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Life After The Voice, Aliyah Moulden

No one can forget the brilliant performance by fifteen-year-old Aliyah Moulden at the blind audition on The Voice singing, Hound Dog. That performance earned her a three chair turn and becoming part of Team Blake. She held on throughout The Voice journey going up against many amazing artists. Her dedication, drive and stunning voice sent her to the very end. Unfortunately Aliyah didn’t win, but she did learn a great deal from the experience adding to her success after the show.

During her time on The Voice she learned a lot. “I learned to believe that I could keep going in a challenging situation”, says Aliyah. She also learned she could make it to the final and believe in herself.

One of the toughest parts to being on a national competition like that, was not knowing if the performance she was doing would be the last. She says it was a lot of pressure. However, Aliyah did enjoy the experience so much, she did not, want it to stop. Being part of the show did help her to improve as an artist. “I kept pushing myself to do better each week to stay in the competition. Because of my pushing, I became a better vocalist”, says Aliyah. She also says, the show would be great for other artists like her, the experience is so amazing.

One of the biggest advantages there are from being on a show like The Voice outside of winning, is the exposure. The exposure for Aliyah has made a big difference in her life and she has achieved celebrity status. One of the first things that came from it was being recognized by the La Habra City. She has received many awards, and was invited to be the Grand Marshal for one of the city’s main events, The Corn Festival. She was also recognized by the La Habra Boys and Girls Club. The show also opened the door for her opportunity to be in two movies.

So far Aliyah has not signed to any recording deals yet, but not from the lack of being approached, she just has not found a good fit for herself.  However she continues to stay booked with singing, acting, performances, and public appearances.

Aliyah has been busy writing some of her own songs, she says, she writes at least one per day. The songs have been about her personal experiences and feelings. “Sometimes I write about growing up, love, friendship, and family”, says Aliyah. Her life is very busy and when she gets some quite time at home that is when she writes. She has also been working in the studio and at the end of February she will be recording her new single. The single should be ready by March or April.

There’s a lot of exciting things coming up for Aliyah. She completed a movie this past October and it will be coming out in the summer of 2018. She is in the process of filming a second movie and it will be premiering in the spring of 2018. She is also in negotiations about getting her own web series.

For all of her fans out there Aliyah has something to say. “Thank you so much to all who supported me during my The Voice experience. I Love You. Kisses”, says Aliyah.

There are a lot of good things that can come from being on a show like The Voice. Whether you win or not, it can be a life changing experience and launch careers. Some people don’t do anything once they leave The Voice. But if a person works hard taking advantage of the exposure, good things could happened just as it has for Aliyah. What’s going on in Aliyah’s life now, is only the beginning.

Pop Artist Caroline Grace Debuts Her Single “Show Me”

Caroline Grace has debuted her new single, “Show Me”, and stealing people’s hearts. Show Me, is a song where she throws her vulnerability out on the table. If her soothing voice doesn’t capture you, her puppy dog eyes in the video will certainly do the trick. She is a true artist to be able to project how vulnerable she can be vocally and then bring it to life on camera.  This song could be interpreted in different ways, but anyone looking for a love song for their significant other, this is it. Who could, resist!

This past July, Caroline and Poo Bear (Jason Boyd) got together to record a few singles, and Show Me is one of those singles. She said, Poo Bear had the initial idea, and they built the song from there. This song means a lot to Caroline. “There have been times in my life I have found myself deviating from my own path. Show Me is sort of intro prospective plea to remind myself of who I am and what I stand for, ” she said. She was also saying, “being such a beautiful song, it can be applied to various other circumstances”. Her thoughts are, it can be listened to as a love song between two people, a song about loving oneself, or even a worship song. “That’s the goal in all of my music, to utilize my own vulnerability to relate to other people in any way that I can and let them know that they aren’t alone,” she said. 

Throughout the process of writing and producing, “Show Me” she had the great pleasure of working with Poo Bear. Poo Bear (Jason Boyd) recently wrote and produced on Justin Bieber’s entire, Purpose, album. Caroline says working with him was incredible. “When you walk into a room to work with a guy like that, you can’t help but be intimidated. However, his kind, goofy and humble persona quickly snapped that away, and I felt like I was in the studio with my best friend,” she said. She says, his work ethic is so inspiring, you can tell how deep is passion for music goes. She hopes to continue to work with him throughout her career. 

Show Me, is a powerful single which she debuted. The song showcases different aspects of her vocals, character, realization, emotion, depth, and of course vulnerability. This gives an insight into what to expect when her first EP is released. Yes that’s right, an EP is being worked on. There will be a variety of songs ranging from acoustic to, very radio pop. She says, the consistency of the EP will be in the lyrics. “The project is a body of work that will very much relate to the place in life I am currently in and experiences I am having,” she said. There will be some great collaborations on the EP, but for now who they are, must remain under wraps. It will be exciting. She says, she wants all of her music to invoke emotion by pouring her heart into every song she records. “I truly believe that if I pour everything I have into my music, the listener will feel something too,” she said.   

Caroline had a desire  for music since she was a little kid and knew that is what she wanted to do. However, when she started at USC is when she decided to immerse herself into her career wholeheartedly. What a great decision she made, it would have been a shame for the music world to miss out on a great creative talent such as Caroline. Now that the decision was made, and her music being realized, her music will touch millions. 


Hillary Reese






 Down in Mississippi there’s a brand new voice that is getting attention from many people. This young lady has a sound of her own and everyone loves it. You can bet when she starts to sing, even the gators crawl out and listens swaying their tail.The person behind this wonderful new voice is ten year old, Hillary Reese. Hillary has a natural talent when it comes to singing, and likability. This is very evident with the huge number of views on her videos on Facebook. With over a million views, she has certainly become an internet sensation. 

 Hillary has a gift for delivering a song in a way to keep the attention of those who are listening. Unfortunately not everyone who sings has this gift, and those who do are rewarded through a growing fan base that’s loyal. And her’s is growing fast. She carries the same musical traits as LeAnn Rimes and Tanya Tucker who were the youngest stars of  Country Music at the age of thirteen. If Hillary makes it to Nashville, she just may find herself along side LeAnn and Tanya as one of the youngest stars of Country. At just ten years old and singing the way she does, it could happen. All it takes is one song to blow people away, and Hillary has the abilities to make it happen.    

 Like many people who love to sing, Hillary tried out for choir. Unfortunately she didn’t make it, and of course she was devastated. Her mom told her she had a different kind of voice, a stand out voice, and her mom was absolutely right. The choir, did miss out on a diamond. A day will come  when Hillary will be standing tall on a stage in a sold out arena with a team of vocalists singing back up to her. 

 At eight years of age, Hillary began to take vocal lessons, and they had her sing along with other performers who were taking lessons too. This was at a place in Ocean Springs called, The Shed. It was a rough start at first for her. The first song she tried to sing, she was so nervous she forgot the words. Hillary was very upset over this. “After the song I went to the bathroom and cried because I was mad and embarrassed” said Hillary.  But after a little time she dried up the tears and went back out and sang it perfectly. The song she was working on was Carrie Underwood’s, Before He Cheats. Hillary was so proud of herself for accomplishing this, that she knew then and there what she wanted to do from now on. 

 Hillary makes videos for the internet for people to see and hear her, but she also enjoys singing live. One of her favorite places to perform live was at The Harbor Lights. This was a favorite for her because her best friend was singing there too. “It was a beautiful atmosphere”, says Hillary.

 Singing and making people happy is who she is and is what helps to drive her. One person she always loves to cover and look up to is Carrie Underwood. Before He Cheats is a favorite song of Hillary’s. Hillary hopes to one day sit in the same area at the CMA awards as Carrie. With her drive she could make it happen. 

 Hillary doesn’t write songs yet, but she has co-written one. She says it is her brother Parker who is the songwriter of the family. Hillary says he is big into playing the sax, piano, writing music and lyrics. “He is an unbelievable talented musician” says Hillary. 

 Currently she is looking forward to doing another cover and video, as well as audition for America’s Got Talent. You can bet they will love her. 

 After listening to Hillary it’s hard to think of her doing anything other than singing. It is evident that she was born to sing. There’s something about her that makes you want to keep listening, just hearing her once is not enough. No one knows for sure what the future holds, but it looks to be very bright for Hillary. Who knows, maybe Hillary and Carrie will be on stage together accepting an award for their duet. Things do have a way of happening. “I believe if you put God first everything else will work out” says Hillary. She is so right!



Aliyah Moulden

Aliyah Moulden at stars2come

Aliyah is one of the most brilliant vocalists you will find coming up today. Her voice  is geared for contemporary pop, she could easily hold her own with people like Alicia Keys or  Christina Aguilera. Her vocal range is beyond most and she uses that range very effectively. On top of all of that, she has the looks to go with it; gorgeous. Aliyah belongs in front of a camera.

The journey for Aliyah has had many great experiences and opportunities. At the age of eight is when it all began. She started out singing at several showcases weekly for about a year. When she turned nine Aliyah performed at a charity event to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra. It was a large event with over 300 people in attendance. At the age of ten she had the opportunity to showcase at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia with Disney celebrities like, Caroline Sunshine from, Shake It Up. “It was really scary because there were over 1000 people for the show, but when I finished  performing it felt great” says Aliyah. Then moving on into age thirteen she found herself performing with American Idol finalist, Todrick Hall and for platinum singer, Jessie McCartney.

While Aliyah loves all her shows, she does have a couple that stands out to her. Performing with Todrick was definitely one of those. “The audience was one of the most diverse of all the shows I have ever done. People were not afraid to scream, jump, and yell. It felt like a giant family” says Aliyah.  Her performance for the Children s Hospital Los Angeles Blood Drive was another she enjoyed doing. She found this to be a touching event. “I met so many children and teens with many health problems. Some of those kids became my friends, I added them to my Instagram, and we still stay in contact” Aliyah says.

Aliyah has done well with singing. She was a semi finalist twice for the Kidz Bop Kidzstar USA Contest. Aliyah won a scholarship from the Broadway Dream Foundation to attend a summer program. At this program she received lessons from Broadway voice coach Tituss Burgess and from Spencer Liff Broadway Choreographer. She was also awarded the lead role in the Broadway Dream Foundation’s production of, Beautiful.

A microphone is no stranger to  Aliyah, but neither is the camera. There is a good chance you have seen her on TV on Disney Channel’s, Jessie. On this show she was Luke Ross’s arm candy in an episode. Also she had the lead role in a short film called, Confined. She was the mean girl Chandra. On top of all of that, you can also find her in Pharrell’s famous video, Happy. Aliyah was a dancer in the video. “Pharrell’s video was another awesome experience” says Aliyah.

Performing gives Aliyah the opportunity to go places and meet people. “When I perform I get to meet so many great people and I love sharing moments with them” Aliyah says. When it comes down to it performing is the best part, when she sings it is like being transported to a different place for Aliyah. At her performances one of the artists she likes to cover is Adele. “I really enjoy covering her songs because she is an amazing singer with an incredible voice” Aliyah says. Her favorite songs are those that have a message, and Adele’s songs always have a message to share.

Writing songs is a skill great artist have to master, and Aliyah has already started writing. She has written over fifty so far. One of the songs was produced when she was eleven year old called, Invincible. This song is special to her because she was going through a hard time in school, so through writing this song she was able to vent. “I hope that song helps other kids who are going through a hard time” says Aliyah. She has a new song she is getting ready to write for a new single that should be ready by summer.

When it comes down to it, Aliyah just absolutely loves to sing. Every performance she does, she hopes her music is able to touch people the way music touches her. Aliyah has many performances already booked this year, be sure to attend one or all of them, she will be one that you will not forget. She will be performing at, One Is Rockin a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Another is for the Los Angeles Hospital Children’s Blood Drive. Aliyah is looking forward to performing here, this is where she gets to meet so many special people who are living very difficult situations. Plus many local events.

A voice like Aliyah possess is one no one should miss out hearing. Her abilities will take her places only a very few get to venture. Not far down the road you will turn on a radio or TV and someone will be talking about Aliyah and her newest single and how it has touched so many. This is coming!

Take a listen to Aliyah’s rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, what a great performance.

Kyra Nicole, A new voice for the world

Kyra Nicole at stars2come






Kyra Nicole, one word, Wow! What a beautifully toned voice for someone so young. The softness of her voice along with her tone quality will bring chills to you. Listening to, It’s Not Your Fault from her CD, A Little Bit On My Own, and the only thing that comes to mind is incredible. Singing is certainly what she was put on this earth to do, no question. Kyra is not someone who just gets up and sings, singing is part of who she is inside and that can be heard in each and every song. The talent she has with delivery makes the listener not want to turn away. This is something an artist is born with. It is a special person who can capture the listener and never let them go, and Kyra is very special indeed.

It’s Not Your Fault

Kyra started out entertaining people at the age of eight. Her debut performance was at a talent contest in California. At the contest she sang, Taylor Swift’s song “White Horse”. “I won the trophy which was nearly as tall as I was” says Kyra.

On Kyra’s first time out singing was an exciting time for sure, but since then there have been others. When Kyra went out for the first time performing her original songs from her CD was a performance she loved doing. This performance was at a local community center. She said it was fun seeing strangers enjoying her own music.

Contests are something that Kyra has only scratched the surface of. Her first was winning the big trophy and now a finalist in the Unsigned Only International Music Competition 2015. The contests when it comes to Kyra are irrelevant. She is winning audience’s hearts, and that is the true trophy any artist needs to win. Kyra is only twelve years old, by the time she is twenty-two, she will need the Madison Square Garden to hold all of her trophies.

 Kyra Nicole at stars2come Seeing people connect with her music is what makes it so much fun says Kyra. Kyra does share her original songs, but she also likes covers. Her two favorites are, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. She says she likes Taylor’s storytelling, not to mention she is a great role model, talented, smart, generous and fun artist. When it comes to Ariana, Kyra loves how challenging her songs are with her big vocal range and fun to watch in concert. She hopes to meet them both one day.

Kyra would like to follow in Taylor’s footsteps, have a log lasting career and helping others. She loves how Taylor surprises her fans in many different ways, whether it is helping a sick child, Christmas shopping for fans or bringing out a surprise guest. This is who Kyra longs to be. She wants to be that person helping to put a smile on anther’s face.

Final Mistake

On Kyra’s CD you will find three songs she has co-written along with her vocal coach, Ilona Europa. “In The Mall” was first and was meant to be a fun song about girls having a typical fun day at the mall in pre-teen and teen language. Another is, “Take Me, Take Me”  is about reaching for goals with confidence even if you don’t exactly know what will happen. “Final Mistake” is about finding strength after a hurtful breakup. This particular song is something she has yet to experience, but she connected on what she imagined those feelings might would be. This song is a perfect example of creation. For someone to take an idea, but never had an experience to go with it and make something so brilliant, is a true artist.  All of these great songs can be found on her CD, A Little Bit On My Own. Every song on the CD will leave you craving for more, and when it is over, it is still not enough, you want more.

Kyra’s CD, A Little Bit On My Own is one that every music lover needs, but they shouldn’t leave out her music video. The video that was made for this CD is just as fun to watch as it is to listen to.  It took two days to film the video, but Kyra had a lot of fun shooting it. She had a great time acting and working with everyone. From this experience she believes it would be fun to do a Disney or Nickelodeon TV show which combines acting with her music. It would be a great TV show.


For someone so talented it is hard to believe that she is just a normal twelve-year-old girl. She says she has normal interests and a normal family as anyone else her age. The only thing different with her than any other girl, is she loves to sing. Kyra is grateful for all of the opportunities and support she has had so far. Whatever happens next she is excited and looking forward to it.

To look at Kyra’s life she is a normal girl, but when you look at her music, it is not normal. There’s nothing anyone can do to make another person be creative, it has to be already inside. When it comes to music, it is the creativity that separates her from others. It is this creativity that makes her an artist. There are many great singers, but only a few that are true artists. Kyra’s music when listening gives you a feeling she is living the story she is telling. In living the story, she is not there alone, Kyra cannot help, but bring you with her. Whether Kyra knows it or not she is a delivery genus. She can deliver the song bringing the story to life taking your imagination on a musical journey, leaving you in the state of, aw. There’s so much feeling and heart in the songs she sings, it can be felt how genuine she is. Already at her age the dynamics of her voice is beginning to surface, and soon she will be unstoppable. The world is at her fingertips, soon it will be in her arms, then she will be off on the most wonderful journey of all. It is in her imagination now, and the things she imagines, comes to life.

Bella Brown

Bella Brown at stars2come

I don’t know if anyone knows what people are feeding their kids in Oklahoma, but they continue to grow amazing artists one after another. Bella Brown is just such an artist and it was a true pleasure to have met her, and witness this talent in action. Bella is eight years old and no bigger than a minute, but when she cuts loose there’s nothing small about that voice. She comes equipped with a powerhouse voice that will set you back in your seat. Her voice is not just powerful, she has tremendous control over it and knows just when to let it rip. Incredible!

Bella started setting Oklahoma on fire at the ripe ole age of three. This was her first shot at it, then when she turned six she began to sing more. At that time her performances were at a pageant and different organizations around Oklahoma.

While she has been dong great around Oklahoma, Bella has not allowed the state to box her in. Bella has broken out and made her way to Tennessee and Missouri. In Tennessee she sang in Pigeon Forge at NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International). She managed to make her way to Branson performing with American Kids. For Bella it was good to get out side of Oklahoma, and by doing so she made a lot of new friends.

Once anyone listens to Bella they will not be surprised to learn she is an award winner with many to her name. This is a very impressive list: 2015 NACMAI Entertainer of the Year, 2015 NACMAI Most Promising Vocalist, 2015 NACMAI Songwriter of the Year, 2014 Our Diamond Miss Mini Supreme Talent Queen, 2014 Junior Miss Choctaw, 2014 2nd place youth Oklahoma’s Got Talent, 2014 2nd place overall American Kids National’s, 2014 2nd place Festival Idol,  and 2014 OKC Country Music Association Youth Female Traditional Country first place and Youth Female New Country first place and the list goes on. The thing to remember she is only eight, but yet she has accomplished so much in a short time. Big things are awaiting her in her future.

Something in the Water live from NACMAI:

Getting on stage to perform is something Bella loves deeply. She enjoys sharing her feelings and love for her Christ with others through her songs. Where she is performing Bella likes covering Carrie Underwood. Carrie is one of her favorite artists and her songs have so much emotion. Bella feels she connects well with Carrie’s songs. In the future Bella dreams of being a Christian and Country artist, and to lead others to Christ.

Bella is gifted in many ways, a great voice, an award winner, and a songwriter. In March 2015 Bella didn’t win Songwriter of the Year for nothing, she does have a way with words. The four songs she has recorded are a testament to what she is capable of. They flow very well and she is able to deliver them with feeling and emotion bringing them to life. One of her favorite songs on her EP is, The War Between Us. This song is based on  Ephesian 6:10-11. This is a scripture that Bella says speaks to her and she wanted to share it with the world. As in The War Between Us Bella likes to write about things that affect her in some way, but sometimes she will write about emotional trials people are going through.

Once Upon A Dream is another song from Bella’s EP, this song is so catchy you can’t stop listening. She says this song is about not having to be stuck with one thing in life. “As a kid trying all new things and as many as possible is cool” says Bella. She does not want to be stuck in a box to fit a mold. Bella wants to do things her heart likes.

Once Upon A Dreamer:

There will be plenty of opportunity to see Bella live, she has many competitions coming.  She will also be at several Opry’s around Oklahoma and Texas.

Bella has an outstanding attitude about things in life. She says she is full of Christ’s love and she wants to share that with others. “We may go through lots in life and you may never know what others are dealing with behind closed doors. We should not judge, we should all love” said Bella. We can all learn a great deal from Bella, for so young, she is very wise.

There will be much more to come from Bella, there is a bright future ahead of her. The gift she has will  make not only her parents proud, but those of country and Christian music as well. It is limitless to where she can go in life, and as long as she continues following her heart, she will be able to reach her dreams and beyond. No matter what, one thing is for certain, Bella has made this world a much better place. A child shall lead the way. Big heart, big voice, Bella Brown.


Karoline Rhett, I’m The Melody

Karoline Rhett at stars2come


Over the past few weeks the anticipation grew more and more awaiting the release of, I’ The Melody. Karoline finally brought the long wait to an end on March 13, 2015. On this date the video of I’m The Melody hit the internet and her fans were delighted to no end. The video and performance were so incredible, that it was an over night hit. This video continues climbing in popularity awarding Karoline with many new fans and over nine thousand views in this short time.

 I’m The Melody came out originally on her CD, Melody. Since her first recording of the song, it has become clear that her voice had now changed a lot from that time. This song is one of her favorite songs on the CD and wanted to record it again due to her voice changing. She had been planning to do a video for the song, so it only made sense to go ahead and redo I’m The Melody. Karoline has always felt connected to this song from the beginning. She loves the way it makes her feel when singing it. “The rhythm and lyrics just make me come alive when I sing it” says Karoline.

The video is a lot of fun to watch and showed very well how much the camera loves Karoline. Not only did everyone get to see just how gorgeous she is, but it also captured how charismatic she is as well. She has a natural ability to connect and draw people into her world. This is what is driving her growing success as an artist and continues to send her video I’m The Melody higher.

The video is fun to watch and everyone had fun making it. The story line came from the producer of the video, Patrick Tohill. Karoline said they loved the idea of family and showing gratitude to her fans. In the video you will find Karoline’s parents Karen and Rob. Her parents usually stay in the background, but she could tell they loved being part of the video and she was proud to have them there. Karoline’s favorite part of the video is when she surprised her fans played by, Taylor Gayle and Gabe Rockwell. To be able to surprise her fans by doing something likes this, is something she hopes to do one day.

 Along with making her new video, I’m The Melody, Karoline has also been putting together a new CD. There’s always excitement coming from Karoline and this new CD has it brewing. She is keeping her fans on the edge of their seats with teasers as she develops the songs.

Karoline is co-writing all the songs to be on the CD. For now it is slated to have five recordings, but she hopes to return to the studio for another with the remaining songs she has written. She says she has thoroughly enjoyed writing. “It is the coolest thing to see all of your thoughts and words come alive in a song” said Karoline.  She says the only thing that could make her any happier is to be singing them on stage.

Karoline Rhett at stars2come  Karoline has yet to choose a title for her new CD, but she already has favorites. A song called Ordinary is one of those songs. It is a song about how there is nothing wrong with just being you and how no one should change who they are for anyone. Tiny Heartbreaks is another song she is in favor of and it is one she used to tease her fans. It is a song about a relationship ending and the survival of the break-up. The teaser for this song is crafted so well, it makes all of us fans eager for the coming finished product.

This past year up to the present Karoline has remained busy. She has made many trips to Nashville working on her craft and recording, but she has had a great number of shows. Locally Karoline has done many private events as well as fundraisers. The largest was The Cooper Bridge River Run in Charleston, South Carolina. This is a performance she will never forget. When she was chosen to be one of the performers she knew right away she wanted one of her best friends by her side, Beamer Wigley. He did join her and they were located on the top span of the bridge. The route they performed on had approximately, 30,000 runners and walkers coming through. This experience is something that will stay with her for a longtime. While performing, the runners and walkers came through and they actually stopped listened and danced to the music that they were providing them.

Whenever possible, everyone needs to experience Karoline live, find a time that fits and go watch. Coming up this year she can be found at Country Fan Jam in June, in Nashville Tennessee. In September, Karoline will be in Dallas Texas performing at the Festival of Hope. This festival is a lot like Live Aid held in 1985. It is to be one of the largest charity and music events ever. She is a must see, no one will go wrong attending one Karoline’s shows.

When it comes to being an artist no one can survive without fans. There is no one that cares more about their fans than Karoline. Every chance Karoline gets she spends a lot of her time chatting with her fans. Her fans have been dubbed, Karoliners. She says they are the most amazing, supportive, and loving fans in the world. “Every day, they make me smile and I really hope I do the same for them” says Karoline. As a witness to some of her performances there are smiles everywhere you look when she is on stage, with the biggest one right here.

Karoline reaches out to her fans new and old with nothing, but kindness and they stand firm by her side. She works hard to take care of her fans as well as her music. Karoline has a craft that is built-in to her being. She is without doubt talented, but it is her dynamic voice and ability to ad-lib that will put her on top of the Country and Pop charts. These characteristics she has can’t be taught. You can hear it all in her songs and it flows so natural. The dynamics in her voice allows her to perform any song serious or not. This keeps the listener focused on the song and feeling every word. Her ability to ad-lib separates her from so many other artists. Anyone can sing what is written, but it takes imagination and fearlessness to inject highlights between words or phrases. It is these things that adds character and flavor to all of Karoline’s songs. She can be bold as in Big World or subtle like she has done in Tiny Heartbreaks. Karoline is so original and unique no wonder people love her. I’m The Melody is a great song everyone needs to hear and see the video, but it is also who Karoline is. Karoline is The Melody, it lives in her soul, just listen.

Aja Neinstein

Aja Neinstein at stars2come






Canada is on fire with all of the artists that it is producing. Canada is not just producing singers, these are true acts that could withstand the test of time. Aja Neinstein is one of these such acts. Aja is a phenomenal singer, but just as important she has character. There is something different about her that many do not posses, she sees the world outside the box, she has depth. Watching her it is easy to become mesmerized by her voice, but it is her charisma that plays a big role in making you like her as a entertainer. Aja does what a true artist does, holds her audience from beginning to end leaving them wanting more.

Aja says she has been singing her entire life, but at the age of four she began with the local theater. W hen she was in the first grade Aja landed a small role in the school play, Hairspray. She was the youngest kid in the play and the director asked Aja’s mom if he could be her coach. In the following production of Annie, Aja won the lead role playing Annie. Aja says she was very comfortable performing on stage and the crowd was usually around 200 people.

When Aja was eight years old is when she had her first major performance. Aja performed at a, Conquer Cancer event with 5000 people in attendance. She sang the Canadian National Anthem.

There was a performance she done at a theater called, Koerner Hall recently, which has become one of her favorites. “The venue was amazing and it had incredible sound”, says Aja. Another performance she liked was singing at an event with Nikki Yanojsky.

Aja has had many great performances, but there was one that warmed her heart and enabled her to see the power of music.  Recently Aja had the privilege to perform for a boy with severe disabilities at his home. The boy is blind, non verbal, confined to a wheelchair, but loves music. Aja said it was incredible to see him smile when she was singing. “I never realized my music could do that for someone. This by far was my most meaningful performance”, said Aja. Currently there is a special event being planned for the boy’s eighteenth birthday, and Aja will be apart of the festivities.

  Contests are something Aja’s mom doesn’t care much for, however she was entered into one this past June. She was entered  into the Perez Hilton, Can You Sing Competition with Sia’s song, Chandelier. Aja worked on Chandelier and she loved it so much that her vocal teacher suggested for her to record it and do a really fun video. She said it was a fun  project. Well, Aja left for an overnight camp before the editing was done, so she did not have a chance to hear it. Luckily for Aja, her camp counselor played it for her. She loved it! What she was not told was that her video had been entered into a contest which she had won. Most of the staff at camp knew, but kept it secret. Her parents came up for visitors day and told Aja that she had won, and would need to return home because she had interviews to do with TV and magazines. Aja said it was pretty cool that Perez had tweeted her and shared her video with the world.

Most people would be nervous when getting out on stage, but not Aja, the only thing she feels is excitement.  She loves the feeling of being on stage in front of a crowd. Aja is creative with her performances and tries to change her presentation often. Singing she says, is something she often does alone or with her coach, it is not like other things where there are other kids. Aja is a very social person and loves to be with people of all ages.

Aja does not really have any favorite artists, she says, she is only ten so she has lots of amazing artists to learn from. She just released a video of Tattooed Heart by, Ariana  Grande. She is working on a song from Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud. She loves to cover different artists, certain songs just speak to her.

Aja has written a few songs, but not all have come to life. Her first original is about change. Aja had changed schools and camps, these were all good changes and she was happy. She said the original taught her how to bring lyrics to a melody. This has inspired Aja to write more original songs.

Singing is not all that Aja does, she also is an actress. She has been in a few TV shows and short films. She played a girl who drowned in a short film, this was her very first role after signing with her agent. Aja was on a TV show called, The Strain. Aja also got a role on the PBS show, Odd Squad. She says this was the coolest kids set ever. It had pit balls and two story slides, loved it!

Aja is an amazing artist and works hard at what she does and loves it, but she is still a normal kid. She enjoys playing with her friends, be on instagram and snapchat, sleep in, be with her parents and of course eat junk food. She does not like to eat veggies, fruit, do homework, rush in the mornings, or be told what to do. Perfectly normal kid.

Aja may be a normal kid, but there is nothing normal about her talent. She has an enormous  gift  within her, and when she shares this gift everyone becomes quite and listens. Aja has the gift, that when she steps out on the stage, she has you under her spell. There’s so much yet to come from Aja and it is going to be awe-inspiring to see it all unfold.