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Wow! What a great new artist coming up the ranks, Spencer. If you have never seen or heard Spencer, you are truly missing out. He is making a lot of noise and the noise has gotten louder with the release of his new music video, “Whatever”.  Spotify unveiled his new single on the Billboard in Times square.  

“Whatever”, is a love song about a girl that’s really special. This song has great meaning to Spencer. “There may be other girls you may have occasionally messed around with on and off, but they don’t really matter because you always come back to the perfect girl”, says Spencer.  This song would be a great one to dedicate to that special someone letting them know they are truly the perfect person. 

The video for “Whatever” brings the story in the song to life, with many special moments throughout. The video was shot all throughout LA wandering about the city. In the making of the video a few scenes they had a large crew involved, but for other shots he ditched the crew. For them to just take off and leave the crew, Spencer felt more of the authenticity that he wanted would be captured. He was correct, the realism is there. 

When preparing to shoot the video, Spencer wanted something different that made a statement, he got it. It was decided it would be shot with a cell phone. This was a brilliant idea. This is how these special moments would have been captured by anyone out on the town having fun. It gave it more life.  Spencer says, the director GAB3 was the genius behind the video. He also says, he and his manager J, GAB3 collaborated on the original concept, but made up a few scenes as they went along. 

Spencer is back in the studio working on more songs. Be on the lookout for more to be released. He also has several live shows coming up and more videos. His fans can follow him on Twitter and Instagram

Inspiring people to be themselves and bring out their true personalities is something he hopes to accomplish. Spencer says, “Life is too short to cover up the real you”. 



Pop Artist Caroline Grace Debuts Her Single “Show Me”

Caroline Grace has debuted her new single, “Show Me”, and stealing people’s hearts. Show Me, is a song where she throws her vulnerability out on the table. If her soothing voice doesn’t capture you, her puppy dog eyes in the video will certainly do the trick. She is a true artist to be able to project how vulnerable she can be vocally and then bring it to life on camera.  This song could be interpreted in different ways, but anyone looking for a love song for their significant other, this is it. Who could, resist!

This past July, Caroline and Poo Bear (Jason Boyd) got together to record a few singles, and Show Me is one of those singles. She said, Poo Bear had the initial idea, and they built the song from there. This song means a lot to Caroline. “There have been times in my life I have found myself deviating from my own path. Show Me is sort of intro prospective plea to remind myself of who I am and what I stand for, ” she said. She was also saying, “being such a beautiful song, it can be applied to various other circumstances”. Her thoughts are, it can be listened to as a love song between two people, a song about loving oneself, or even a worship song. “That’s the goal in all of my music, to utilize my own vulnerability to relate to other people in any way that I can and let them know that they aren’t alone,” she said. 

Throughout the process of writing and producing, “Show Me” she had the great pleasure of working with Poo Bear. Poo Bear (Jason Boyd) recently wrote and produced on Justin Bieber’s entire, Purpose, album. Caroline says working with him was incredible. “When you walk into a room to work with a guy like that, you can’t help but be intimidated. However, his kind, goofy and humble persona quickly snapped that away, and I felt like I was in the studio with my best friend,” she said. She says, his work ethic is so inspiring, you can tell how deep is passion for music goes. She hopes to continue to work with him throughout her career. 

Show Me, is a powerful single which she debuted. The song showcases different aspects of her vocals, character, realization, emotion, depth, and of course vulnerability. This gives an insight into what to expect when her first EP is released. Yes that’s right, an EP is being worked on. There will be a variety of songs ranging from acoustic to, very radio pop. She says, the consistency of the EP will be in the lyrics. “The project is a body of work that will very much relate to the place in life I am currently in and experiences I am having,” she said. There will be some great collaborations on the EP, but for now who they are, must remain under wraps. It will be exciting. She says, she wants all of her music to invoke emotion by pouring her heart into every song she records. “I truly believe that if I pour everything I have into my music, the listener will feel something too,” she said.   

Caroline had a desire  for music since she was a little kid and knew that is what she wanted to do. However, when she started at USC is when she decided to immerse herself into her career wholeheartedly. What a great decision she made, it would have been a shame for the music world to miss out on a great creative talent such as Caroline. Now that the decision was made, and her music being realized, her music will touch millions. 


Taylor Eve

Taylor Eve at stars2come



Taylor is an amazingly talented and beautiful young lady out of Florida. This girl can sing just about anything and presents herself very well on stage. Everywhere she performs people love listening and watching, they really get into her singing. Taylor’s popularity is growing fast and stacking up the fans with each performance.

Taylor took off on her musical journey about five years ago with her singing some karaoke. She made her debut performance at Festival of Lights at a wildlife park. From this first performance she has grown very well as an artist and continues growing everyday. Although she has many performances under her belt, she says she really does not have any favorites every show brings joy to her by seeing people having fun.

Taylor really blew it out of the water at the American Idol Experience and won the dream ticket. Taylor said this was a wonderful experience, thrilling and terrifying.  Her favorite part of it was seeing the talented people and meeting some amazing new ones. It will not be much longer to where she can use that ticket and America is going to  love her.

The best thing that Taylor loves about performing is seeing people smile, letting them have fun and knowing that she is giving them that enjoyment. When she is out performing she loves to cover Amy Lee. She says she is so beautiful and talented, and her idol. As talented as Taylor is it will not be long before she will have Amy as one of her many fans.

She does sing a lot of covers, but Taylor does love to write. Currently she has over 50 songs written. Taylor says all of the songs she has written are all special to her and comes from her life experiences. You can bet these are going to be great songs and songs everyone should have.

Taylor like most young people today are also into acting. She has already been in a music video called Dreamer. Taylor is also cast in a movie that will begin taping in November called The Awakening. She says she is super excited about that.   She also has her high school play coming up called, Pollyana and Taylor will be playing the role of Pollyana, this will be lots of fun. Not only does she do acting, but modeling too. She has already been on the cover of a magazine.

Taylor’s life has not been all rosy, she has been through some pretty rough times. One of these bad experiences she dealt with is all too familiar, bullying. She was bullied for years and was really down for quite awhile, but she has gotten past all of that through music. Music has always been known as a healer and it does work wonders. Taylor has some gigs coming up and everyone that is close by should go and support this wonderful young lady, you will be glad you did. Taylor rocks!