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Gabriella Martinez

Gabby Martinez at stars2come






Gabriella has so much to give the pop world and she is out letting everyone see and hear what she has. Gabriella’s voice was made for pop. Listening to her you soon feel the goosebumps rise up on your arms and find yourself lost in the story she is telling.

There is a cover song that was just recently released by Gabriella, featuring Micheal Cimino called, Like I’m Gonna Lose You. What she brings to this song is magical. Her soft beautiful voice takes you to a whole new peaceful realm with a feeling of warmth. The addition of Micheal to the song helped to give it great depth and a tender vibe, luring one to the other. The chemistry they  present, and the delivery, makes you want to cuddle up to someone special. This song choice was perfect for Gabriella. “When I first heard the song I loved the way everything came together; the lyrics the melody and the beat. To me the lyrics says it all” says Gabriella. She will thrive in the pop world as an artist capturing the imaginations and hearts of millions of listeners. However if Gabriella and Micheal at some point team up as a duet; they will own it all. The chemistry they posses and blend of their voices would put the world of music in their hands.

As wonderfully talented as Gabriella is, she held it all to herself until about twelve years of age. While she was a bit shy about performing in public by herself, the vocal teacher she started with was a big help with that problem. Her voice teacher booked shows for them each month. Her first one being at a Cuban restaurant. The diners at that restaurant that day was some very lucky people to see a brand new pop star come to light.

Since Gabriella’s beginning at the Cuban restaurant, she has been delighting audiences around many different venues and events.  One of her favorites turns out to be her solo performance at the Smith Center for Performing Arts in 2012. At this event she covered a song by Amy Winehouse, Valerie. She also enjoyed performing recently at the 94.1 kids mix event. At this event she performed a song by Leslie Grace, in half Spanish and half English.

Getting out and performing is what Gabriella likes best. To get out and show off what she has been working on and seeing the reaction from the audience. “It helps me grow more as an artist and I become more confident on stage knowing what works and what I need to work on”, says Gabriella. The artist she likes covering the most right now is Tori Kelly. Gabriella says she finds herself singing Tori’s songs around the house. It is the songs from Tori’s earlier EP’s that she likes best where many of the songs were just Tori and the guitar.

The goal in Gabriella’s life is to become an artist and actress. She looks forward to getting a college degree and using her voice to represent kids that are bullied or harassed because of their gender or sexuality.

Acting is part of  Gabriella resume. She has been acting since she was seven years old. Gabriella has appeared in a couple of commercials and has been on a web series, but mostly she has been working on short films and feature films. Gabriella has a movie premier on October 8th for a feature film. She plays the role of Erin in the movie, Atelophobia, directed by Joe Lujan.

Writing is something Gabriella enjoys doing, however she says most have not seen the light of day. She is hoping that soon, she will get them produced. With all the passion she has in her cover songs, one can only imagine what it will be like with her own songs. It will be a hard to wait.

Even with so much talent and time spent with singing and acting, she always likes spending time with family and friends every chance she gets. Gabriella likes to volunteer for various causes like, Alex’s Lemonade stand which raises money for childhood cancer. Here recently she joined up with Tunes For Totes which raises money for the Make A Wish Foundation. She likes to make people laugh and to express herself with music, acting  and fashion.

There’s no limit to where Gabriella’s talent and passion will take her. It will be exciting watching her career grow and thrive.

Jase Nelson

Jase Nelson at stars2come

Canada recently had one of the biggest heart-throbs to ever hit the stage, Justin Bieber. Now Canada is home to a brand new heart-throb, Jase Nelson. Jase is coming up strong with one of those voices that makes girls melt right where they stand. It will not be long till girls coming to see Jase will have to take a number and stand in a very, long line. One day Justin will look up, and wonder where all the girls went, and he will find them on Jase’s doorstep.

Jase has an amazing new video called, Cupid. This is a cover song originally done by Sam Cooke. It was Jase’s grandma that came up with the idea to sing Cupid. His grandma thought it would be a great song that young girls and older woman would enjoy and relate to. This was a perfect choice his grandma made. Jase sang the song perfectly, and the video itself depicts exactly what Jase’s life is going to be.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  In the video Cupid, girls become taken by Jase with the help of Cupid and her famous arrows. Not long into the video girls are coming out of the bushes after Jase, and he soon has a long line chasing him. In the end he chooses a girl in a wheelchair to be his love. He in fact with his choice, he becomes a hero. Cupid may just be a video, but after learning a bit about Jase, it is clear he would have chosen the girl regardless of Cupid. Jase said he had a blast filming the video in LA. He also says, he is not used to having girls chase him, and that felt kind of weird. Because of the video Jase was able to meet many friends. One of the kids that he met was Barry White’s grandson, Jason. It was exciting for Jase to have Jason be part of the video. Jase’s brother and sister were part of the video as well, and Jase was happy about that. Cupid is a lot of fun to watch, and you get to see what is to come for Jase.

It was at the age of three, that Canada’s newest heart-throb began his journey. At three years old Jase, like many people would sing along with the radio. By the time he was turning five his grandma heard him singing along to a Justin Timberlake song, and it surprised her that he knew all the words, and could sing on pitch. His grandma asked if he liked singing. He said, “oh yes I do”. His grandma then asked if he wanted to take lessons, and he excitedly said, yes!

Not long after Jase turned five, he began singing to the public. He started out on stage at, Sunnybrook Farms which is a tourist attraction where he lives. Since then, he has been on over fifty stages around his province. He performed at Calgary Stampede in Calgary Alberta from age seven through nine. Jase said he loved performing there, he got to perform in front of thousands of people. When his second and third year performing come around, he was excited to see people coming just to see him. When Jase was six, he was cast as Chip in Beauty and The Beast at their local college. Jase said it was exhilarating being in front of a live audience with a huge cast to work alongside.

Jase Nelson at stars2come With no great surprise Jase has been getting considerable attention from the media. He has made many radio interviews and has been featured in magazines that are distributed all across Canada and the US. He has also done a great many local newspaper interviews. There are plans in the works for TV and other interviews to come in the near future.

Nerves are something all performers must overcome, but for Jase it is all part of the experience. He says he likes the feeling of nervousness before he gets on stage. Jase will be all shaky and excited, then he gets on stage, starts singing and it all goes away. It always makes him feel good knowing that people came to listen and enjoy him.

Jase says he hopes to become a household name. He wants to encourage other kids to sing, play an instrument, read books or perhaps write their own book. There is a lot going on with bullying, and Jase wants to do his part and speak out against it, and give kids a voice so they can be more confident.

Cover songs has been a big part of Jase, but he is now beginning to perform songs of his own. He has written three songs with his producer in LA. He says he has lots of ideas and he presents them to his producer, and from  there they work on building a song. The three songs that Jase has written so far are, I Miss You Michael, Waking Up, and I Take My Hat Off To You, all of which you can find on iTunes. The song, I Miss You Michael came to him after he seen a billboard of Michael Jackson’s new album. Waking Up, it came from a short film that he was the lead in. I Take My Hat Off To You, his grandma came up with the title and was written for fun because he always wears a hat, and has over 50 of them.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  Don’t be fooled, music is not the only thing Jase is mastering, he is also an author. Jase writes children’s books. They are working on getting his first book to print in January 2015. The book is about a Canadian boy and his snowman that he built and becomes his friend. His second book is already written, and just need to prepare it for print.

Other than Jase’s books going to print soon, there are other exciting things coming from him. He is featured in a teenager’s magazine out of Florida called, Teen Fare. It will be out in January 2015. Also in January he is hoping to film his next video and by March be on his third. Jase has begun working on more songs to add to his album, so be on the lookout for those.

Jase does a lot of great things, but he always takes his music seriously. He takes voice lessons, piano, guitar, and dance workshops because he wants to be a great singer. He does everything to follow his dream, this is not his families dream, but his. Jase’s family does help to make sure he balances things out, have fun and play. Sometimes people thinks he is girl because of his long hair, he doesn’t care, he loves it anyway. He is always kind, respectful and considerate of others.

It is not hard to see and understand why he is becoming a teen idol. Jase is extremely talented, handsome and a heart of gold. Now these three things, are things, that no girl can resist. It may have felt weird for all the girls chasing him in Cupid, but it is something he might as well get use to.

Jannina W

Jannina W at stars2come







There are people who become internet sensations with several thousand hits or even a million. In other cases you have the rarity who climbs into the stratosphere with one hundred million hits like Jannina.

Jannina is a beautiful young lady who lives in Thailand.  She is someone who has won the hearts and admiration of people worldwide. It has been a combination of a perfect mixture to make her a sensation. Her talents vocally is amazing to say the least, but it is the warmth she posses on camera that has helped to propel her ever closer to the top. It is the true love for what she does that has made Jannina the huge sensation that she is. It never fails for her warm and infectious smile to appear in her performances  making for an amazing experience for the audience. To be a world star it takes more than just a good voice. The correct personality has to be there, the love for what you do must shine through, and you must make the audience smile with each and every performance. Jannina posses all of these things and more. Jannina is genuine, making it an honor to call her a rising world star, and growing bigger everyday.

Fourteen year old Jannina started her incredible musical journey when she was eleven. Jannina says she has been singing since she was very little, but only began practicing singing at eleven years old.  Her first live audience was at a Thai singing contest in which she won 3rd place. There is a very big concert that Thailand has called, Big Mountain concert. Jannina got to perform at this concert and was an exciting experience for her.

With all of the performances she has done, she is still a little afraid. Jannina feels this is because, she is still very new to all of this. However when she does perform and the audience gets involved, she truly loves it. Jannina does love to perform, but the feeling of relief when she climbs down from the stage is a wonderful thing for her, of course this is just the nerves talking.

Jannina at stars2come  Some of the goals Jannina has put together for herself are reachable and she is gaining ground everyday. She really wants to have a single in English and go international. Jannina says she does not know how far she will get with these goals, but she wanted to set something and see where how far she gets. No matter where Jannina goes in the world, she will have fans waiting to see and hear her. With an estimated 700,000 followers Jannina is well on her way to achieving her goals.

Writing songs is a big part of being an artist, and Jannina has started working on her own writing skills. Most of the songs she has written so far are in Thai. She says sometimes when writing, the songs work, and sometimes they don’t, it is all part of learning. She does have a good teacher since her mom writes songs as a hobby. There is one song that  Jannina wrote that has a special meaning to her called, Mirror. This song is what she has experienced in her past about racism.

There are a few great things to be on the look out from Jannina. One of these is her very first single to be released soon. The single will be in Thai. She is also shooting a movie that will be out next year in Thailand.

There are many great things about Jannina, and one of these is how humble she is. Stardom is on the rise in her life and it still amazes her when someone recognizes her on the street. Jannina cannot believe she has reached this point in her journey. Needless to say she receives a lot of fan mail, but she never lets any go unread. The ones that have touched her the most are the younger ones who looks to her for inspiration, and looks up to her. This is something she says inspires herself to do more for her fans and be a good role model.

When Jannina is not singing, she often listens to music, or watchs movies, draw and study. She also likes video games. She really likes to play horror type games, even though she can’t really stand them. Jannina is not a big TV fan, but she does love movies. Her favorite animals are dogs and cats. She also really likes ice cream sandwiches.

There are many young people looking to be  successful too someday.  Jannina feels that people should not be shy to try something new. She says you never know, people may like it. Standout from the crowd, do something different that no one has done yet. More importantly, if you fail, don’t give up. Success is waiting for you!

Jannina wants to thank all of her fans for staying with her and supporting her.

Jannina does have a loyal fan base, one that truly loves everything she does. She always delivers amazing performances and this keeps her fans growing daily. One day anywhere in the world you may just see up in lights at an arena near you; “performing tonight, Jannina W.” What a great show that would be!

Mackenzie Dayle

Mackenzie Dayle at stars2come





Mackenzie is an amazing artist from Canada and when she performs she is not just getting on stage to sing, she is there to put on a show. She is very crafted in entertaining through her theater experiences. She aims for no one to be bored at any of her shows, or watching her videos. Mackenzie can take any genre and make a brilliant show or video from it. She is one of those artist that can sing anything and always hold your attention.

The awesomeness of Mackenzie’s talent was first seen when she was just five years old. She sang a song from the 101 Dalmatians for her first talent competition at Ed’s (formerly Reds)  in West Edmonton Mall, and this launched her great career. From this start she has since put on many great performances, and a few of them were performing on stage with the David Foster Band, doing her own super elaborate show, and touring across Canada with a group of other rising Canadian artists. These have all been great experiences for her, she loves getting on stage and performing for people. She said these three performances gave her some of the best experiences of her career, allowing her to perform with great bands and dancers.

Mackenzie’s exceptional talent for singing has awarded her several wins in many competitions in Canada. At the beginning of her career she was big into competitions and she had a five year winning streak in the Northern Star Talent Search. More recently she was in the top 2 of the 91.7 the Bounce Radio Showdown and she has also received grants and bursaries that were given out to put towards her growing career. She has been recognized on several TV stations including, City TV, Breakfast Television, Global Television, and CBC Television for upcoming showcases, and some for her competition wins  Also some were televised performances to promote her music.

Mackenzie Dayle at stars2come When it comes to cover songs Mackenzie is very diverse, but her favorite artists to cover are Lady Gaga and Rihanna. She says they have interesting voices and diverse sounds within their music. She loves to perform their songs while making them her own. Mackenzie says that singing just gives her a large sense of freedom to be able to express herself through music. She is a very expressive person and loves to create elaborate shows that incorporates dancing, costumes, and awesome music. She says she loves  performing within the pop genre because it gives her a lot of room to break out and do crazy stuff that she would otherwise not have had the chance to do in her life. Musically she wants to keep growing as an artist and develop a fan base worldwide.

Mackenzie has been doing a lot of writing and co-writing and her great works can be found on her album, Give Me Some Action. One of her favorite songs on the album is one that she wrote when she was twelve years old called, “Will You Ever Be Mine”. She said at the time the lyrics were a bit immature and as she got older the song seemed to be a dud. Mackenzie figured on shelving the song, but her mom convinced her that it had potential and she give it another try. After she revisited the lyrics and giving it a super cool beat, she feel in love with it again. She even added a rapper to it and now it is her first and favorite song on the album. Mackenzie loves all the songs on her album, but she does have some favorites like, “Yeah” and “Give Me Some Action”. She says all the songs on the album represents her alter ego and the rebellious side  comes out through her music.

Mackenzie has some great things that she is looking forward to and one of them is she is looking forward to getting back to the songwriting stage, and get herself more original material. There is also a possibility of a USA tour coming up, and a new music video for one of her originals. She has so much great stuff going on and she is someone that is truly serious about her career and doing everything she can to entertain people where ever she goes. She loves adding elaborate aspects to each of her performances to make sure the audiences she performs for is never bored. She says this journey is for her fans and she always pushes herself to keep them entertained and music is a useful tool to make others happy and make them feel good about themselves. She is such an amazing artist and anyone who likes music is going to love Mackenzie, she is truly an entertainer.

Ashmin Skyy

Ashmin Skyy


When people talk about California it is often about the beaches, Hollywood, or maybe Disney, but this is coming to an end and soon the talk will be about the beautiful and talented, Ashmin Skyy. Ashmin is pure beauty, and her vocal talent far exceeds many that are currently playing on the radio today. In a music video she made called, Mistletoe shows just how captivating she is. Her vocals could not have been more perfect and the camera truly showed how stunning she really is.   This was a well made video and Ashmin said it was really fun to make. She chose this song because it was cute, popular and it was Christmas time. She said the best part was when she and Dillon Scott, were walking down the sidewalk and two of her friends began to play, Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye. That is why they were laughing so hard in the video. The true essence of Ashmin was captured in this video. She is simply, perfect.

Ashmin’s talent was noticed early in life when she made her first performance at age nine at her 4th grade Talent Show at Tildenville Elementary School. She sang Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield and after her performance everyone started coming up to her and telling her what a great job she had done.  She has gone on to do many shows and one of her favorites that came to mind was a show at Canoga Park High School in Southern California. It was a lazy day for her and she walked out on stage in a t-shirt and sweet pants. After her show students came up to her asking questions and it seemed very comfortable. Another favorite was when she performed at a middle school, she performed an original and they literally got mobbed out of the school. She said the kids were following them to the car, it was quiet surreal for them. She may have been mobbed at this performance, but it will not be the last, this will become common for Ashmin and it will be coming soon.

Ashmin Skyy at stars2comeAshmin really loves Rihanna. She says, she is so versatile with her music and that’s why she is a huge fan. Ashmin also says that Rihanna can be pop, urban, rockish, and she likes her island influenced songs and she can take it down and do ballads. Just like Rihanna, Ashmin too gets a lot of attention when she performs, and this is what Ashmin really likes, the attention. Performing gives her a chance to show off how hard she works on her craft. When people are dancing around and appreciating her music that makes her want to work even harder to get a deeper reaction.

Her goal for now is to stay in the studio and get more singles out. She also wants to continue performing at events and honing that part of her craft. Ashmin is working to establish a fan base so she will have people looking forward to things she has in-store  for the future. Ashmin got a taste of what her future holds when she did her debut performance of her original song, “Explode” which she wrote. She made this debut at Venice Beach, California on May 3rd, 4th and 5th for a difficult crowd and it came off as a major success. This is the major obstacle for a artist being able to please a difficult crowd, once this is accomplished, then one can say they are truly an artist, and Ashmin is certainly that.

Even with all the things Ashmin has going on, she still remains humble. She learned quickly that the industry is very tough and there has to be a degree of confidence to be a part of it. She would like people to know that she has to turn off Ashmin Skyy and just be Ashmin at home, (or else). She wants to stay personable and Tangible with her listeners and let them know she works just as hard as anyone else and if they do the same they too can attain their dreams.

Ashmin is one amazing artist, she is beautiful outside and in, it is her wonderful personality that gives her that great inner beauty. It will be a great challenge for anyone to rise up to the talent that she has. Ashmin may love Rihanna, but  you can bet once Rihanna hears Ashmin, she will have a new favorite artist herself. Ashmin is proof of what hard work will create, and her hard work has brought her to the point to where she is, astounding! To help keep track of everything she is doing stop by her Facebook fan page often.

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Alexia Urtoi

Alexia Urtoi at stars2come






It is great to see so much great talent coming out of Romania, and Alexia is another one of these talents.  This young lady can handle it all, singing, dancing, acting, piano, and drums, and fantastic at them all. Alexia hopes to be on Disney Channel someday and she is working hard to get there and gaining high awards getting there. This year so far has won Minigrand Prix Trophy – Eurostars contest Malta, also Champion of the World Division winner vocal and AC piano World Championships of performing arts Hollywood (LA), as well as vocal and AC drums, 2 Gold Medals and 4 Silver World Championships of performing arts Hollywood (LA). Alexia is just amazing winning so many great awards and this is only a small part of her accomplishments.

Alexia is now 10 years old, but her singing career started at the age of five in kindergarten. In just a short five years she is now the host on TV shows in Romania. These shows include “Land of Piticot”  TVR lasi, and “Music for Kids” 2010 and 2011, plus many other shows, she is really making a big name for herself. She said, she wants to be the best that she can be. Alexia is certainly working hard at what she does, and it shows with each song she performs. One of her goals is to show other kids that anyone can succeed if they really want it. Alexia is a great role model for other kids.

In the future she wants to write her own songs, but for now she enjoys singing covers from, Queen, Demi Lovato, RHCP and the Beatles. She mostly sings pop, but she also likes rock and hip-hop, if she likes it she sings it. Singing is her life and makes a wonderful world for her. When Alexia performs on stage she feels like a Disney Channel Star. She wants to be known all over the world.

Lately she has started performing with her own band called, BigBoys. They are 4 boys age 14-17. Alexia and her band are preparing for shows to be held at high schools. Next year she expects to release her first album with all original songs. You can bet this will be a great album. Alexia is a great singer and someone you need to keep an eye on. She is rising quickly and you do not want to miss her journey.

Miruna Popescu


Miruna Popescu at stars2come





Miruna is another beauty coming from  Romania. This adorable young lady is climbing up the music ladder quickly, and everyone loves her. It only takes one time to look and listen to her to see what all the fuss is about. She has fantastic vocals, and a great style on stage. Hannah Montana is one of her favorite performers, and has been a big influence on Miruna, and the way she is going, she could be the Hannah Montana of Romania.

She is just ten years old, but she began performing in public almost from the very beginning. She started to sing in the Group Miracol during the Christmas Holidays 2009 when they had a lot of shows on TV and at the parks. In the winter of 2010 she sang for the first time solo, it was a song about Jesus and it still remains her dearest song. It made her feel so proud to get up on stage and sing solo like a big star. Miruna is always happy and proud anytime she gets on stage, she just feels so good there. This year she started performing in national music contests, and she has won many awards. The most important award for her was winning the Dinu Maxer Trophy. Dinu is a well known singer and composer in Romania, and was a great honor to win this trophy. The award will be a song composed especially for her. They are still working on the song, but will be available soon.

Miruna has spent a great deal of time on TV as well. She has done many shows as a solo artist and with Miracol Group. A short few months ago she became the presenter for a children’s TV show. On one show she had a guest Hollywood actor that played in the Hannah Montana movie.

She loves to be on stage, and to be appreciated by the public. She also enjoys playing the guitar and piano. In her spare time she likes to draw, paint, and skateboard, but her love is performing.  She is a ordinary kid who studies hard, and loves people. It is only necessary to speak with her a short while to see that she truly does appreciate people, and to watch her on stage you can see just how happy she is, and how happy she makes the audience. She is a true star, and handles the stage like any seasoned pro. It has been a great honor to bring such a wonderful young lady to you. Don’t miss anything she brings to the stage, she is truly amazing.

Elizabeth Elias

Elizabeth Elias at stars2come





 Elizabeth has been one very busy young lady. She has been taking her talents from one end of the country to the other, acting and singing all the way. Elizabeth has always prided herself for doing many charity events, and she continues to do all she can to help others. With Elizabeth being so active in her community she had the honor of being invited to be a part of Voices Against Cancer. She said, this was an amazing event and it raised a lot of money for the cause. While participating at this event she had the privilege to meet some other amazing people that were there to give their part to this wonderful charity.   These great people were, The Beach Boys, John Stamos, Gloria Gaynor, and The Osmond Brothers.

 Elizabeth is doing a lot of amazing things in Miami, but she has also done some exciting things in NY as well. She had auditioned for a commercial for the Olive Garden, for Spanish TV. This was a nationwide casting call, she went to the casting and after being called back for the second time, she was booked for the role. They flew her and her mom to NY for the shooting, and while there they had a lot of fun being with friends, and shopping. In Miami she had another great experience with acting, by becoming part of Camp Rock. She said, the cast was incredible to work with, and put on many shows.

She had the honor to be invited back to perform for the Joe Dimaggio Children’s Miracle League, for the third year in a row. Elizabeth loves to bring smiles to the kids with special needs. She currently has three songs on itunes and Amazon, Skyscraper, Rascacielo, and Skyscraper the Spanish version, and all proceeds will be going to the Miracle Network. She has also recorded a new song that will be the Anthem for the Lupus Foundation of America/South East Florida chapter, and all proceeds from the sale of this new song will go to this wonderful foundation.

Elizabeth is a person that just keeps growing better and better, in music. She has a big heart that was made for giving, and she is always ready to do her part. Always keep your eye on Elizabeth, there is something new going on continuously with her. One other great thing to watch for is, she is working on some original songs, and you can bet they will be amazing.