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Ashley Yankello



Throughout the years there’s been voices that no matter what genre a person likes, these voices will astound the listener. They will make the listener go “wow!”. People who have owned such voices are Etta James, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce. These people have made their mark in history by how they deliver a song with so much power and passion. Many new artists often try to handle songs from Etta, Christina and Beyonce, but cannot, lacking the power or passion. On occasion there will be someone to come forward, but not expecting it, and blow your mind.  Living in Pennsylvania is one of the few that will “wow” the listener, just like the superstars did.  This person is, nine year old Ashley Yankello.

Listening to Ashley, it boggles the mind the vocal acrobatics that she inserts into the songs she sings. When she sings, Something’s Got A Hold On Me and Listen with all the dimensions and animations it is very difficult to believe she is only nine years old. With what she has achieved so far vocally, it is very possible, Ashley could one day surpass those who have come before her.

Ashley’s entertaining journey all started way back when she was just two years old. Apparently Lady Gaga had made a fan out of Ashley, and when her song  Poker Face came on, Ashley would dance all across the floor throughout the song. At the age of three Ashley’s mom would have her dance and sing in front of their television to different hit songs. This is when her mom bought Ashley her first microphone. To make a great entertainer the person doing the entertaining cannot be shy, and Ashley is definitely not. She was four years old when  she attended her aunt and uncles wedding. At the reception the DJ began playing Baby by Justin Bieber. Ashley didn’t hesitate, she grabbed the mic, hit the center of the floor, sang the whole song and was awarded her first standing ovation. Ashley made her first real performance when she was five at her school’s talent show. In the show she sang, Barbie Girl. It wasn’t until she was eight that she began to take singing seriously.

Since Ashley started singing, she has astonished crowds from New York to Nashville and everywhere in between. A couple of her favorite places she has performed are, Talent America National Finals in New York. “I liked the stage in New York because the sound system was really good” says Ashley. And at a Pittsburgh area Fourth of July Festival where she was the guest performer for Gold Record group, The Jaggerz. She has also performed at the 21st Annual Stars Of Tomorrow show in New Castle, Pa. and at Opry Mills Nashville, Tn. 

A voice like Ashley doesn’t go without notice or reward. She is already stacking up the awards for singing with her first from the Washington County Cinderella Pageant. At this competition she chose singing for her talent and was crowned champion of the pageant. She has also won multiple awards at the Talent America National Finals in New York and was the overall winner of TalentWatch’s Dream Night in Toledo, Ohio.

Ashley has had the honor of singing the National Anthem at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. “It was really exciting because it was a Friday night capacity crowd game at beautiful PNC Park” says Ashley.

Performing is something she loves to do. “I like to entertain and inspire people through my performances. People have told me that I display a lot of emotion when I sing” Ashley says. When she is out entertaining, some of the artists she loves to cover are, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. Ashley dreams of being a worldwide entertainer just like the artist she covers.

Ashley already has many places booked this year some include, the Central Ohio Singing Competition Winners Recital at Capital University on March 5th and Jesters’ Guild Variety Show on March 25th in Pittsburgh. She is also scheduled to participate in the Access Broadway competition April 7-9th and in the summer she will be in Nashville and New York. Be sure and keep an eye out to attend a performance near you. 

At just nine years old Ashley can do some outstanding things vocally and enjoys it very much. As much as she enjoys singing she is still a kid and loves being a kid too. She loves animals and has a few of her own, a guinea pig, a tank full of fish and two cats. Ashley also likes games like Minecraft and Animal Jam.

It is obvious that music flows through Ashley’s very soul. The theatrics and attitude that she brings with each performance is something that comes from within her. When she is on stage she owns the audience, this is something a true performer must do and Ashley does it with ease. The vocal acrobats she does can’t be taught and most artists can only dream of having. With the abilities Ashley has, she will be entertaining audiences for many years to come.

Karoline Rhett, “Brave”

Karoline Rhett at stars2come





The anticipation is finally behind us, Karoline’s new EP “Brave” has now been released. Waiting was tough, but it was well worth it. Karoline has out done herself on this new EP containing five songs, four brand new and one amazing remake. Throughout the EP, the dynamics and passion she has shows in every song.

Over the years Karoline has released three CD’s with the third, Brave showing just how great her growth has been, especially in the past year. “I am so excited about where I am right now. It has been a year of growth for me” Karoline says. It is believed by Karoline that it was signing with PCG Nashville that helped her grow so much this past year. “I have been blessed to be able to work with some of the best writers, vocal coaches, performance coaches in the business” says Karoline.

With the exception of Melody, Karoline co-wrote all of the songs on Brave. The writers that were involved with the EP are, Margaret Becker, Britton Cameron and Dough Kahan. Karoline enjoyed working with this team of writers. “I loved working with all of them. They are brilliant writers and I learned so much from each of them” says Karoline. They are all great songs on the EP, and they each have a special meaning to Karoline. “When writing each song, I either had a subject on my mind or was in a certain place in my life where it had meaning” Karoline says. She also says throughout all of this, her writing skills have grown so much.

Karoline Rhett at stars2come  The title song, Brave is very well crafted from the lyrics, to the melody. It is a song that keeps you moving with the beat. The message in the song, Karoline delivered flawlessly. Karoline co-wrote Brave and was based on the fact that there are so many types of relationships that are toxic. “I wanted to find a way to help people find the strength to get out of those relationships” says Karoline. Brave is of the highest quality, with the lyrics and melody flowing in a hypnotic way making you feel that you really are, Brave.

Ordinary, is another song off of Brave, but anyone that knows Karoline, knows she is not ordinary at all. Karoline has always been her own person, and when it comes to music, there’s certainly nothing ordinary there. However, the point of it comes from the fact society puts too much emphases on looks, especially, girls. “It makes us all feel like we are always being judged. We need to learn to love who we are. Some of the most beautiful things in the world are basic, meaning ordinary” says Karoline.

Soon after the release of Brave came the release to Karoline’s new video, Ordinary. The video was shot with an all white theme which is perfect for many reasons, one of which, it shows just how elegant Karoline is. However the color scheme was chosen because white indicates basic, meaning ordinary. “White is also an extremely beautiful color. So the color white may be ordinary, but it is certainly beautiful” says Karoline. The song Ordinary, does make you look at what’s wrong with Ordinary, nothing!  “There is a line in the song that says; Scoop of vanilla on a sugar cone, That to me sums up how awesome ordinary can be” Karoline says. The video Ordinary does have something to say, and fun to watch. The ending is great with the smashing of mirrors. Karoline says, “I think that was my favorite part. It was great seeing everyone take that bat and smash the mirrors”.

Now that the release of the EP Brave has come to be, Karoline will begin promoting the EP everywhere she can. She is also hoping to shoot another video from one of the other songs on the EP. Whatever happens with that, she will be continuing to write more songs.

All of the songs on the EP are of the highest quality in every way. The animations Karoline creates in her voice when she performs the songs makes them no longer ordinary, but, extraordinary. Get your copy of Brave here at, karolinemusic.com. Be Brave, be Ordinary, it’s a beautiful thing.

Courtney Hadwin

courtney Hadwin at stars2come

Courtney is a wonderful new rising star in the UK. She has not been out singing for very long at all, but people are taking notice. Courtney carries a big powerful voice letting her take on artists like, Christina Aguilera. When singing her vocals are clean and clear making for more pleasurable listening by the audience. The quality in her presentation of a song is very good. With the quality that she has already, in a few short years she will be very hard to beat by anyone.

For someone who is just getting started, Courtney is doing very well. She is eleven years old. The first time she sang out in public was at the age of nine. When she was nine, she sang at a local talent show and came in third. Since the talent show Courtney hadn’t done much until this year when she competed in Teenstar.

It was the Red Dreams 1Voice competition in Hartlepool by a local charity that gave her the confidence to go on and perform at the Teenstar Area final. At the final she performed her version of, We Found Love and got her song played on Radio Hartlepool. Courtney says it was a massive accomplishment when she got through to the grand final.

Courtney has accomplished much more than just the Teenstar. She is currently working on her grade 4 musical theater exam; she got a distinction in grade 3. She also came out first  in the Red Dreams 1Voice under sixteen competition and first in the Hartlepool Carnival Talent show eleven to sixteen. She also entered Hartlepool Music and Arts Festival and got first place and two second places.

Whitney Houston, is Courtney’s favorite singer to cover because she has such a big vocal range and feels all the words in the song. That is what Courtney likes, is big songs and connecting with them when she sings. She says when it comes to it, she likes the feeling inside of being able to make people smile or feel the lyric of a song, or to just stop and listen. She says she feels like she can be anything she wants to be when singing. Courtney also says it is not the number of people, just if she can connect with only one, then it makes her feel good about herself. “I don’t sing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I sing” says Courtney.

Courtney’s goal is to be able to make a career from singing. It wouldn’t matter if it was being lucky enough to release albums and do tours or become a singing teacher and help others reach their goals. Right now she is looking forward to Open Mic UK and getting back in the studio and releasing her first original song.

It is the attitude that Courtney has toward music that will help her reach the goals she has set. Pop star is something that is reachable for Courtney, she has a strong start, and more and more people are learning who she is. Getting to the top is not easy, but she has the voice and the talent to get her there. Her voice is one that will reach people and touch them inside. It will be wonderful to watch her grow into a new star.

Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee at stars2come







Jenna Lee is a lovely and talented young lady.  She is twelve years old and lives in Canada. Canada has a lot of cold weather, and often plummets below zero, but Jenna can warm any atmosphere, anywhere, anytime. This Canadian performer has such a warm personality that the warmth comes out in her songs warming the hearts of everyone.

According to Jenna’s parents she was singing before she could even talk. She would sing along with different television shows and sound like an angel. Jenna’s first heart warming performance came at the age of eight. For her debut performance she sang a song called, Rabbits. For her second song Jenna sang, Monkeys. Both of these songs were for a local music festival and she won first place honors for both. Her talents were recognized at the very beginning of her career and continues to this day.

There have been many performances since Jenna’s journey began, and like most she too has some that stands out in her mind. She loved singing at their local Jr Idol competition. At this competition she sang, Over The Rainbow and dressed up like Dorothy. Once again Jenna came out as the first place winner. She has won many contests and it is well deserved. Another performance that has remained as a favorite was a telethon she sang at. Again she sang Over The Rainbow, and she loved dressing up in a real fancy dress. One of the exciting things about performing at the telethon was meeting Bob McGrath from Sesame Street.

Jenna loves the way singing makes her feel. When the audience is enjoying her music that is the best, she says. Songs that are challenging is what she loves, it doesn’t matter if they make her happy or sad. Like many aspiring artists she too hopes to one day perform professionally. Jenna continues to work hard with her vocal coach to improve her voice. She loves sharing her music and tries to upload a new video for her fans every other week.

Jenna’s fans will be able to see her at an up coming fundraiser for a local family Center that supports children and families. It is a Royal Ball and she is excited to be performing some Disney songs for the kids. Jenna says she has sung there before and loves seeing all the kids dressed up like princes and princesses. She says she is also working on some new covers for her fans and hopes they will be uploaded soon.

It does not matter when or where Jenna is, she is always singing. She says most of the time she never even realizes it. Talent is all in her family. She has a sister that plays piano and a brother that plays virtually anything, but is especially talented at drums and guitar. Jenna is always working to improve everything she does and likes learning new things. She not only sings, but plays the piano and has been since the age of six. Jenna is learning the guitar and her teacher is none other than her brother. Jenna does so much with and in the arts like, dance. At school she is involved with jazz and choir.

Jenna has so much depth it is easy to understand why so many people loves her.  She works hard to be the best she can be at every performance. You can bet Canada is very proud to have a talented young lady like Jenna. Take time and listen to Jenna’s music and let her warm your day.


Jack Vidgen


jack vidgen at stars2come

 Jack is another powerful voice coming from Australia and he is working to take his place among the many great artists coming out of Australia such as , Cody Simpson. The voice Jack has is sure to put him there,_ it is magnificent. Listening to him sing I can`t find a flat place any where in his songs. His range is very impressive he don`t seem to have any problem when reaching for those high notes and the tone he has really complements his music.

 Jack is making great progress at achieving his dream. Jack started singing at about three years old and has not stopped. His first actual performance was at Northern Beaches Eisteddfod in 2008. That was his first competition and ”  he says ” he was very nervous. Last year at the Eisteddfod he won first place in the section ,( contemporary up tempo ) with the song ” I`m Yours ” . Jack`s school is apart of Northern Beaches Secondary College and all the schools come together to perform a huge concert which makes up Northern Beaches Eisteddfod and this year he won first place in the section ( Junior Championship ).  At the moment he doesn`t have any where that he performs on a regular basis , most of his performances are school and community concerts. ( With the way he sounds he will be performing regular soon) . He did audition recently for a recording session for a musical and got it.  He recorded a song called ” Slipping Away ” this was done for a man that is putting together a big musical for Hong Kong.

Jack Vidgen at stars2come

 Jack has also been on TV a couple times with the choir he is with called Out of the Blue which they appeared on a TV show called Battle of the Choirs. How ever he was not competeing in this competition he was backing Australian singer Amy Pearson on the Grand Final of the show.

 Jack loves to sing soul , older R&B , Motown and bluesy stuff. He wants the songs he sings to have a meaning and he also just loves to have fun with a song. He has such a great attitude about his music and understanding of what great music is. Jack has another great passion besides music and that is cooking he really loves to cook. He loves concerts and messing around with the computer. He has had piano lessons but he pretty much just teaches himself. With all these great interests he is becoming a well rounded person ( not clinging to just one thing leads to a more full filled life ).  I am sure that with the talents that he has ,  he will have a wonderful life. With a lot of hard work he will make his dreams come true and he is well on his way. Most recent he was chosen to the Sydney School Spectacular as the featured artist ( what a outstanding honor ) and he had a third call back and if this goes through he will be sing at Entertainment Centre Solo in front of 10,000 people. I know if he gets to do this the people are going to fall out of their chairs with amazement when they hear his powerful voice. I know for myself I had a hard time believing what I was hearing , he is just awesome and I highly recommend visiting him at his channel . With so many boys getting snatched up by record labels it would not surprise me if becomes one of these , with a voice like his they would be crazy not to…..

Jglia Cabilan Dajay


 Coming straight from the Philippines this gentle beauty Jglia , has taken everyone by surprise with what she can do. The wonderful voice she has almost went un-noticed. One thing about Jglia _she knew , she could sing and she set out to show everyone else.

 Jglia is thirteen years old , born January 5 , 1997 . She is currently a second year High School honor student. Jglia was the only person in her family that knew she could sing. She would often try and sing at home but her mother would always ask her to stop , that she was tired and didn`t want to hear noise. Her mom would say that she sounds like she had a cold and shivering. Until she was eleven she never really had a chance to sing. One day she went with her mom to a street contest and it turned out that her mom was one of the judges and it was a Minus One singing contest. Jglia was so excited and nervous and when the host asked if there was still anyone that wanted to sing after a few numbers, she stood up and said ” me sir ” . Unfortunately one of the judges stood up right when she was about to sing and took the mic away. The judge asked if she wanted to join and if she had a CD . Jglia did not have a CD and without one she was not allowed to sing and told to sit down. Then on her way home her mom held her hand and told her that she would not be allowed to join because she was one of the judges.

 Jglia discovered another contest the next day. This contest was a videoke , she asked her mom if she would be judging again and she said  ” no “. Jglia went to the contest,  upon getting there she found that she did not need a CD for the contest.  She entered and  , won! , she took her first place prize back to her mom. Her mom could not believe that she had won ,  her godmother was one of the judges and her mom felt it was favoritism.

 On Municipal Foundation Day one of the big events was Tupi Singing Idol and her godmother invited her to be one of the contestants , her mom was very surprised about this. Her mom still not believing she could sing. Jglia was so nervous she hid in the grass during the auditions. Then the big event happened , her mom and the whole family was surprised when they seen her on stage singing. Now everyone finaly got to hear what she could do , her mom in tears hugging her and her dad ,  saying we are so proud of you Jglia. This was a four day contest on the first day she was in third place and the second she was first, then on the last day they changed the judges. They wanted to know how old she was, ” she said ”  twelve Jglia was the youngest of them all. Jglia ended up in fourth place , they were all disappointed. She was told she did not win because of her age. ( This is wrong in my opinion )

  Her inspiration is Leah Salonga , ” she says “, she is so simple but elegant. She loves rock , R&B and any danceable hits. Believe it or not Jglia has a fear of talking to people , but when on stage she is transformed into a singing princess. When she sang ” Hush Hush ” no one believed she could do it , then she stepped out on stage and all daught was gone.

 Jglia`s dad bought her a computer for her to put her songs on YouTube , so that all could hear.  ” She says “, she don`t demand anything from her parents. The mic she uses on YouTube is cracked but she has never asked for another. For now all she wants is to payback her family with her good academics and her songs. One of the best gifts she has given her family has been a vacation that she had won in the contest. For now she is just dreaming of making a better way for her family. Jglia`s family is so proud of her.  What a happy ending this turned out to be , she always knew what she could do and now_ so does everyone.. Below is the song she sang on her first contest when everyone discovered her wonderful voice ” How Could You Say You Love Me ”     Thank you Jglia for believing in yourself and showing us all what you can do….

Sabrina Carpenter : Nothing Compares 2U


 Sabrina is one performer that continues to amaze me. Her performances are indeed some of the best. The last article I done on her she was very good , but in this short time she has gone from , very good , to one of the best, she is now at the_ WOW!_ factor. Just like the song says,  Nothing Compares 2 U Sabrina. The videos which you create are first class all the way. The way she does her videos reminds me a lot of Selena Gomez , in which they both have a character representing the song , she does this for many videos. Selena has done this with great success and Sabrina is right on her heels.  Sabrina gained the experience for this through the Mileyworld competition where they were required to come up with different themes , this along with being in dance and having to wear different costumes has prepared her to do what she does best , perform.  Sabrina`s voice has such a good quality tone to it , it just makes you want to listen. I for one love to listen. Her control is outstanding every note is smooth and unwavering.  A some  of the things that I have always liked about Sabrina is the emotion , expression and attitude she puts into her songs.  One of my favorite things is attitude , Sabrina does this very well and makes her stand out from the rest. It also helps to define who one is , as an artist and not every one can achieve this , there are many who have been performing for years and are unable to capture this defining quality. Sabrina has mastered this very well.

Sabrina recently got ot perform with the band Saturn, it was for a fund raising event for the firefighters in Philadelphia. She was very excited about this, they allowed her to sing some cover songs with them without ever having worked with them before. Sabrina`s sister even got to join in the fun,  they sung   So What  by Pink . Sabrina got to perform her original song  Catch My Breath  written by Matthew Jordan and Robert Strauss at the Community Day event along with four other songs. Her original song will be available soon , how ever in the mean time you can listen to the song at sabrinacarpenter.com . Sabrina always seems to pick just the right song she says this comes from her parents , vocal coach and herself. The videos she gives credit to her dad for those ,  ( he certainly has a creative mind ). She favors R&B and POP but she wants to be diverse and not be known for doing only one thing.  This is always good , being different allows a person to stand out and be noticed. Getting noticed in the entertainment field is a must and having your own sound and style can make the world of difference and Sabrina definitely has this. She has so much talent in different areas that she will have a great career in music or as an actress what ever door opens for her, I know she will excel….


Hannah Richardson

 This adorable nine year old from Pennsylvania has one powerhouse of a voice , not only can she deliver a song but has an incredible range for her age. She has a good high range and her low side she can get a nice deep sound. Hannah is not just someone to listen to , she is someone that is a thrill to watch. She adds so much to her performance , an exceptional entertainer. She puts all she has into every song and she adds a bit of acting to most videos everything fitting so perfectly together. All this comes natural to her , just like Shirley Temple one of the all time great child stars, she also had the natural ability to put acting with singing and it came out beautifully.  I think her destiny is live on Broadway.

 I know for myself I had a hard time believing what I was hearing , such control and energy that comes out when she sings. Many people can not achieve this after years of training , and Hannah has only been singing for three years. She has already been in over one hundred live performances. She has appeared on TV on several occasions a couple was, last Christmas season she was featured on NBC-25 , Fox 5 in Washington DC with Holly Morris, she was also featured on ” Out and About ” With Chuck Rhodes on ABC-27 . Later in 2010 the director of 3ABN television contacted her after seeing her sing on YouTube the song Dreams to Dream , which this song had won her the Golden Ticket for America`s Got Talent . The director invited her to come and sing for their Kidspraisetime Show which is an Internationally televised award winning show. On the show she sang ten Christian songs, but the air date has not yet been set. The same director contacted her again to appear on their Story Time show this fall , she was also asked to do a DVD singing Christian songs that will be marketed and sold internationally and to sing for their Christmas Live concert this holiday season , this will be aired Internationally as well.

 Hannah has won the Franklin County Fair vocal contest two years in a row and has won many other local contests. This is not surprising , Hannah performs her songs brilliantly and for something that just comes naturally it`s completely amazing. For me finding people this young and can perform so well is a big thrill there just doesn’t seem to be a limit on the age at which remarkable talent is found. Hannah has done very well with developing her own sound and style. This is an important thing , being different from the rest allows the person to stand out and Hannah certainly does. Only about two years ago did she begin taking vocal lessons , her vocal coach is Sal Dupree from New Jersey. Hannah was indeed very fortunate about getting Sal for a coach , he is well sot after. I believe how ever Hannah`s destiny is live on stage , perhaps Broadway. She has the charm and the elegance to go along with her power and expression she puts into her performances. Hannah has her own unique way of telling the story in a song. She is currently looking to audition for the role of Annie. Annie is a fantastic and timeless classic much like Billy Elliot and Oliver. I think Hannah would be a great Annie she has everything it takes and the imagination that could transform herself to be the best Annie ever. Once you watch some of her videos you will see how well her imagination takes her into the story , from her expression to her clothes she wears , everything fits to the song she sings and the story with-in. I can see her name in lights now. The support she has just may get her there. The support that comes from her parents is overwhelming , to try and give Hannah the chance to live her dream. They have already put up their house for sale in order to move her closer to New York and closer to Hannah`s dream. Perhaps moving closer to Broadway they just might find the right management she needs to get her name in lights. This is true devotion and dedication on her parents part. One of her parent`s dreams is that Hannah will be a big star someday and be a great humanitarian , giving back to those in need. What a wonderful dream…….