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Life After The Voice, Aliyah Moulden

No one can forget the brilliant performance by fifteen-year-old Aliyah Moulden at the blind audition on The Voice singing, Hound Dog. That performance earned her a three chair turn and becoming part of Team Blake. She held on throughout The Voice journey going up against many amazing artists. Her dedication, drive and stunning voice sent her to the very end. Unfortunately Aliyah didn’t win, but she did learn a great deal from the experience adding to her success after the show.

During her time on The Voice she learned a lot. “I learned to believe that I could keep going in a challenging situation”, says Aliyah. She also learned she could make it to the final and believe in herself.

One of the toughest parts to being on a national competition like that, was not knowing if the performance she was doing would be the last. She says it was a lot of pressure. However, Aliyah did enjoy the experience so much, she did not, want it to stop. Being part of the show did help her to improve as an artist. “I kept pushing myself to do better each week to stay in the competition. Because of my pushing, I became a better vocalist”, says Aliyah. She also says, the show would be great for other artists like her, the experience is so amazing.

One of the biggest advantages there are from being on a show like The Voice outside of winning, is the exposure. The exposure for Aliyah has made a big difference in her life and she has achieved celebrity status. One of the first things that came from it was being recognized by the La Habra City. She has received many awards, and was invited to be the Grand Marshal for one of the city’s main events, The Corn Festival. She was also recognized by the La Habra Boys and Girls Club. The show also opened the door for her opportunity to be in two movies.

So far Aliyah has not signed to any recording deals yet, but not from the lack of being approached, she just has not found a good fit for herself.  However she continues to stay booked with singing, acting, performances, and public appearances.

Aliyah has been busy writing some of her own songs, she says, she writes at least one per day. The songs have been about her personal experiences and feelings. “Sometimes I write about growing up, love, friendship, and family”, says Aliyah. Her life is very busy and when she gets some quite time at home that is when she writes. She has also been working in the studio and at the end of February she will be recording her new single. The single should be ready by March or April.

There’s a lot of exciting things coming up for Aliyah. She completed a movie this past October and it will be coming out in the summer of 2018. She is in the process of filming a second movie and it will be premiering in the spring of 2018. She is also in negotiations about getting her own web series.

For all of her fans out there Aliyah has something to say. “Thank you so much to all who supported me during my The Voice experience. I Love You. Kisses”, says Aliyah.

There are a lot of good things that can come from being on a show like The Voice. Whether you win or not, it can be a life changing experience and launch careers. Some people don’t do anything once they leave The Voice. But if a person works hard taking advantage of the exposure, good things could happened just as it has for Aliyah. What’s going on in Aliyah’s life now, is only the beginning.

Fifteen Year Old Powerhouse Aliyah Moulden Scores Three Chairs With “Hound Dog”

Aliyah didn’t hold back one second, she came out swinging with that powerhouse voice singing Hound Dog. No sooner than she had the first line of the song out, the audience was up swaying with the beat along with Aliyah. Many people have sang Hound Dog since it was originally recorded in 1952. Elvis made a huge mark on music with this song to the point when people heard Hound Dog, Elvis is who comes to mind. Now Aliyah with a national audience, comes out with her version of Hound Dog. She too will be who people think about now when that song is mentioned. Aliyah not only impressed the audience, but the judges as well, scoring three chairs with her performance. 

Walking out on stage Aliyah was a bit nervous. Once she began singing, the nerves kicked in a little more. Listening to her sing no one would ever suspect any nerves at all, it was a flawless performance. She didn’t let the nerves hold her back even when the chairs were not turning at first. “As I continued singing and the chairs did not turn, I then forgot about the chairs and decided to have fun with the audience with my performance” says Aliyah. About half way through the song the chairs began to turn. Blake turned first, then Alicia, then Gwen and the excitement began to swell inside Aliyah. “I was going crazy in my mind” says Aliyah. After all of the judges gave their encouraging remarks and their sales pitches, Aliyah decides on Blake.”What really stuck with me was that he stood up and clapped for my performance. I felt he really wanted me on his team” Aliyah says. Plus she says, “he is really handsome”. Aliyah is looking forward to working with Blake.

Aliyah’s version of Hound Dog has a bluesy and jazzy vibe to it, and everyone in the audience rocked out to it. Hound Dog is a song she loves. “It is a very strong song with an underlying adult message with a fun twist” says Aliyah. Aliyah made the changes to the song herself. “As I practiced the song I made changes to it to make it more interesting” says Aliyah. It will not be only her huge voice that the other contestants with have to worry about. Aliyah’s proven ability to transform a song like Hound Dog is going to give them something else to look out for.

To be apart of something like The Voice, it is a major thing to have your community behind you, and Aliyah has just that. Aliyah lives in California and goes to La Habra High School. She says she has felt their support through the positive messages and comments. She has done a lot of volunteering in many events at La Habra, so their local media is reaching to her to spread the news. Aliyah has attended the La Habra Boys and Girls Club since she was five years old. They are her biggest supporters. “I absolutely love my community and I am so thankful for all that they do for me” says Aliyah. 

The blinds are all prerecorded, and it can be a long wait before it airs. For Aliyah, it was tough to keep it secret. Everyday she would find it hard to believe that she was on the show. Aliyah is a very social person and it was difficult keeping it all from her friends where she lives and online. “I am very friendly and keep in contact with friends everyday. It was super hard not to tell them as well as just to share it on social media” Aliyah says.

The Voice has been a great experience for Aliyah. The excitement has been so great, that it has been hard for her to do her homework or anything else. “All I think about is this awesome experience” says Aliyah. She is blessed and thankful to have this opportunity. She says, it is totally crazy. “It is super exciting to be on a national television show with the opportunity to land on a celebrity coaching team” says Aliyah.

Aliyah may just be fifteen years old, but she is not someone to turn your back to thinking she is a pushover. She is a double edge sword, she has outrageous vocal skills, as well as the ability to make a song into what she feels. The battle rounds are coming up and she has both sides of that sword, sharp and deadly. Stay tuned into The Voice to see how Aliyah’s journey unfolds.

Siahna Im “The Voice”

Siahna Im

The Voice is back for season nine and they are not holding back, and neither is the talent. On September 21st Siahna Im stepped out on that huge stage and burnt it up! During her performance she had the audience engaged and screaming throughout the performance, with Gwen chiming in on top of it all. With a three chair turn, Siahna is off to a great start.

The journey on The Voice has been amazing she says, but it all began from searching for places to sing. Siahna was searching online for places to perform when she ran across open auditions for The Voice. Siahna and her family watch the show regularly and felt it would be a great opportunity.

At her first audition, Siahna and her dad waited in line for five hours along with thousands of other talented singers. “I felt so blessed to be chosen to go on to the first of many other auditions before making it to the blinds” says Siahna. She had no idea how long the process would be going in, but it has been the most amazing experience.

Finally it was time for the blinds, and Siahna was nothing, but excited to get on that stage. Performing is what she loves to do and she was happy to get out there, and share her love of music with the people. “I knew it was my one shot to impress the four amazing artists sitting in front of me, so I savored the ninety seconds I got to sing my song as much as I could”, said Siahna.

Siahna came out on stage, lit the stage on fire and burnt it down. Nothing was held back in her performance. From the beginning, her sassy attitude and expressions had the audience going all the way through the song. It was exciting all the way and kept you glued to every word.

Siahna Im at stars2come  The performance Siahna gave, earned her a three chair turn around.  “It was a great feeling when Gwen turned around because I knew that meant,  no matter what else happened, I was going through to the next round” said Siahna. From that moment on, she was nothing, but smiles. About half way through the song, she realized that Blake and Pharrell had turned around as well. “The excitement got to me and I might have stuttered on a couple of lines in the song”, Siahna says. She also said she tried to play it cool, but she was really screaming inside. Once it was said and done, Siahna chose Pharrell as her coach.

Choosing a coach was easy for Siahna. Pharrell is someone she had been following for sometime. She had gained considerable knowledge of Pharrell thanks to her brother. She says she would ride in his car with his subs blasting, “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. “I really appreciate everything Pharrell has done for music, and his accomplishments inspire me to be great” says Siahna. She is excited to work with Pharrell and learn how the mind of a producer works.

What a great turn around for a fifteen year old girl out of a small town in Washington state. Prior to The Voice there just were not many places for anyone her age to sing. A few cafe’s and open mics is about it. With little experience, to go climb on the big stage at The Voice, and do what she did, is just pure raw and  gifted talent. Through The Voice, Siahna is looking to gain experience, and learn from some of the most successful people in music.

Siahna has been back home since the show aired, and the reception has been amazing for her. “My high school is very excited for me. Whenever I walk down the hallways, a lot of people congratulate me” says Siahna. She said some people look at her as someone different now, but she assures them, she is the same old Siahna.


Auditioning for The Voice has been a good experience for Siahna, and says anyone looking to do the same should go for it. “Don’t second guess yourself. As everyone always says, you’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take” says Siahna.

Keep tuned into The Voice to watch Siahna’s journey on the show. It will be her natural talents along with her uniqueness that will take her far into the show, and just possibly win. When it comes time, be sure and vote.


Kentucky’s Voice, Kelsie May

Kelsie May at stars2come


When people think Kentucky, the first things that comes to mind are, Wildcats basketball, bourbon, racehorses, and Loretta Lynn. They each hold a special place in the hearts of Kentuckians and has been the pride of Kentucky. Now there’s a new reason for Kentucky to stand proud, and a new name that people will speak when they think Kentucky. This new name is Kelsie May from Louisa, Kentucky. Kelsie May stepped out on the stage of The Voice and made Kentucky proud.

On The Voice Kelsie sang, You’re Looking At Country and Kelsie is just that, country.  Kelsie, with her traditional voice has only been entertaining for a few short years. In this short time many great things has happened. Not long after her beginning, she started working with music vet Bernard Porter, founder of PCG Nashville who has helped guide her on this journey. Kelsie’s many talents has come to light on her journey, writing, guitar skills and of course her beautiful country voice.

Kelsie’s voice is very similar to that of Loretta Lynn who she looks up to, and hopes to sing by her side one day. She has yet to sing beside Loretta, but Kelsie did get to sing in the front yard of her home. This was huge for Kelsie.  However she has had the opportunity to open for several great artists; John Michael Montgomery, Eric Paslay, Tate Stevens, Marty Stuart, Bucky Covington, and Angaleena Presley. All of this has helped hone her for The Voice.

Kelsie May at stars2come  The Voice is a huge opportunity and dream for many people, this is what it felt like for Kelsie May. “I kept thinking, am I in a dream, I couldn’t believe that it was actually about to happen”said Kelsie. She remembers looking at all four chairs when she stepped out on stage, and how surreal that moment was.  Once the music began the nerves she had been replaced by excitement.

Beforehand Kelsie was thinking if she got a chair to turn, it would probably be Blake because of the song she was singing, You’re Looking At Country. He did turn his chair, but soon after Christine and Pharrell turned their chairs, and she was overly excited. She said when it came down to choosing they all had great things to say that hit home with Kelsie, but it was Blake who won her over. She is hoping Blake will help pave the way for her in country music.

Team Blake is where Kelsie fits in. She said she didn’t choose Blake just because of his country roots, but she feels she would be totally comfortable working with him. “He is known as everyone’s crazy uncle, so I feel I can really just let down my walls and be myself” says Kelsie. Even with all of Blake’s fame, he has not let that change who he is, which is very important to Kelsie.

Being on The Voice is a great thing, it is not just getting on stage singing and pick a coach. Before Kelsie had the opportunity to pick Blake, she had to earn her spot. For her it was all the way back to Cleveland Ohio. This is where she had her first audition. Kelsie had always watched The Voice and her friends would often tell her she should try out. The call did come wanting her to audition and something inside her told her to do it. She is so happy she did. Kelsie was super nervous, but wanted to make a good first impression. She so wanted to make it to the blinds, she laid everything on the line for the casting people. In doing this, she earned her spot on the show, and ended up on Team Blake.


Kelsie is grateful for this opportunity. While it is an opportunity, she says win or not she will continue writing songs and tour as many places as possible. Her main goal is to sing on the Opry and sing with Loretta. This show just might open a few doors for her goals to be realized.

 Kelsie has the appeal and personality to win over the hearts of people everywhere.  Her fans and family has supported her through think and thin. Her hometown has been there for her since she first stepped on a stage. Once the people of her hometown heard she auditioned for The Voice and on Team Blake, they was so happy for Kelsie and her parents. A very proud day indeed. Kelsie says she is happy to be from a small town that supports her the way they do. She couldn’t ask for anything better.

 It is Kelsie’s big dream to sing with Loretta and be on the Opry, but it is also her dream to raise awareness for cancer and OMS. Both of these have impacted her family so much. “Cancer, I feel, has affected one person in one way or another” says Kelsie. OMS is a disorder that her nephew was diagnosed with after he battled cancer (neuroblastoma). Not much is known about this because only one in ten million will get it.

Kelsie May at stars2come  Her journey with The Voice is a lot of work, but she has made some great friends and gets to enjoy some down time with them. Kelsie and her friends while in California just love doing normal stuff when they can. They go bowling, out to eat and even have movie nights. She says she will definitely remain friends with these amazing people forever.

Kelsie would like to thank all of her fans new and old for standing behind her. She would like for them to know that they should always be themselves, no matter if anyone else does. Remain true to yourselves and do whatever makes you happy. “I’m on this journey with people from all around the world, and I appreciate them all for taking a chance on a sixteen year old with big dreams” Kelsie said.

There may be others out there hoping to be on stage on The Voice, and Kelsie feels they should go for it. She says even if you are really scared, do it. “If it’s your dream and it makes you happy, go out there and sing with all your heart and you wont have any regrets” says Kelsie.

Kelsie is on a big journey and The Voice is part of that journey. She is Kentucky’s voice and Kentucky along with the rest of the country will be watching her journey on the show unfold. When you look at Kelsie you are looking at country. Dreams do come true and just maybe The Voice will find Loretta and put her alongside of Kelsie. Two great Kentucky voices together, not a bad idea. Be sure and follow The Voice, Monday and Tuesday nights and give support to Kelsie every time she is on.

All heart, all country, Kentucky’s Voice, Kelsie May.

Sawyer Fredericks “The Voice”

Sawyer-Fredericks  at stars2come

Sawyer Fredericks is a shy and humble young man who lives on a farm in New York. When Sawyer starts to sing his shyness disappears and the artist within emerges. This is exactly what happened on February 23, 2015. On this date Sawyer stepped out on stage of The Voice in front of four judges and the nation. He barely gets started and three chairs turn. He is singing, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow with so much power and heart, the judges could hardly contain themselves. Sawyer did not get too far into the song before Blake, the fourth judge turns and he puts on an incredible show for them all. When the end of the song comes, Sawyer the shy farm boy gets a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. This is what The Voice is all about.

In the past Sawyer had sung for charities, open mics, and at farmer markets. There were times when he was able to perform at a couple iconic places like, The Bitter End in New York City and Caffe Lena in Saratoga. But like many artist today, Sawyer puts music on YouTube and cdbaby for people to hear and see. Online is an avenue for artists to be seen and heard, and on occasion, opportunities happen. This is exactly what happened with Sawyer. Someone with The Voice found him online and invited to a private audition.

Sawyer wanted to go to the audition  to learn what auditions were like, and he found out in a big way. His first audition was in New York City. “I was pretty nervous and made a couple of mistakes, but felt pretty good about it, overall” says Sawyer.

At the blind auditions Sawyer did get the attention of all four judges.  He was a bit flustered when the first three chairs turned, and for a moment forgot to sing the next verse. “I had to play and extra measure on the guitar, the band followed me because they are awesome, and then I started to sing again” said Sawyer.  He says even when the fourth judge finally turned, he remained focused on the song, but it felt really good. He knew after the fourth chair turned it was going to be hard to choose whose team to be on.

Sawyer Fredericks at stars2come  All  the judges had nothing, but good things to say about Sawyer. In the end however Sawyer chose Pharrell. “Pharrell just came across very sincere and calm; he talked about letting me stay an original artist which is really important to me because I write my own songs. That is why I chose Pharrell”, said Sawyer

This is what The Voice is all about finding the best artists out there, and Sawyer has proven he is one of those artists. To take someone who in the past only sang for maybe fifty people at onetime, and put him in front of millions and win them over, has something special about him.

Sawyer will surely have a lot of great things happen after The Voice, but he really isn’t thinking about any of that. He says he is not that kind of person who plans out their lives, but more of an in the moment kind of person. After The Voice he will continue to follow his heart, he cannot imagine a time when he is not making music. He does however hope to be able to make a living in music, but he is not interested in being super famous and always in the public eye. “I’m usually a private person” says Sawyer.

At fifteen years old Sawyer won over The Voice with his own rendition of, I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow. Just like Sawyer many young artists look to be where he is one day and here is what he says about that. “I think they should keep doing what they love, not worry so much about the future, because as long as they are doing what they love now, they are already living the dream”.

Sawyer appreciates all of his fans. He wants them to know, that he is a songwriter even though the show does not showcase his original work. For all of Sawyer’s fans old and new look him up on YouTube or cdbaby and see what he has been writing. Everything comes from his heart. It is his heart and passion that earned him a spot on Team Pharrell. His heart along with his raspy voice is sure to take him a long way on, The Voice. Be sure and tune into The Voice every Monday and Tuesday night on NBC and follow his journey. After this you can bet the crowds he sings for will be more than fifty.