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The Disney Life “Kylie Cantrall”


There are kids all around the world who dream of being on Disney and how cool that would be. A young lady living in LA is one of these kids. Kylie Cantrall is a clever and quirky twelve-year-old whose whole existence is primarily based around Disney .  Those who follow her on social media knows how true this is. Many people may recognize  her on social media as, “Hello Kylie”. If you are one of these people, then you know her obsession. The Disney life is what she was born to live.

Kylie is one of those people who seems to be literally born talented, it all flows through her naturally. She is ridiculously funny, quick witted and extremely smart. Kylie is also a sensational vocalist, certainly one of the best in her age group. This appears to be natural as well. In the interview she said, “I guess you can say I never really started singing,  it was just always there. I started recording as early as two years old”. How crazy is that, recording at two! That’s awesome. With her dad being a music producer, singing was in her blood.

Outside of Kylie’s music videos, she performs live as well. She has performed a great deal live, and she says opening up for Post Malone was one of her favorites. “I was only ten, and he was playing a sold out event in Orange County, 5 thousand people! And at first they were like,  What’s this little kid doing on stage”, says Kylie. Needless to say, everyone at the sold out show loved her.

Songwriting is another skill she has been showing off, and can be heard in the lyrics in her song, “Shake”. This song was co-written by her along with Dwight Watson and Jeff Hoeppner. This song flows very well and it will get stuck in your head. She said this is a cut loose and have a good time song. Part of the reason she wrote the song, was because of her addiction to chocolate milkshakes. (who isn’t right)

The video for “Shake” is a blast to watch, the choreography is brilliant. The idea for the video came from Kylie along with the director Nayip Ramos. It was all filmed in a warehouse in North Hollywood. She says they went that morning and bought all the plants Home Depot had, shot the video and then returned them. (That’s funny, but clever). Whoever hasn’t seen this video yet needs to check it out, it carries a good Disney vibe. Kids will love it.

Currently, Kylie has four songs recorded and published. She says, she is always working on new material and is in the process of signing her first label deal. For now she cannot say what her new single will be that’s coming out, but she says, “It’s gonna be Hot”! Also she has some pop songs, trap music, and will even be singing in Spanish, a little something for everyone.

Kylie is a huge Disney fan and has been lucky to spend a great deal of her time there. “It feels like a second home” says Kylie. Her Disney dreaming is paying off. Soon there’s an  episode of Bizaardvark that will air Kylie will be in. In this episode, Kylie will be playing Tessa, Bernie Shots assistant. “I have some great funny moments joking” says Kylie. Keep an eye out for this episode, you don’t want to miss it.


Being a huge Disney fan she does have some favorites, one of them is, Raven’s Home. One of the reasons Kylie likes this show so much is, one of her friends is on it, Sky Katz. (Sky co-stars on Raven’s Home and prior to that on America’s Got Talent rapping, awesome rapper) Kylie says Sky is one of the coolest people she knows.

TV has already been a big part of her life with her first TV show being at seven years old. Her mom works for a station called, Estrella TV. Her mom helped her to get on one of the dance shows. Since then, she has been on a couple other shows and commercials. “I really love the TV side of entertainment” says Kylie.

Along with music videos, she has also been producing a series called, Hello Kylie. She now has twelve episodes and they are all hilarious. In these episodes she talks about things or people she likes. They are mostly music related and will usually find her singing and dancing to some of her favorite songs. One of her favorites to produce was episode 12, Pentatonix.  “I got to cast a bunch of kids my age to play the “Kid Version” of the Pentatonix. We shot that whole Episode in our living room” says Kylie. It was a family production, her and her dad came up with the outline and her mom did the hair and make-up.  This episode is a blast to watch.

Even when Kylie is not making videos, she is always doing something that is fun and entertaining. When Kylie was asked what other fun things she likes do, here is what she said: “I have three main passions right now: Watching scary movies, playing “Fortnight” and developing my skills as a “Baby Goat Whisperer”. LOL
People often ask me what its like being a “Goat Whisperer”? I say “it not BahahahahaD. Its’ obvious she is just a blast all the time.

Kylie is well gifted in many areas of entertainment, along with a huge personality. Her creativity and vision is well beyond her years. Watching her videos, her delivery does not appear to be scripted, just all ad-lib. She has the likability factor that will take her a long way in entertainment. However, her natural ability with comedy, dance and singing will launch her career further than Zendaya. Any network could easily create a show around Kylie, it would be a household hit. Keep watching for more great things from Kylie.

Sam Hurwitz

 Throughout time, various people have come along and made an imprint in human culture, for instance J.K. Rowling, Ron Howard, and Paul McCartney. What has set these people apart from many others is, they are visionary’s. People like J.K., Ron and Paul are dreamers who look beyond the obvious, and creates something that impacts people. Sam is one of these people who has the ability to see things differently, and create something that those who listen, can find themselves being part of his story. 

Sam’s ability to create began showing itself at an early age. At just two years old, Sam would play a toy guitar and make up songs. When he turned eight years old he began performing for others. It was his guitar teacher who invited him to his first performance, which was a songwriters circle.  

Big dreamers often demand big audiences, well Sam got just that. He got to perform a song at a NY Knicks halftime show at Madison Square Garden. Of course this was a favorite of his. “I had never played to an audience anywhere that size and it was very exciting” says Sam. Another performance that has become one of his favorite shows was at a gala for Stuttering Association for the Young. For this gala, Sam was asked to write a song just for it. “This was the first time I had to write a song on demand. I remember the songwriting process leading up to this gig well; getting ideas, scrapping them, forming melodies, until finally coming up with a song I thought was good” says Sam. For this performance, he was accompanied by a professional band, which he really enjoyed.   

The creativity Sam has as a songwriter has started to catch the attention of various people in the industry. He was an American Songwriting Magazine Daily Discovery and an American Songwriting Awards nominee for his song, Without a Rhyme. Also a weekly independent chart in the UK called, Fabchart has picked up several of his songs. 

Unlike most new artists, Sam doesn’t generally perform many cover songs, but he does like to learn them, mostly the instrumentals. However his favorite artist is Wilco. “I like them because of how memorable and unique each of their songs are” says Sam. Another favorite band of his is, Avett Brothers. He says their songs are very catchy and musically interesting, especially their album I and Love and You.  

Getting out and performing to showcase the songs he has written, is something he loves. Sam says he likes to see the feedback his songs get. “It is also fun to play numerous songs as a set, bringing together different projects that I’ve been working on” says Sam.  He also says, it is interesting seeing what the environment and location of each performance is, and who is attending.  

Sam’s dream is to always do something involved in storytelling and fiction. It doesn’t matter if it is through writing songs, writing stories or film-making. “I am fascinated by fiction; how one thought can create a whole universe, how one sentence that anyone can write can create characters and settings. I always want to be involved with stories” Sam says. He wants to harness his creative energy and always study , create, and experience fiction.    

To master the art of songwriting a person needs creativity and imagination to bring the story that is in a lyrics alive. These skills along with many others can be found in the songs Sam writes. He officially started writing songs at the age of six, he is now fourteen with sixteen songs complete. One of the songs he loves is, Without a Rhyme. He remembers the writing process and creation of the video very well. “I wrote it while I was at a creative writing camp and the process and place I was in, was very special” says Sam. The music video for this was his first and has gotten the most attention.  In four of his songs he adds harmonica and this gives a great flavor to them. His latest song, Everlasting Oak, he has combined the guitar and harmonica which brings back to life an old era from Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Sam felt this was the perfect song to add the harmonica. The guitar he used can be seen by another icon who used one like it, his name, Buck Owens. “The guitar I play in that song was a gift I received that came from the collection of my favorite musician Jeff  Tweedy of Wilco. It’s a 1969 Buck Owens American guitar and using the harmonica just felt perfect with this song and guitar” says Sam.

Creativity and imagination is not only needed in writing a song, but also, to inspire ideas. When he was younger, he said he would just pick up the guitar and start singing, and that would be the song. As he got older, his ideas came from books he was reading or more often, a theme he is interested in. “For Everlasting Oak, I thought trees and forests had a lot of great imagery and potential for thoughtful lyrics” Sam says. He also says, he likes to write his lyrics as poetry, and strive to make the audience think. “I don’t just say the theme straight out, or tell the story in a very literal way” says Sam. He likes to weave a more complex tale that will leave the listener making his or her own interpretations for it.  It is songs written like this, that stick with him. 

As of right now, he doesn’t have any up coming gigs to attend, however he is starting high school this fall. During the summers is when he works on all of his passions that he doesn’t have time for during the school year. “I was lucky that I got to attend amazing programs this summer for film-making, creative writing and music” says Sam. He also self published his first book in a fantasy series that he has been writing for two years. He hopes to publish the second this fall. 

Somewhere inside of Sam lies sort of a lake of creativeness that is growing deeper by the day. It is being fed by many tributaries of imagination, wonder, fiction and reality. It is felt in what he creates, that this is not just what he does, but who he “is”. He is the modern day Bob Dylan, much of who Bob was, can be felt in Sam’s music as well. Sam is not just an artist, he is a visionary. He looks at things at different angles, not just straight ahead like most. The stories that he tells are not empty, they are full of substance. The music he creates is what music was meant to be. This is only the beginning. Where will his name be in the future? Beside Ron, J.K., Bob, and Neil, could very well be!

Costa Rica’s Newest Star Of Music, Andrey

More and more talented kids are being brought to the forefront thanks to NBC’s hit series, Little Big Shots. Little Big Shots gives kids a chance to be in the spotlight no matter what the talent or where in the world they live. In April 2017 Little Big Shots introduced a young man from Costa Rica, eight year old musician and singer, Andrey. People loved him instantly. During the interview with Steve Harvey, it became clear Andrey has a great sense of humor the same as Steve. In just s few short minutes, Andrey’s personality won the hearts of millions. 

Little Big Shots brought Andrey to LA to appear on the television show and meet Steve Harvey. Andrey says it was incredible to meet Steve. Andrey also loved the interview with Steve and how funny he is. “Too funny! He is an incredible person and also knows how to make a person laugh” says Andrey. The whole experience of being on the show was very exciting for Andrey. “I liked it all, the production, the people, the stage, and they treated me like a star” says Andrey. After the interview Andrey entertained the audience with a performance of the Beatles song, Blackbird. His skill with the guitar at the age of nine is beyond belief, never missing a note. His ability to play the guitar did catch the attention of everyone, but it was his voice that grabbed the audience. His soft and tender voice melted the hearts of all who were listening, catapulting him to stardom. 

Making his journey to LA to be on Little Big Shots made for his debut television appearance. The television show was his first, but it was also his first time to LA. He enjoyed visiting there very much. “LA is a great place! I absolutely loved everything! I would definitely love to go back” says Andrey.  

Andrey is now nine years old, but says he was four when he started into music. He was in kindergarten at that time. Music is a huge part of his life, it flows through him and all around him much like “the force”. “For me music is everywhere, in every detail, in every daily activity. So I do music everywhere and I really enjoy it too and I have fun” says Andrey. 

Popular music is what Andrey plays and sings the most, but he also enjoys classical. He study’s classical guitar, and last year he won his first international classical guitar competition in Nicaragua. The contest was called, Young Talents. 

He has an enormous love for music and artists from the past to the artists of today. Andrey has a great respect for songs from The Beatles, Queen, The Police, ACDC, Oasis, Xtreme, and Bruno Mars. He learns a lot from these bands and others. “I really think all the old school bands are the best school to learn music” says Andrey. He dreams of traveling the world singing and playing his guitar one day. Learning so much from such great artists his dream is sure to come true. 

Music is fun and part of who Andrey is, but he also just loves being a kid doing kid stuff. He loves the Rubik’s Cube, video games, basketball, cats and playing with his friends. Aside from all of that fun stuff, he is also a fan of Cosplay, and dresses in some amazing costumes. 


 When he first set foot on the stage of Little Big Shots it was evident that he was special and everyone was going to love him. The show gave him a lift into the spotlight, but this is only the beginning for Andrey.  In just a few short minutes Andrey became a star. The number of fans gravitating to him is huge, and he is gaining more everyday. He is “one” with music. It surrounds him and binds him. He uses music like the force drawing people to him. When he plays and sings, people are focused on him and only him, like he has them in his power. 


Florida’s Teen Singing Sensation, Samantha LaPorta

Florida’s teen singing sensation Samantha LaPorta  pumps out hit songs one right after another. Having an emerging artist release hit after hit in such a short time frame, doesn’t happen often. But, when Samantha gets hold of a song, her abilities in delivering a song is mind blowing. In less than a year Samantha has released, Summertime Hold On Me, Santa’s Back In Business and I Know U Know. 

Samantha being a Florida native she must have a special connection to the state within. When recording a song, Samantha has a natural ability to make it feel bright and fresh. The sunshine state has a special hold on her to where the listener can feel the brightness and freshness that she exudes throughout her music. Whether it is Christmas, summer or anywhere in between, it can be felt. People like foot tapping fun music that brightens their day, and Samantha delivers that without fail. 

The brightness, and her delivery plays a big part in why people gravitate to her music. In December 2016 Samantha got a taste of just how much people love her music and her sound. While riding in the car listening to Disney Radio her and her mom heard the intro to, Santa’s Back In Business. This over whelmed them both.  “We looked at each other and started screaming, grabbed my phone to share, but just couldn’t hold back the tears” says Samantha. The song became #2 on the Total Request show where fans vote for songs. People are loving it!  Her latest release, I Know U Know has gained momentum quickly on Pandora with 58,000 streams this past week alone. 

The music Samantha releases is infectious, and plays a large part in her success, but it takes a good team as well. The songs she has been releasing has had a great team of writers and producers behind them. Summertime Hold On Me and I Know U Know was written by Matt Wong and Maria Christiansen, and produced by Jason Nevins and Lucas Prata. Jason, he has produced and remixed songs for major artists, and Lucas is a recording artist, and is teaching her to navigate the music industry. “They are both very talented and I love working in the studio with them” says Samantha. Samantha co-wrote a song with Maria then another with Matt on her April trip to LA. She loved their ideas. It was exciting and an amazing experience for her. “It’s the difference between buying a beautiful dress and having one made just for you, where you get to add in your own style” says Samantha. Both of these songs can be heard on, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Google Play, I Heart Radio and Spotify. 

These songs are fun in the sun type of songs, and that is exactly where the videos to them were filmed, the sunny beaches of Florida. The videographer is, Imagine Creation located in Mobil Alabama. They worked together to come up with the ideas. Se began thinking about what the song means, and then created a story that reflects the song. “Both videos were super fun to make because I asked my friends, Do you want to be in a music video, and we had a blast” says Samantha. 

Samantha has also teamed up with Sweetyhigh. Sweetyhigh is a social media pop culture company with a great message about girl power and having fun in a positive way through entertainment. Her first trip to LA was like a dream, lots of meetings, Red Carpet movie premiere where she met Sweetyhigh and being welcomed to the Disney Family. “That was my dream come true. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a Disney Kid” says Samantha. Samantha did her first Musical.ly and Red Carpet interview with Sweetyhigh. “I am so thrilled that they like my music and have shared it” says Samantha. 

On Samantha’s most recent trip to LA, she attended the Radio Disney Music Awards. “I couldn’t wait to see Britney Spears who was being honored with the Icon award” says Samantha. During this trip she was able to meet a few of her favorite Disney actors and artists. 

The last trip to LA may have been to attend the awards and watch her favorites receive them, but next time, may just be her turn to receive. Samantha’s music is so bright and infectious, that people cannot resist Samantha along with her great team are working together on new songs. Her fans except more music infection very soon.  


Ashley Yankello



Throughout the years there’s been voices that no matter what genre a person likes, these voices will astound the listener. They will make the listener go “wow!”. People who have owned such voices are Etta James, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce. These people have made their mark in history by how they deliver a song with so much power and passion. Many new artists often try to handle songs from Etta, Christina and Beyonce, but cannot, lacking the power or passion. On occasion there will be someone to come forward, but not expecting it, and blow your mind.  Living in Pennsylvania is one of the few that will “wow” the listener, just like the superstars did.  This person is, nine year old Ashley Yankello.

Listening to Ashley, it boggles the mind the vocal acrobatics that she inserts into the songs she sings. When she sings, Something’s Got A Hold On Me and Listen with all the dimensions and animations it is very difficult to believe she is only nine years old. With what she has achieved so far vocally, it is very possible, Ashley could one day surpass those who have come before her.

Ashley’s entertaining journey all started way back when she was just two years old. Apparently Lady Gaga had made a fan out of Ashley, and when her song  Poker Face came on, Ashley would dance all across the floor throughout the song. At the age of three Ashley’s mom would have her dance and sing in front of their television to different hit songs. This is when her mom bought Ashley her first microphone. To make a great entertainer the person doing the entertaining cannot be shy, and Ashley is definitely not. She was four years old when  she attended her aunt and uncles wedding. At the reception the DJ began playing Baby by Justin Bieber. Ashley didn’t hesitate, she grabbed the mic, hit the center of the floor, sang the whole song and was awarded her first standing ovation. Ashley made her first real performance when she was five at her school’s talent show. In the show she sang, Barbie Girl. It wasn’t until she was eight that she began to take singing seriously.

Since Ashley started singing, she has astonished crowds from New York to Nashville and everywhere in between. A couple of her favorite places she has performed are, Talent America National Finals in New York. “I liked the stage in New York because the sound system was really good” says Ashley. And at a Pittsburgh area Fourth of July Festival where she was the guest performer for Gold Record group, The Jaggerz. She has also performed at the 21st Annual Stars Of Tomorrow show in New Castle, Pa. and at Opry Mills Nashville, Tn. 

A voice like Ashley doesn’t go without notice or reward. She is already stacking up the awards for singing with her first from the Washington County Cinderella Pageant. At this competition she chose singing for her talent and was crowned champion of the pageant. She has also won multiple awards at the Talent America National Finals in New York and was the overall winner of TalentWatch’s Dream Night in Toledo, Ohio.

Ashley has had the honor of singing the National Anthem at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. “It was really exciting because it was a Friday night capacity crowd game at beautiful PNC Park” says Ashley.

Performing is something she loves to do. “I like to entertain and inspire people through my performances. People have told me that I display a lot of emotion when I sing” Ashley says. When she is out entertaining, some of the artists she loves to cover are, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. Ashley dreams of being a worldwide entertainer just like the artist she covers.

Ashley already has many places booked this year some include, the Central Ohio Singing Competition Winners Recital at Capital University on March 5th and Jesters’ Guild Variety Show on March 25th in Pittsburgh. She is also scheduled to participate in the Access Broadway competition April 7-9th and in the summer she will be in Nashville and New York. Be sure and keep an eye out to attend a performance near you. 

At just nine years old Ashley can do some outstanding things vocally and enjoys it very much. As much as she enjoys singing she is still a kid and loves being a kid too. She loves animals and has a few of her own, a guinea pig, a tank full of fish and two cats. Ashley also likes games like Minecraft and Animal Jam.

It is obvious that music flows through Ashley’s very soul. The theatrics and attitude that she brings with each performance is something that comes from within her. When she is on stage she owns the audience, this is something a true performer must do and Ashley does it with ease. The vocal acrobats she does can’t be taught and most artists can only dream of having. With the abilities Ashley has, she will be entertaining audiences for many years to come.

A Grand Southern Voice, Haley Warren

There’s a bold and beautiful voice filling the air in southern Mississippi, this voice belongs to, fourteen year old Haley Warren. Being from the south a bit of that southern accent shines through adding a little more  flavor to the songs she sings. Truly a grand voice. Haley has one of those voices that is full of substance and depth that fills the room and surrounds the listener, giving the song,”life”. The voice she has is so full of life, character and maturity she could hold her own against people like, Faith Hill and Cam. Faith and Cam also have great depth and substance to their voices which has helped them gain the great success they have had. Haley could be on the path to do the same.

Haley was not wasting time when it came to performing. At five and six years old, she was already holding her own concerts for her family. “I called the concert Haley’s “Pink Pink World” pink was always my favorite color” says Haley. However, Haley’s older sisters took dance, so her parents enrolled Haley in dance as well. When she was nine or ten they went to a dance convention one weekend, the dance convention was Access Broadway. Their parents dropped them off to return later. This particular workshop included singing and dancing. “When I signed in, they asked if I was there to sing or dance and I said singing” says Haley.  At this convention they have a select number of scholarships, if you receive one, then next year you do not have to pay the entry fee. Once their parents arrived back at the convention, Haley’s sisters told their mom that she signed up for singing instead of dance. Her mom’s response was, Haley doesn’t sing! “I got up on stage and sang Bruno Mars, Locked Out Of Heaven, everyone loved it, and I got a scholarship to everyone’s surprise” says Haley. 

After Haley surprised everyone at the convention, it was then clear she needed to go her own path. A friend of their’s was taking lessons at a local music school called, Rock U  2 Academy of Popular Music. Her mom signed her up right away. Since being signed up, Ms. Barbara and Mr. Tim Alamsha the owners of Rock U 2 have made a lot of great things happen for Haley. Barbara is her vocal coach and Tim produces her videos and recordings. Through them, she has performed regularly at the Shed Barbecue, in Ocean Springs, the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, and several other venues and charities. These opportunities she has been given through Rock U 2 has included multiple performances for the Bacot McCarty Foundation, as well as open for Big Daddy Weave singing, Amazing Grace. 

One of Haley’s favorite performances was at the IP Casino. This was a fundraiser for Rock U 2 Foundation which provides scholarships for music lessons and instruments to children who cannot afford them. The event was held in a huge ballroom, giving the feeling as if it was a real concert. “The lights, the sound system, the crowd, just the whole setting was insane” says Haley. There were some well known acts performing as well. Acts like Southern Halo and The Trent Ladner Band. Southern Halo sat down beside Haley prior to their show and gave her a few pointers. “It was awesome getting advice from a group of girls that have such great talent” says Haley. 

With a voice like Haley’s, it fits in with any genre brilliantly. Many of today’s artists gravitate in and out of genres, and Haley does the very same. When she is out performing she loves to cover songs from pop sensation, Ariana Grande. Haley loves all of Ariana’s songs. “I feel like we have similar voices and style, so it’s easy to relate to her” says Haley. When it comes to pop songs Haley’s voice does fit very well with Ariana. Haley’s diversity is a testament to her vocal abilities. 

Performing is something she loves and was born to do. And driven by the people who listens. She loves the look on people’s faces when she is on stage as well as the comments and private messages from her videos she has posted. One message Haley received was from a person that said every time they were missing their spouse that had passed away recently, they would listen to her song. Others are often from girls who say they have been inspired by Haley to do what they love. “Just knowing I make the slightest difference in someone’s life, there’s no greater feeling” says Haley. She is hoping to make a career out of  making people happy and inspiring others and following God’s path. 

Haley’s fans can look forward to more covers from Haley, but she is also working on her first original song. This is a song she has written and she is excited to record it. 

There has been many people to help her get to where she is, and is grateful for them all, and many of those she does not even know. She loves reading all of the comments on her videos. “Two of my videos recently hit over a million views each, and my mind is just blown” says Haley. She also says, she could not have gotten anywhere if it was not for her supporters, close friends and family. Haley thanks them all because she would not be doing this if it were not for them. “Mr. Tim and Ms. Barbara Alamsha, the founders of Rock U 2 in Ocean Springs are the reason that I am improving and growing everyday” says Haley. Have a good support group from friends, family and fans is what drives artists to continue following their dreams.

It is Haley’s bravery to sign in at that convention that day as a singer that everyone got to see what her true destiny really was. Now people everywhere get to experience Haley’s grand southern voice. Sometimes in life it is necessary to take risks and the one Haley took gained music another artist that people will look up to. If Haley’s passion continues to hold true, she will have a wonderful life in music, performing to others just like her.  


The Piano Gal

Way far away out in Utah, intriguing sounds can be heard resonating through the canyons. Following these wondrous sounds will inevitably lead to, The Piano Gal. Sara Arkell (The Piano Gal) is gifted with the ability to make music. When Sara places her hands to the keys on the piano it is as if a force is flowing through her body. She and the piano become one, with her fingers gliding across the keys with great precision. Music surrounds her being allowing Sara to be one with the piano, lighting the lives of all who hear. The music from Sara is brilliant, but to get the whole effect, one must watch. It is the brilliance plus the elegance of her movements that makes her a master. You could say, The Piano Gal is a piano, “Jedi”. 

Sara says it all began when she was five years old when her parents started her in piano lessons. The Piano Gal is now fourteen and shining bright as a star. With the way music flows through her with such ease, there is a good chance she was born with this gift. The training that she received has made this gift stronger. It has given Sara the power to bring good to the world. She brings good to the world through amazement and wonder. She touches many people with her gift allowing them to use their imaginations along with her music to take them far and away.  

People get to enjoy everything Sara does through her many videos and live internet shows. She loves making these videos, but she also enjoys getting out and performing live. Sara has been fortunate to perform many places, but one of her favorites would have to be Japan. “I performed in Japan in 2015 and that was an incredible experience” says Sara. This was an amazing performance, but her dream performance would be with, The Piano Guys. “Their music is so amazing and they inspired the name for my channel” says Sara. The Piano Guys and The Piano Gal would make a good alliance. 

All of Sara’s videos offer great adventures and fun through music and commentary. Some of these videos Sara has teamed up with other gifted artists and musicians giving the audience an even more incredible experience. She enjoys these very much. A video that she and her cousin Nathan made, Shut Up and Dance is one of these fun videos. She says it was challenging to do. For this video she had to learn the music quickly, and she had to memorize the music right on set because they didn’t want the sheet music in the video. “It was hard to memorize it but easy at the same time because I had played it so many times” says Sara. This is a great video showing coordination and skill, in parts of the video they are playing two pianos at the same time. Left hand on one right on the other. Great showmanship. All of the collaborations have been fun for her. One of the videos has Madilyn Paige singing with Sara on piano. Sara says she sees Madilyn a lot so it is fun to do videos with her. Sara loves doing the collaborations and getting to know the people she is doing them with, but she does have a some dream collaborations she would like to do. “People I would love to collaborate with are Lindsey Stirling, Lexi Mae Walker, Peter Hollens, Ashley Hess and that’s just to name a few” says Sara. 

Sara is gifted without doubt, showing very little effort to play anything. But she says she does get challenges that helps her grow in music. “My piano teacher gives me pieces to play that are challenging so I can learn and progress. I like being challenged and it’s fun to learn lots of different varieties of songs” says Sara. The repertoire  that Sara possesses is huge, playing anything from Classical, to Gospel, to Pop and everything in between.

In many of Sara’s videos and lives, her siblings will often accompany her. This is a fun experience for everyone, and as it turns out some of her siblings are beginning to learn some instruments as well. Two of them plays the piano and another one plays too, but doesn’t take lessons. Her dad plays sax, and her brother is starting to play the guitar. It looks like they may have their own band very soon. 

2017 is going to be a year to remember for Sara. This year she is starting work on her first album which she is very excited about. And of course the fun and entertaining live-streams will be continuing. 

What Sara does with the piano is incredible and she will be a huge inspiration to others. Sara says she doesn’t listen to a whole lot of music. So for someone to be so knowledgeable and gifted there must be some force guiding her. She can create emotion, tenderness and excitement through music and all done with perfection. When her hands are gliding across the keys, it becomes a thing of beauty, it’s art at it’s finest. The fans that Sara has are loyal and growing everyday. There’s many great things about Sara, but one in particular is, she is genuine. This is something that many people are not. Being genuine is what people appreciate, it is this along with her passion that has made her such an extraordinary pianist that so many have come to love. She is so much fun to watch. Her gift will take her to the stars and beyond. It is strong inside her and her light shines brightly for all to see.

Canada’s Jadyn Rylee

Jadyn Rylee at stars2come

No one ever knows for sure who the next star will be, the world is full of talented people. Every country has contributed to the stars of today. Canada is a country that has contributed many to the star list and continues to be one of the most prominent places for creating  new stars. Ten year old Jadyn Rylee is one of these new artists Canada is honing to become another star.

Jadyn is sharpening her already natural skills she holds inside. Watching Jadyn’s progression, it is easy to see her skills and creativity are coming to light nicely. It takes a lot of hard work to make it in the world of entertainment and Jadyn is not afraid of that. In her video, “Creep” it is evident she is pushing her boundaries, as well as animations, attitude and expressions all are coming out. The people who have become great like Katie Perry, Sia and Taylor Swift got to where they are by hard work, and pushing themselves to the next level in their performances. Emerging artists often ask why some people are excelling while others are not. The answer is simple, just look at Jadyn, she is doing what is needed to be one who excels. Jadyn loves what she is doing and she wants the reward that comes with the hard work. Today when you watch a video of Jadyn at ten years old, you are watching a star evolve, the ingredients are coming together so that one day she will shine brighter than the northern star. She will be who other ten year old’s look up to. Jadyn is so very special.

Jadyn Rylee at stars2come  It was the inspiration of other singers that lit the fire in Jadyn to want to be a singer just like them. She was always found singing around the house. One day when she felt she was old enough Jadyn asked her parents for singing lessons. She began her lessons at six years old at The Modern Conservatory of Music. Jadyn made her first performance at the school where she took lessons. They had a recital in Allison, Ontario. “I am lucky because my singing teacher is a great singer and performer” says Jadyn.

Jadyn has been getting around singing at various places. She sang at the Emerging Toronto Artists Awards last November and at the Canadian Model and Talent Convention at the beginning of the year. “CMTC was definitely my favorite so far” says Jadyn. She was also in Hidden Talent Canada, which she thought was awesome.

There’s no surprise that Jadyn is already taking home awards from her singing. She received at trophy for second place singing at CMTC. Last year she was awarded two golds and one bronze from Simcoe Arts Festival.

Music is a way of expressing a person’s feelings and this is one of the things Jadyn enjoys so much with singing. When she hits the stage, it is a feeling of happiness and excitement.

Jadyn loves to listen to music and sing. Some of her favorite songs are, My Immortal by Evanecense, Rise by Katy Perry, Human by Christina Perri, and Alone by Heart. With such a strong love and passion for music, she has now learned a multitude of songs from those she inspires to be like.

A dream of Jadyn is to be like those she looks up to such as, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. She wants to have a big stage just like them that she is able to walk around on and a huge crowd to sing to. It would also be a great dream to be in a position to be able to give money to charity. Jadyn is a very caring person and cares about what people think. She is already a great inspiration. Not only has she held a big interest in singing, but also in 2014 her interest in theater began to shine. Jadyn has since been in a variety of productions at the Gibson Center.

There’s so much other young people and even older can learn from Jadyn. With each video, there ‘s a difference from the one before. The reason is all the work she puts in, some just don’t put in the work necessary to become a person like Katy, or Taylor. Jadyn knows what she wants and is passionate about getting it. With each song she sings the progression is clear. The tone Jadyn has is growing more and more defined which will help her stand out even more. When it comes to performing a person is either a singer, or an artist. The difference is, just a singer may sound good vocally, but the words they sing are empty, the story within is lost. But, when an artist sings, each word has meaning and feelings behind them. They are able to capture a person vocally and visually. Jadyn is good at this. Watching her eyes while performing it looks as if she is moving deeper into the story of the song with each word she sings. This is something that can’t be taught, people can either do it or not. There’s more than just singing good to be a star so much more. Jadyn is on the right track to be a true star, she has all the extra ingredients that it takes. Soon she will be well known all around the internet and then beyond. Would be perfect for Disney. Jadyn Rylee, superstar, has a good ring to it.