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Florida’s Country Sensation Jasmine McDonald

Photo credit John Matthews

Country music recording artist, Jasmine McDonald has been working hard cranking out original songs and videos over the past year. Jasmine’s singing of cover songs has turned heads for a longtime, but now, it’s time to change. The change Jasmine is making, is easing out some cover songs, for songs of her very own. 

People have been enjoying Jasmine’s singing from Florida to Tennessee and everywhere in between. Now with three songs of her own making, all of her fans will have a new love for her, and her music. Jasmine’s new songs are, Bet Your Heart On Me, Key To A Young Girls Heart, and My Time To Shine. All three songs will keep you smiling and tapping your foot all the way through. Her delivery of these songs makes you believe the story she is telling. Any young person listening will be able to identify with the lyrics, it fits them all. 

Jasmine has created videos with each song and in doing so, there were different aspects of the process she enjoyed for each one. One of the things she enjoyed about, Bet Your Heart On Me was that it was her first, and she played the mandolin. “I loved, Key To A Young Girls Heart too, because my friend Selton Tison and I got to play in the stream”, says Jasmine. Her favorite however was her newest, My Time To Shine. She liked this one so well because it was in Nashville. Jasmine had her family were in it, and it made her feel like a star signing autographs. 

Jasmine’s producer is Jack Molette and videographer is Dustin Jenkins, both are a regular at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Jasmine met them both while she was at the theater competing in NACMAI. She won several awards for her performances and in doing so, she caught the attention of Jack and Dustin.  

Along with her producer, Jasmine is also lending a hand when it comes to her writing songs. “I get my ideas for new songs on a whim, they just come in my head”, says Jasmine. She keeps everything she needs close by her bed, guitar, pen and paper just in case she wakes up during the night with an idea. Jasmine has about ten songs already written. “I am always writing” says Jasmine. More videos for the songs are in the planning too, so be on the look out for them.

Having a dream and working hard for it brings success, and this is all true for Jasmine as well. “My dream is just smile! I love to see people smile when I sing” says Jasmine. Someday Jasmine hopes to have a recording contract, and go to a CMT award show. To sing at the Grand Ole Opry is also high on her dream list, as well as opening for a major artist like, George Straight, Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton. “Someday I will have my own bus and go on tour, but it is all in God’s hands, so wherever he leads me I will go” says Jasmine. Big dreams come with big rewards and some of those rewards have been coming Jasmine’s way. 

Over the past few years many good things have come to be in Jasmine’s favor. She has won awards and produced three amazing original songs. Her song My Time To Shine has truth in it. She is shinning and there’s been doors opening for her. No matter how many no’s she gets, she pushes on. The prize she is gazing at is not far out of reach and she is getting closer to it everyday. It is Jasmine’s time to shine, and she is getting brighter everyday. 




Angelic at stars2come






There is a new pop sensation on the rise, and she is taking the country by storm. Angelic “is” that new sensation. The best way to describe her is, “wow”!  Angelic is out of Miami and she is stealing the hearts people from there to LA and everywhere in between. Her fans are currently growing so large and so fast, that soon people like Taylor and Ariana are going to look around and wonder where everyone went. They will find them surrounding Angelic. The pop world needs to be on the look out, because here comes Angelic and she is coming in a big way.

At just eleven years old Angelic is doing what takes most people many years to accomplish, and that is growing a big audience. She has compiled a huge audience in a very short time. Her fans are coming from all around the country and world.  Currently Angelic’s YouTube channel has over 270,000 subscribers. People took to her quickly. Angelic’s channel has only been active for a little over a year and she was a hit right away. You can bet it was her great smile and bubbly personality teamed up with her talent for entertaining that won them over.

Angelic has become a sensation almost overnight. She began singing for fun at about six years old, but she only began performing professionally, two years ago. Angelic gets out and performs mostly on the weekends. She has been performing for charities, festivals and children’s pageants. One charity event Angelic liked performing for was a cancer fundraiser. NBC was there and she was on TV supporting the event. She has also enjoyed performing at the Miami Fair.

All of Angelic’s accomplishments and talents have not gone unnoticed. She came in at second place in the Don Francisco’s singing contest, which is a huge thing. It was also televised. Google and YouTube have also awarded her with having over 100,000 subscribers.

Angelic says she loves sharing her voice to the world. When she is sharing her voice, Angelic covers many different artists. One she really enjoyed covering was Demi Lovato’s, Skyscraper. Angelic does love sharing her voice to the world, and it is clear the world loves hearing it.

In the short time Angelic has been making videos, she has made many. Each video is enjoyable and fun to watch. Angelic says out of all the videos, probably “Shower” was the most fun. “I had  so much fun at the water park” Angelic said.

Angelic at stars2come  Many people have enjoyed Angelic covering other artists songs, but she has a real treat coming. Angelic has been in the studio working on some original songs. She says, she cannot wait to share them with her fans.

While Angelic is quickly becoming a huge pop sensation, she is still just a simple little girl. She is working very hard to make her dreams come true. She does want to thank everyone that has supported her on the journey.

All of Angelic’s fans can follow her journey to fulfill her dreams. They can do so through her webisodes called, “Angelic’s Diary”. This is her journey to make her dream come true. The idea for this came from her manager and producer, Josh.

Angelic is a simple girl with a big heart and great personality. She does have fun doing what she does and it shows. On camera her charisma fills the screen and the audience is captured. There are many more great songs and videos coming soon from Angelic that her fans should be on the lookout for.

Angelic was kind enough to share some fun facts about herself to her fans. See if some of your facts matches her’s. Angelic’s favorites are: TV show –  ABC Family, song –  coming soon shhh it is a surprise, food –  crab, to do when not singing – dancing, sport – soccer, person – mom and dad, color – lime green, cartoon – Dumbo, and princess – Ariel.

If you are not a fan, you will be, take a listen and watch, she will steal your heart.