing, act and dance. From this she has moved on to other great things. Charlotte was in Les Miserables in Malaga, Spain. Then she appeared on La Voz Kids then went on to win a talent contest in Malaga, Spain. After all of this she was on a program called, Fenomeno Fan, this show was shown in Spain and South America. She will be on TV in North America soon. “That was really cool to go and record in LA” says Charlotte. 

Being a singer is about bringing happiness to others as well as yourself. Charlotte is this person, the happiness and passion can be heard in each of her songs. Like most singers, she too has favorites she likes to sing. Aside from Unicorn, she likes, It’s A Man’s World and One Night Only. She likes It’s A Man’s World because, “I feel the song is so true and beautiful” says Charlotte. And One Night Only she says, “It is a very soulful, and it has lots of places where I can let out powerful notes”. 

Charlotte is beginning to take her music to the next level with her new single, Lifting Me Up. She co-wrote the song with a composer from England named Alex. When it comes to songwriting, she doesn’t really know where the ideas come from, she says things just come to her. “I play piano so I create melodies and from that the lyrics” says Charlotte. 

There’s much love for music in Charlotte’s life, but she enjoys many of the other things too. She loves gymnastics and animals. Charlotte also enjoys movies, hanging out with friends and dancing all the normal stuff anyone her age would enjoy doing. To do what Charlotte loves  takes a lot of support, and she gets tons of it from her parents and sister, Renee. 

Anyone can search through Charlotte’s music and listen to her progression, she started off good, now she is “brilliant”. Charlotte has been granted a gift, and she uses that gift to delight others in the songs she sings. The power and precision that she uses is exceptional, no one can help but be drawn into the story she is telling. She is truly magical, just like the Unicorn. 


Pop Artist Caroline Grace Debuts Her Single “Show Me”

Caroline Grace has debuted her new single, “Show Me”, and stealing people’s hearts. Show Me, is a song where she throws her vulnerability out on the table. If her soothing voice doesn’t capture you, her puppy dog eyes in the video will certainly do the trick. She is a true artist to be able to project how vulnerable she can be vocally and then bring it to life on camera.  This song could be interpreted in different ways, but anyone looking for a love song for their significant other, this is it. Who could, resist!

This past July, Caroline and Poo Bear (Jason Boyd) got together to record a few singles, and Show Me is one of those singles. She said, Poo Bear had the initial idea, and they built the song from there. This song means a lot to Caroline. “There have been times in my life I have found myself deviating from my own path. Show Me is sort of intro prospective plea to remind myself of who I am and what I stand for, ” she said. She was also saying, “being such a beautiful song, it can be applied to various other circumstances”. Her thoughts are, it can be listened to as a love song between two people, a song about loving oneself, or even a worship song. “That’s the goal in all of my music, to utilize my own vulnerability to relate to other people in any way that I can and let them know that they aren’t alone,” she said. 

Throughout the process of writing and producing, “Show Me” she had the great pleasure of working with Poo Bear. Poo Bear (Jason Boyd) recently wrote and produced on Justin Bieber’s entire, Purpose, album. Caroline says working with him was incredible. “When you walk into a room to work with a guy like that, you can’t help but be intimidated. However, his kind, goofy and humble persona quickly snapped that away, and I felt like I was in the studio with my best friend,” she said. She says, his work ethic is so inspiring, you can tell how deep is passion for music goes. She hopes to continue to work with him throughout her career. 

Show Me, is a powerful single which she debuted. The song showcases different aspects of her vocals, character, realization, emotion, depth, and of course vulnerability. This gives an insight into what to expect when her first EP is released. Yes that’s right, an EP is being worked on. There will be a variety of songs ranging from acoustic to, very radio pop. She says, the consistency of the EP will be in the lyrics. “The project is a body of work that will very much relate to the place in life I am currently in and experiences I am having,” she said. There will be some great collaborations on the EP, but for now who they are, must remain under wraps. It will be exciting. She says, she wants all of her music to invoke emotion by pouring her heart into every song she records. “I truly believe that if I pour everything I have into my music, the listener will feel something too,” she said.   

Caroline had a desire  for music since she was a little kid and knew that is what she wanted to do. However, when she started at USC is when she decided to immerse herself into her career wholeheartedly. What a great decision she made, it would have been a shame for the music world to miss out on a great creative talent such as Caroline. Now that the decision was made, and her music being realized, her music will touch millions. 


Roxie Bardo

Roxie Bardo at stars2come





Roxie is a seventeen year old pop artist who is totally original. Roxie is originally from Tennessee, but currently living in LA  and she is bringing a new spin to the pop world. She does not sing or act like any other artist, she is truly her own person. Roxie writes a lot of her own material, but she does not get into the bubblegum pop. She says she wants to be seen as original and substantial. She also says you have to stay true to yourself or else you are not anyone at all, you just become a carbon copy of others. Roxie is so right, you have to stay true to yourself, being original is what gets people noticed by not only the industry, but everyone that is listening. Being original is what makes an artist.

Roxie took off on her musical journey when she was about 4 or 5 years old. She use to perform in her front yard with two of her neighbors as back-up dancers entertaining everyone. They would perform songs by Britney Spears and Mariah Carey for the neighborhood and family. So far she has had a great journey and has performed many times, but her favorite performance so far is one of her first solo performances. She said it was a few years ago in a small cafe singing about seven of her original songs. She sang in front of an intimate crowd, and even though it was a small performance, she liked how easy it was to connect with the audience.  Roxie said there was no dancing, just her singing and them listening, and it made her realize just how moving music can be. When Roxie sings you can really feel the passion in her music, she will be moving people for a longtime to come. Her wonderful skills as an artist has earned her the honor of being a nominee as Female Vocalist Of The Year for the 23rd LA Music Awards. She says she is honored to be included in such a big event.

Even though Roxie writes a lot of her own songs, she still loves doing covers. Currently she is enjoying singing music by Lorde. Roxie says her lyrics are hypnotizing and every song has a substantial message.

One of the best things about Roxie is that, she is real! This doesn’t only show in her music, but in her perspective on others and herself. She says she feels like the majority of people are afraid to be vulnerable, to let their walls down to let others see who they really are. Roxie loves to perform and it’s her way of being vulnerable and evolving as a person. She says performing can teach you a lot about life and accepting yourself. Every time she performs she feels like she is letting go of everything that is weighing her down and releasing it into the world. She says that feeling is addictive and once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Roxie’s writing skills are excellent, she has a great way of putting the right words together. She not only writes for herself, but also writes for other artists as well. She has written hundreds of songs and she is excited to be releasing her first full album. She says she does have specific songs that are very special to her. One of her songs, “Alive” is on her EP and is very important to her and holds a lot meaning. This song emotionally released her in many ways and she will be forever grateful for that. Roxie’s music is usually written about personal experiences, but sometimes she will write from different points of view. She has learned not to force it, but to let it come naturally .

She is an amazing artist and her goal in life is to leave a positive impact on this world with music and her philanthropic ventures.  She wants to be able to help others who do not have the same opportunities. Also hopefully inspire people who do have the opportunities to face their fears and take that leap in pursuing their passions.

Roxie has some great things coming up that you do not want to miss. She is excited to perform at the My Water Presents: Inside The Drop, Game Changer concert on September 28th. She says this will be a lot of fun and the company promotes drinking water instead of sugary beverages. She will also be performing at the Music 4 Education Benefit Concert by Pencils of Promise. This is supporting a  great cause, education. Also be sure to vote for her as Female Vocalist of the Year at LA Music Awards.

Roxie is about as real as you can get for an artist. She is not just an artist that you should rush out to only buy her songs, but she is someone that you should get to know. She does have her heart in the right place and it is easy to see in her music and who she is as a person. With the passion and the heart she has, there is nothing but great things to come from Roxie.


Dalia Rae

Dalia Rae at stars2come



Dalia is an amazing artist who brings great up-beat and high energy music for everyone to enjoy. Her voice is perfectly tuned for pop music and she uses it very well. She currently has two great original songs, “Suddenly” and “Wanna Be Me”; both of these songs will keep you bopp’n in your seat. “Wanna Be Me”, is about embracing who you are. No matter what anyone says, you should be who you want to be because there is only one you. Dailia says, “Just do what you love because you love it, not to impress other people”. If this song don’t keep you move’n, nothing will. “Suddenly”, is another outstanding song, it is basically about anyone that inspires you.  The song is saying thank you to the people who are there for you and inspire you, no matter if they are friends or family. She said it did end up turning into a bit of a love song though. These two songs are awesome, and everyone needs to have them in their collection.

Dalia had a cute beginning with her singing career starting around two years old. She would literally sing and dance everywhere she went. She would often be dancing down the aisles of the grocery store singing about cereal on the shelves putting on a show for everyone in the store. She has always had a passion for singing and dancing, and believes the love of it, is what inspired her to want to do it from now on. She would see some performers and think,  “I wanna be just like them, I wanna do that.” Now her dreams are coming true.

Dalia Rae at stars2comeShe has come a long way from dancing and singing in grocery stores, now she has taken to the stage. Dalia performs a lot at a venue called, Crocodile Rock. She says, she loves doing shows there because she gets to perform with a lot of cool bands and artists. However she loves to perform pretty much anywhere she can. Dalia just loves performing in front of an audience and seeing them having fun. Since her career has taken off she has had the privilege of performing with some pretty amazing people. Some of these people include,  Aaron Carter, Drake Bell, Dev, Outasight, Greg Raposo (from DREAM STREET), Booboo Stewart (from Twilight!) and many more. Drake Bell is one that really stands out because he has been one of her favorite actors/singers since she was seven years old. Dalia watched him on her favorite TV shows, Drake and Josh and the Amanda Show; it was so awesome for her to meet him, but to perform with him was more than awesome. She said, she will never forget when he said, he thought she did amazing with her show. Another show that stands out with her was with Aaron Carter and Greg Raposo. She played two shows with Aaron and she says he is one of the sweetest guys she has ever met. Aaron told her he was lying down backstage so that he could see her performance, this was because of the way the stage was set up. Greg Raposo was in one of her favorite boy bands when she was little called, Dream Street. They were backstage and Greg and Dalia sang one of the band’s old songs, “It Happens Everytime”. She said it was incredible.

Just like many of the pop stars, Dalia also dances in her performances. She has been dancing for fourteen years, and it has always come natural to her. During her singing performances she always dances and if there is enough room on the stage she has back-up dancers that join her as well.

While Dalia is a great artist and has performed with many famous people, she has also become a celebrity herself. She has created a name for herself because of all the major celebrities she has interviewed. There are a couple of people she interviewed that made a great impression on her, and one of them was Allstar Weekend. She loves Allstar Weekend’s music and to interview them was awesome for her. She said they were really nice guys. Another she liked really well was R5, this is a Disney band and interviewing them was really cool. Dalia said they were funny and she got to hang out with them before and after their concert.

Dalia also has her own radio show called, Dalia’s Digs. She was asked by the CEO and program director of the radio if she would like to come on and have her own show. They came up with the idea for her show; because they were doing rock music and they wanted her to come on to get some pop music. Dalia did just that, and now she plays some well-known artists like One Direction and Justin Bieber and also plays some music from unsigned artists as well to help them get some exposure. She will often have guest artists on for a live chat to talk about their music, shows or whatever happens to pop-up in the conversation.

Dalia is a very busy person from school work to practices, the radio and more, but it is this kind of hard work and dedication that makes a person successful at reaching their dreams. When she does have free time she is like any other teen, she enjoys hanging out with friends, going to the movies and of course shop. Mostly  Dalia is working towards her dreams and goals. She wants to make people happy with her music and show people to chase their dreams and not be afraid of who you are. She hopes to play arenas all over the world one day like Madison Square Garden. Dalia just likes to have fun and do what she loves, because she loves it. She is always herself never pretending to be something or someone she is not.

Dalia is an amazing person she does so much and not because someone else wants her to do it, but because she wants to. She has some outstanding music, and she is an awesome dancer and she is out making her mark. Dalia is not sitting back watching her dreams go by, she is working hard for them and seeing some of those come true. Don’t miss out on any of her amazing music and everything that is happening with her, so stop by her site regular and watch her dreams come true. Dalia Rae

Wanna Be Me



Josh Bernstein


Josh Bernstein at stars2come




Josh has a wonderful unique voice. He has a bit of soul all his music, that makes for some great listening. He has made a great impression on a lot of people, and was in the final four of the Kidz Star USA competition.  After listening to him it is easy to see how he made it to the final four. This was accomplished with 45,000 contestants, and he was the only boy. This shows the true talent that he has, and it landed him some great opportunities. At the competition he got to perform in front of American Idol winner, Kris Allen and music executives, which was awesome for him. All this got started by Josh seeing a commercial on Nickelodeon, he decided to send in a video of him singing. His videos got many views, and put him in the top ten. He was then assigned, Soul Sister, by the judges for his next song. Josh did his own original version of it, and it took him to the top four. He says, it was a blast doing this, he got to spend five days in New York. They also made a reality web series, and here they had to compete not only with singing, but dancing, fashion, and interviewing on Siriux XM radio. They also sang for Gavin DeGraw on the Today Show.  This was the most exciting five days of his life. He is now working with a production company on recording a demo of original music.

The thing about Josh is that no one even knew he could sing, not even himself. He was eleven years old when he was watching David Archuleta on American Idol, and suddenly he had a desire to sing, so he just belted it out. His dad was shocked. This experience has changed his life, and now has him on a great journey. He started performing in the fifth grade for a school talent show. Then in the sixth, he joined a rock band called, Pulse, and he is still with the band today. They had their first major public performance at the Battle of the Bands at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. This was in front of about 700 people, and they have performed there six or seven times since then. This past summer he got another great experience by spending two weeks in Israel, learning music and working with other teens in a rock band. They performed in front of hundreds of people in Jerusalem, which was really cool for him.

He has been influenced by several people, but he was also influenced by Motown. Josh tries to bring a modern day Motown sound to his music, and he does it wonderfully. He loves music, and this is his way of making it. He was a shy kid, but found away to shine in public. This shine he found is now getting brighter with great songs of his own. He has one original called, “Open Up To Me”. It is about a teen who has a major crush on a girl, but when they chat, he only gets one word answers, eventually winning her over. He also wrote another song with his band called, “Inconcerta”, this is his rage against taking ADD Medicines.

Josh says, that it is possible to make it as a pop artist, and still be a good and humble person. He was amazed about how humble Kris Allen was, and  down to earth. Josh wants to be just like him. He does have a great start at all this, he is humble, and is putting out some great music that could put him right in Kris Allen’s shadow.



Joey Loglisci


Joey Loglisci at stars2come




Joey is an amazing pop artist who is on his way to making his mark in music. You can listen to him and he sounds as good as anyone on the radio today. Not only does he sing well, but he is a great piano player. He started playing piano long before he started singing. At four years old he start piano, then about ten he began to sing. Music teachers at school encouraged him to start taking voice lessons and pursue at music career. Since he started vocal training he has worked with many incredible coaches, but he has one that he can not give enough thanks to and that is, Marko Lampas. Joey had a lot of trouble when his voice began to change and Marko was crucial in making sure he was singing from a healthy place.

He took on his first performance at his school’s talent show singing, “Consider Yourself” from the Broadway musical Oliver. He really loved the adrenaline he got from being on stage and performing. One of his favorite performances he had was singing the National Anthem at the XL Center in Hartford in front of about 10,000 people. This was a hockey game that was sponsored by the Alzheimer’s committee. He said, it was so much fun meeting everyone and getting to perform for a amazing cause.

When he was sixteen he had the honor of being selected to be part of an All-American choir. This choir was made up from a few kids from each state and the got to perform at Carnegie Hall. This was truly an amazing experience   for him. Joey loves all styles of music, but he is a very big fan of Brittney Spears. He loves her style and performances. He also channels himself to be like Michael Jackson. Because of Michael’s powerful stage presence, this makes Joey to want to be an artist like that. For Joey he just loves the feeling he gets when he sings and performs. It is an out-of -body experience that takes him to another world. He hopes to be signed by a major label and tour the world with his music. He also wants to take his career even farther by going into acting for film and TV.

Joey Loglisci at stars2comeJoey just released his debut album this past summer, “Superstar” on itunes. It was an amazing experience for him to work with Jake Siberon on this project. Joey wrote four out of five of the songs on the album. All the songs he has written comes from a personal experience that he has lived through. He had a lot of fun writing and recording the title track of his album “Superstar”. This is a real empowering song, and he has gotten a lot of positive feedback about it, and how it made people feel better about themselves. Another song on the album “Poisonous”, is about a bad relationship between two people that are in love, but are always fighting.

Joey lives and breaths music, and it shows in all his songs and performances. He is the real deal, there is nothing fake or covered up with Joey. Everything you see and hear is all him. He has an awesome sound that fits so well with pop music. His voice, talent and charisma will take him many great places in his career. His dedication and passion for everything he does will bring his hopes and dreams to reality and gain him many fans around the world. Make sure you stop by and pick up his album today.

Sarah McMullen “Skyscraper”


SARAH MCMULLEN at stars2come




Sarah from Kansas City, is taking the music world by storm. This singer/songwriter can create some of the best pop music around, and delivers it so well that you become part of the story. Her new single “Skyscraper”, is one of these songs. It is about rising above everyday and getting to a place where you truly are on top of the world. When you listen to this song, it does make you feel on top of the world. This is where the delivery of a song makes all the difference. Being able to take the listener to another place or feel something special about themselves is only something a true artist can do, and Sarah can make this all happen. “Skyscraper”, is a great song of empowerment. Sarah co-wrote this with Andrew Lane, Jonathan George, and Kindra Pruitt. The video for “Skyscraper” was shot in her hometown and was shot on top of one of the buildings downtown in the Power and Light district. Making this video was a great experience for Sarah, because many of the extras in the video were her fans and friends.

Sarah is a great vocalist, but before she started to sing at age eleven, she was a competitive basketball player. This was only until she started doing Radio Disney singing contests which gave her an opportunity to really break loose. These contests were some of her first performances.  She won a Hannah Montana singing contest two years in a row, and from this point she knew she loved to sing. How ever one of her first performances she did get to sing a couple of her originals “Twisted”, and “How To Break Free”. This was a exciting night for her, because not only did she get to sing her original songs, but it was with a live band at the Knitting Factory. Her latest performance was her largest so far. She performed for the Red White and Boom in Kansas City in front of 10,000 people. Sarah got to share the stage with Big Time Rush, Shontelle, Auburn, and Ashlyne Huff. She had a great experience with Kids Helping Kids Project “Haiti” this event was with all the Nick and Disney stars in which she got to sing and it was all for a great cause.

The music industry is taking notice of Sarah. Last year she won Pop Artist of the Year at the 20th LA Music Awards. Her songwriting skills has been noticed as well. She has be the finalist or semi-finalist in several songwriting contests. It all comes down to the fact that she just loves to sing. She says, singing is like melodic poetry, it gives you an opportunity to release your feelings.  It sets you free from any palpable obstacles and lets you be who you want to be.  She looks up to many people in music such as Alicia Keys, John Mayer, and Coldplay, just to name a few. When it comes to writing songs many things inspire her. She says, it is easier to write when you have an emotionally powerful moment that you need to release some how. Sarah has written numerous songs, but at the current time has about thirteen recorded.

Sarah is a truly genuine person and she loves to get to know other people. The thing that makes her happier than anything is when people tell her that they can relate to one of her songs. You can bet there are many people that relates to her songs. They really do something to you when you listen, so be sure to stop by and get your copy of Skyscraper   , and keep up with the latest news and releases at Sarah McMullen.

Sir Castanon “Puppeteer”


Sir Castanon at stars2come




Sir Castanon, has really got it going on. He has a lot of style, and the look he has created is totally different than any other artist out there, and standing out from the rest is what it is all about. His character comes to life very well in his new single “Puppeteer”. People across the country are going to loves this. What he has created is better than anything Lady Gaga ever dreamed up, and that is just how the video to “Puppeteer”, came about. Sir Castanon said, that the idea for the video came to him in a dream, sort of like a vision. He woke up and wrote it all down, and soon his dream became a reality. He says, that he has worked on TV and movies before, but making the video was so much harder. He is how ever very pleased with the final product. You can bet anyone that sees this video is going to love the product as well. His single “Puppeteer” is up for Pop Single of the Year, and he, is also up for Pop Artist of the Year at the 21st LA Music Awards.

 Sir Castanon, has accomplished a lot in the short time he has been singing professionally, which has only been two years.   Everything started coming to life with Sir Castanon, with his performance at the Knitting Factory, in 2009. This was really amazing for him because he got to perform his original material, along with having some amazing dancers. One of his favorite performances was when he opened for Cody Simpson, in Kansas City. He says, the energy of the crowd was amazing and the people there were very nice.

He gets a lot of his inspiration from some of the eccentric artists like Lady Gaga, Kiss, and Adam Lambert, just to name a few. It will not be long before people will be getting their inspiration from Sir Castanon. He has the imagination, and creativeness that will make him an icon in the industry. His love for performing is going to take him all the way to the top. He says, that performing is such an indescribable rush.

Sir Castanon, is no stranger to the camera either. He has been on several TV shows, and a few of them are Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, and Crossing Jordan. He also played Adam Sandler`s son in the movie Click, and has received two Young Actor Awards for his different roles.

There has been a lot of great things that has happened in his career, but he does not do any of it for fame and fortune. His main goal is to inspire people and to do what he loves. He says, if he only inspires and gives hope to just one person, then it has all been worth it. He hopes to be able to change the way people think about others and themselves. One of the main themes in his album is self love and self acceptance. He says, it is a lot easier to spread love to others if you  love your self. Sir Castanon looks at things with such a great attitude you can not help, but gain inspiration from him.

Sir Castanon has a great album out that you don`t want to miss out on. Be sure to stop by and get your copy of “Puppeteer“,   and keep track of what`s new at Sir Castanon.