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Life After The Voice, Aliyah Moulden

No one can forget the brilliant performance by fifteen-year-old Aliyah Moulden at the blind audition on The Voice singing, Hound Dog. That performance earned her a three chair turn and becoming part of Team Blake. She held on throughout The Voice journey going up against many amazing artists. Her dedication, drive and stunning voice sent her to the very end. Unfortunately Aliyah didn’t win, but she did learn a great deal from the experience adding to her success after the show.

During her time on The Voice she learned a lot. “I learned to believe that I could keep going in a challenging situation”, says Aliyah. She also learned she could make it to the final and believe in herself.

One of the toughest parts to being on a national competition like that, was not knowing if the performance she was doing would be the last. She says it was a lot of pressure. However, Aliyah did enjoy the experience so much, she did not, want it to stop. Being part of the show did help her to improve as an artist. “I kept pushing myself to do better each week to stay in the competition. Because of my pushing, I became a better vocalist”, says Aliyah. She also says, the show would be great for other artists like her, the experience is so amazing.

One of the biggest advantages there are from being on a show like The Voice outside of winning, is the exposure. The exposure for Aliyah has made a big difference in her life and she has achieved celebrity status. One of the first things that came from it was being recognized by the La Habra City. She has received many awards, and was invited to be the Grand Marshal for one of the city’s main events, The Corn Festival. She was also recognized by the La Habra Boys and Girls Club. The show also opened the door for her opportunity to be in two movies.

So far Aliyah has not signed to any recording deals yet, but not from the lack of being approached, she just has not found a good fit for herself.  However she continues to stay booked with singing, acting, performances, and public appearances.

Aliyah has been busy writing some of her own songs, she says, she writes at least one per day. The songs have been about her personal experiences and feelings. “Sometimes I write about growing up, love, friendship, and family”, says Aliyah. Her life is very busy and when she gets some quite time at home that is when she writes. She has also been working in the studio and at the end of February she will be recording her new single. The single should be ready by March or April.

There’s a lot of exciting things coming up for Aliyah. She completed a movie this past October and it will be coming out in the summer of 2018. She is in the process of filming a second movie and it will be premiering in the spring of 2018. She is also in negotiations about getting her own web series.

For all of her fans out there Aliyah has something to say. “Thank you so much to all who supported me during my The Voice experience. I Love You. Kisses”, says Aliyah.

There are a lot of good things that can come from being on a show like The Voice. Whether you win or not, it can be a life changing experience and launch careers. Some people don’t do anything once they leave The Voice. But if a person works hard taking advantage of the exposure, good things could happened just as it has for Aliyah. What’s going on in Aliyah’s life now, is only the beginning.

Florida’s Country Sensation Jasmine McDonald

Photo credit John Matthews

Country music recording artist, Jasmine McDonald has been working hard cranking out original songs and videos over the past year. Jasmine’s singing of cover songs has turned heads for a longtime, but now, it’s time to change. The change Jasmine is making, is easing out some cover songs, for songs of her very own. 

People have been enjoying Jasmine’s singing from Florida to Tennessee and everywhere in between. Now with three songs of her own making, all of her fans will have a new love for her, and her music. Jasmine’s new songs are, Bet Your Heart On Me, Key To A Young Girls Heart, and My Time To Shine. All three songs will keep you smiling and tapping your foot all the way through. Her delivery of these songs makes you believe the story she is telling. Any young person listening will be able to identify with the lyrics, it fits them all. 

Jasmine has created videos with each song and in doing so, there were different aspects of the process she enjoyed for each one. One of the things she enjoyed about, Bet Your Heart On Me was that it was her first, and she played the mandolin. “I loved, Key To A Young Girls Heart too, because my friend Selton Tison and I got to play in the stream”, says Jasmine. Her favorite however was her newest, My Time To Shine. She liked this one so well because it was in Nashville. Jasmine had her family were in it, and it made her feel like a star signing autographs. 

Jasmine’s producer is Jack Molette and videographer is Dustin Jenkins, both are a regular at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Jasmine met them both while she was at the theater competing in NACMAI. She won several awards for her performances and in doing so, she caught the attention of Jack and Dustin.  

Along with her producer, Jasmine is also lending a hand when it comes to her writing songs. “I get my ideas for new songs on a whim, they just come in my head”, says Jasmine. She keeps everything she needs close by her bed, guitar, pen and paper just in case she wakes up during the night with an idea. Jasmine has about ten songs already written. “I am always writing” says Jasmine. More videos for the songs are in the planning too, so be on the look out for them.

Having a dream and working hard for it brings success, and this is all true for Jasmine as well. “My dream is just smile! I love to see people smile when I sing” says Jasmine. Someday Jasmine hopes to have a recording contract, and go to a CMT award show. To sing at the Grand Ole Opry is also high on her dream list, as well as opening for a major artist like, George Straight, Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton. “Someday I will have my own bus and go on tour, but it is all in God’s hands, so wherever he leads me I will go” says Jasmine. Big dreams come with big rewards and some of those rewards have been coming Jasmine’s way. 

Over the past few years many good things have come to be in Jasmine’s favor. She has won awards and produced three amazing original songs. Her song My Time To Shine has truth in it. She is shinning and there’s been doors opening for her. No matter how many no’s she gets, she pushes on. The prize she is gazing at is not far out of reach and she is getting closer to it everyday. It is Jasmine’s time to shine, and she is getting brighter everyday. 



Haley Rynn

Haley Rynn

Music is something you either have in your blood or you don’t, regardless if you have been sing all of your life or just a year. Haley Rynn is a person who just started singing about a year ago, but she sounds as if she has been singing her whole life. The voice she has is well-defined and tuned to country. She says music is her passion, and when listening, that passion shines through.

 Haley has spent a good part of her life moving from one place to another. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts in December 2001. Then in 2003, her family moved to Texas, then 2011, moved to Lexington, Kentucky and in 2014, back to Texas they went where both of her parents are originally from. Shortly after moving back to Texas, she began singing. In this short time, Haley has come a long way producing great original music.

Singing turned out to be, kind of therapy for Haley. All of the moving around, singing became a coping mechanism to channel all of her emotions. She took up voice lessons and soon after, Haley had an opportunity to start doing live performances. Once the performances began, she was hooked. Haley’s first performance was at Rock 101, which is a restaurant in Little Elm, Texas. Haley has already made her way to Nashville and while there, she was able to perform at Rippys with her favorite Nashville duo, The Steel Blossoms. This was special for Haley.

Without wasting any time, Haley released her first single titled, Mind Of It’s Own. Her second single which just dropped is titled, I’m Alright. I’m Alright is a co-write between Haley, her friend Piper Byers, and her producer Geoff Rockwell. Haley connected well with both songs, with each carrying good messages.

The video for “Mind Of It’s Own” is out now, it was shot in Galveston, Texas. Haley really enjoyed filming the video. “I had a blast being on the beach near the water and then also on the old railroad tracks”, Haley says. Shooting was a lot of work and exhausting, but was fun for Haley. “My uncle shot the video and kept me laughing and upbeat the whole time, even in the Texas summer heat”, Haley said. Soon her second video will be released featuring her song, I’m Alright. Be on the look out for that.

Haley Rynn at stars2come  One of the things Haley likes most about performing is, connecting with the audience. “Just watching them sing along with me and smiling is what keeps me going and gets me excited”, says Haley. When performing, besides singing her own songs, Haley enjoys covering Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Maddie and Tae. “I just love their music and I can really connect with their songs. I also think they are great role models” Haley says. It is part of Haley’s dream to be as good a role model in her journey and bring happiness to others.

Haley loves the writing process, and now with three songs under her belt, it is her song, I’m Alright that holds a special place in her heart. It is about her move from Kentucky to Texas, and all of the emotions she went through. This is where she gets many of her ideas for songs, through her own experiences.

In February, Haley will be headed back to the studio to record her third single. Haley wrote this single with the duo Steel Blossoms. They will be flying to Dallas to record the song with her. “The song we wrote is a letter to my little sister. Can’t wait to share this new song with the world”, says Haley.

Haley says, “I most want people to know that I am a strong christian and a very down to earth girl. I love to spend time with family and friends”. She is also a dog lover, enjoys cooking, shopping and playing her guitar. Haley is a cool girl, and has been for a longtime, and just how cool? Well back when she was eight years old, she had her own jewelry business along with two friends, they were called the Charming Chicks. Now that is cool.

Haley is a great new artist with a thing for writing some amazing songs. Be sure and keep an eye on her, Haley will be going places in music.

Gabby Barrett


Gabby Barrett at stars2come


Gabby is from Pennsylvania, and carries one of the most beautiful voices ever. When it comes to singing Gabby delivers her songs with emotion and heart. She can sing anything from christian to country to pop, and everyone listening becomes glued to her every word. People are blown way with each song.

Gabby started her amazing career at the age of nine. She would singveat churches all around Pennsylvania.

She says she has performed at many places since her beginning, but performing for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates fans was very exciting.

Gabby’s talents have won her several contests, but for her the most memorable was the Kean Quest Contest. At this contest Jackie Evancho was voting for her along with the other three judges. Gabby won the contest, and she enjoyed Jackie giving her the award.

This wonderful Pennsylvania girl has a great range to her voice, and she hopes to one day be recognized for it. Gabby also dreams of capturing others so they will be part of her journey. When she sings songs, she likes those that challenge her vocals. When anyone challenges her to sing something high or low it is fun for her. She loves to make people smile and dance at her performances. It is fun for Gabby when a teenager tries not to like her music, but can get the person up singing and dancing.

Gabby has been writing a great number of songs, and she says they are doing really well on iTunes. She writes well, and what she writes has a good flow to the lyrics and catchy. When it comes to writing, she just writes whatever pops in her head. One of her favorite songs she wrote is, 4 Leaf Clover. Gabby wrote 4 Leaf Clover when she was eleven years old, and people are always asking her to sing it.

Keep an eye out for Gabby, she will be doing many concerts, and she is thinking of doing a Christmas concert on the Gateway Clipper or Stage AE.

She is a great performer and is getting recognized by many people, but she feels no different from anyone else. Gabby loves to perform and refuses to allow negative thoughts control her dreams. She is very thankful to all the people who have supported her along her journey. Some day God willing she wants to have one big give back concert to say thank you for all the support.

Gabby does have an amazing voice, and uses it very well. One day down the road she will own the airwaves, her talent is going to rule!