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Rising Pop Star “Kacey Fifield”

Rising pop star Kacey Fifield holds a great passion for youth empowerment and kindness. No matter what Kacey has in the works, she is talking, singing or writing about kindness. It “is” what drives her. In keeping with that drive, Kacey hosted an event called, Kindness Matters last fall to celebrate the release of her new single, Hear Me Out unplugged and a screening of her video.  She wanted to make a point that, kindness does matter, on a small or large scale. “Therefore I called my event, Kindness Matters” says Kacey. This also became her motto. For the event, Kacey sang a couple of her songs, along with a fashion show, and models carrying signs of youth empowerment. Kacey’s event was attended by young Hollywood stars, including Disney and Nickelodeon singers and models. 

Hear Me Out has been the most recognized music video Kacey has produced so far. The music video has been officially selected by multiple film festivals. This does include the most popular indie film festival, Dances With Films. It has been recognized and awarded best music video by a few film festivals, including the American Tracks Music Awards.     

Since the release of Hear Me Out in the fall, Kacey has released two more singles called, Porcelain Doll and Keep Summer Going. Porcelain Doll is about not conforming to standards and pressures society puts on people to be perfect, to stand tall, and not be easily broken. “I wrote the lyrics based on my life and how young girls need to be strong and ignore the haters” says Kacey. She wanted to bring her points across in a simple yet powerful music video. 

Keep Summer Going, is about how making memories is important, and living in the moment. “Because time never stops and nothing lasts forever” says Kacey. She also says, we can keep happy memories of the summer in our hearts and keep the happiness going. The video for this song was a lot of fun for Kacey to film, hanging out on the beach and pier. “However the lyrics go deeper than just a fun summer song. It’s bright, upbeat and fun, but also relates to life in general” says Kacey. This song has been well received and is now playing on over 45 radio stations in the US and other parts of the world. Both songs Keep Summer Going and Porcelain Doll were written by Kacey, along with her music producer, Ricardo Padua. 

Recently Kacey has become a co-host on Teens of America Radio Network. Her show is called, Hear Me Out with Kacey Fifield Hour. Her show airs about every two to three weeks, she keeps people updated on her social media. People can listen in live or it can be heard on demand after it airs. Teens of America radio show airs every Monday 5 PM to 7 PM PST. Kacey’s hopes in co-hosting is to inspire teens, talk about important topics and to make a difference in someone’s life. Her next radio show coming up will be on 08/28 at 5 PM PST. The link will be on her instagram at @kacey_fifield. 

Kacey has several exciting things coming up to be on the lookout for. She is currently working on a new single, she has also started work on an album which will be released next year. Also she is editing a new video for her YouTube channel, and taping new episodes for the React channel on YouTube. Along with all of this, she continues to take on new opportunities in acting and modeling. Kacey has a great deal going on, so be sure and stay tuned, you don’t want to miss a thing.  


Liberty Grant, The new pop star of the UK!

Liberty Grant at stars2come




Liberty Grant is an amazing new pop star coming up in the UK. This rising new pop star is gaining a large following and quickly becoming a topic across the internet. Liberty is equipped with a tone that is meant for pop. When listening, it is easy to hear how well she has taken control of her voice at such an early age making performances shine. If she continues, her voice will be well tuned and she will have no problem singing right next to Beyonce or Katy Perry. Liberty is someone to look out for in the near future.

Liberty has not been active as an artist for very long. Her journey began at nine years of age at a talent show for her pop school. There are many shows in which Liberty has performed, but finds it hard to pick out one she liked better than another. “To be honest I love them all”, says Liberty. A true entertainer finds fulfillment in every show they do, and Liberty is one of those entertainers. Performing is where her heart is.

Liberty’s singing has won her two local talent shows, and  runner-up last year in a national competition, Teenstar. Also grade 3 in musical theater, and has just received awards through her school for music and performing arts. This is just the beginning for Liberty, there will be many more awards coming her way. Again this year, Liberty is in the grand final of Teenstar, she just may take it all this year.

Liberty just loves to sing and one of her favorite artists she enjoys covering is Jessie J. Liberty says Jessie is amazing and her range is incredible. At the rate Liberty is advancing, she too will have an incredible range.

“I’m Free”

Songwriting is a skill that a singer needs to master to help them excel. Liberty has already begun writing and her writing is quickly becoming art. She has three songs released so far titled, I’m Free, Louder and Walk Away. She is currently working on more songs with ideas coming regularly. Lot of the time she will just be sitting there and something will pop in her head, and she takes off with it and sees where it goes. When listening to the three songs that are released, it stands out clearly the creativity she has for writing. Her song I’m Free is a song that Katy Perry would sing. The song has a great story that flows very well. It is about finding someone who you think is cool, but everyone’s trying to warn you that they are not, but unfortunately you find out the hard way.

Liberty’s goal is to continue performing, writing and hoping that people will enjoy her music. One thing that is certain, people do enjoy her music, and her writing is incredible. With the talent that Liberty posses she does have a big and bright future ahead. She is truly talented beyond her years.