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Savannah Lathem

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Savannah is a wonderful young actress that has had many great opportunities, all by just taking a chance. Her aunt encouraged her to act, and everything began from a radio announcement about an audition in her hometown of Hoover Al. This was a chance to sign with a high profile Hollywood agent. She stood in line for five hours with about 1200 other kids. Once it was over they called to say that only four kids were selected, but in the end only one was signed and that was Savannah.

From that day Savannah’s life began to change. She has appeared or has been the lead character on TV or in film, with a total of 10 projects so far. Know one knows what will ever happen when they take an interest in acting, but Savannah is proof that if you do not take a chance nothing will happen, but for her she took that chance and now the sky is the limit.

Her first theatrical TV series booking was for the series, “Lost”. Here she played the role of young Rachel. Rachel is Juliet’s sister who had survived cancer as an adult. This was a intense scene of young Rachel and young Juliet meeting with their parents who announce to them for the first time that they were getting a divorce. In this scene she had to cry, which is hard for many people to do on cue, but for Savannah, it was easy. In real life it takes a lot to make her cry, but for acting it just seems to come natural. It was a very exciting time for her being apart of “Lost”. The day before the filming she was picked up in a stretch limo to go to the LAX airport and flew out to Hawaii for the filming. She said, the whole cast was very kind to her and was an amazing experience, one that she will never for get. This performance got her a nod for a Young  Artist Award nomination for best performance in a TV series 2010. Her favorite project so far was in “California Solo”. This was Director/ Writer Marshall Lewy’s feature film, she was cast by Michael Sanford and Heidi Levitt and producer Mynette Louie in a supporting role, Arianwen to play the daughter of Robert Carlyle and Kathleen Wilhoite. Savannah says, that Robert is a phenomenal actor and was always fascinated and eager to learn something new from him each day. She was even more excited when she learned that “California Solo” would be an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival in the Premiere Category 2012. Savannah says, that seeing herself on the big screen for the first time with an audience over 1000 people was like having an out of body experience. This was her theatrical debut.

Savannah landed a national commercial for X-Box Kinnect 360 along side Selena Gomez,  this was beyond any level of expectation. She says, that Selena is a great role model, actress, and singer and she felt very blessed to have the opportunity to work with her in a principle role on set. In one scene she got to high five with Selena and laugh and talk in the scenes, that was an overall unbelievable experience for her. Savannah’s latest project is Producer/Writer Steve Alper’s Indie Thriller, “The Perfect Guest House”. She plays lead role of Sam, who is at odds with her dad. This is a great Suspense film about a stalker, (Tim Robinson) who attempts to kill her family. In this film she got to work with stunt coordinator, Ronnie Althoff who taught her how to use a knife along with a few self defense moves during a stab scene. A lot of the scenes were shot in an RV and some of the action scenes were shot while the RV was moving.

Savannah has played a lot of roles as an  actress,but  her dream role would be, Sybil, this is her all time favorite character role to play if she ever had the chance. She is an excellent actress, and all of this came about just from taking a chance from something she heard on the radio. This goes to show you never know where your break will come from or when, but if you do not take a chance your break for sure will never come. She is an actress that you can bet will be raking in many major awards very soon. Savannah has so many great things going on in her career,to  make sure you keep up with them all by visiting her regular at IMDB.

JR Fondessy


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Many people know what a wonderful artist JR is, but he is also a very talented actor as well. He has always worked hard on his music, and he works just as hard on his acting. For JR, none of it is really work, it is something that he has a real blast doing, and perhaps the “fun” he has is what makes all his performances so enjoyable to those who watch him.

JR started acting around six years old. His first taste came from a theater production of, Bah Humbug, where he played Tiny Tim. His first film was, Billy’s Angel, which was a short film, but was special to him because his parents were involved with it as well. He played Billy Spencer, who was very close to his grandfather. In the film Billy spent a great deal of time with his grandfather, and he taught Billy how to be patient and to trust God. JR said, that it was really fun working on that film, and that God blessed that project, and  was amazing working with everyone. He was amazing in this film, he brought the character to life very well, making you truly feel what he was feeling.  This is a mark of a great actor.

He will be in a feature film coming up in April 2012. He was cast in, The Three Stooges, he will be playing a singing orphan. It is not a big role, but he had a lot of fun being on a big set with so many people. He had a great time singing for the film, this was done in a studio for the project. His scenes are with Larry David, and JR says he is real funny guy. He does many voice overs as well, but lately he has been tied up with film projects  and singing. When he does do them it is really fun for him working with a director and trying lines in different ways. Sometimes he gets to do them in different accents, he likes the British accent the best. He said, it is fun to hear the spots on the radio.

JR stays busy with his singing and films. Here recently he finished a independent film called, Men Of This Life. It is set in the 1930’s about the Mafia. He plays young Anthony who is sad because his mother died while having a baby, then the Mafia busts in and kills his father. His character in this film had to show a great deal of emotion, and you can bet with his talent he handled this film like a real pro. He is now in a promotional film for a book series called, Kringle Chronicles, with two more indie films to start in November. He will also be shooting the music video for his original song, “American Boy”. He is very excited about this. JR does hope to continue acting till way in the future. He says, he will never! let his dream fade away.

JR is a person that will, live his dream. Even when he is not on stage, he is full of character, and everyone loves being around him. When he sets foot on stage or in front of a camera he is nothing, “but” entertainment. It is great to watch him, and it all just comes so natural to him. Keep your eye out on these up and coming films, you do not want to miss anything that JR does, and he is here to stay!

Steffan Argus

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Steffan, is one person that you can not help, but like. He has the best personality out there, with a great sense of humor. Steffan was made for entertainment, and there is nothing he can’t do. He just brings it all, singing, dancing, and acting, and this all got him a spot on, Kidz Bop. He auditioned for Kidz Bop along with about 1000 other performers. It didn’t take them long to realize great talent, and Steffan’s mom got the final callback, and flew them out to LA. He was one of twelve that made the final cut. He said, when they got there he auditioned all day, singing, dancing, and interviews, but was incredibly fun. Then that night he got the call he was waiting for, he was now one of the  five new “Kidz”. The next morning they were in California’s Smashbox Studio doing a major photo shoot with photographer, Meeno.  He says the whole experience being part of Kidz Bop, has been surreal and cool. He gets to travel to some amazing places like LA and NY, and perform and hang out with some awesome friends. Being part of this lets him do what he really loves to do, sing and dance. It is a dream come true for Steffan. Here recently Kidz Bop went to Texas, and performed at the American Toy Fair in Dallas. Kidz Bop and Imperial Toys will be releasing a huge toy line. Here in a couple of weeks he will be heading out to LA to film the new commercial and videos for Kidz Bop 21 which will be released in January 2012. He has a real blast with Kidz Bop.

Steffan does take his music seriously, but he is always out to have fun with all his talents. He has had the privilege to work with some great vocal coaches one is Elizabeth Gray, and he says she is just awesome. The other coach he has gotten to work with is Linda Septien. He has worked with Linda on harmonies, and performance pieces to help him sing and dance at the same time and keep his voice strong and in tune. All this training shows well in any of the Kidz Bop videos you watch, he is sensational.

Steffan Argus at stars2come    He got hooked on singing when he was much younger at a  summer camp he was attending. They were doing a talent show one day and he asked the director if he could sing in the show, he was the last to go up, and sang in front of 100 people, a bit scared, but he discovered  that he loved performing.  It doesn’t matter if it is acting or singing he loves it all. Once he had the lead role of Alfalfa, in a stage performance of Those Little Rascals. He liked this because he got to look super nerdy, sing, be funny, and dance his heart out. He also really enjoyed playing the role of Jesse in Bridge to Terabithia. He said, Jesse was a difficult role because of having to go to some very sad places with the character.  He loves doing films as well and getting to meet so many great people doing these. It is like a family to him working with the cast and crew, everyone becoming so close.

Music makes Steffan feel alive and fills him with emotion, he always puts his heart and soul into his singing and playing his instruments. All of this is very clear in everything he does, he wants everything to be the best it can be, and make sure that you enjoy it all. The songs he chooses to sing has more to do with the mood he happens to be in, if he is down he will sing a sad song, if he is happy then something up-beat. Be sure to keep your eye out for Steffan’s originals coming out soon. He has written and composed five songs so far, with all his ideas coming from life and his experiences. He sometimes works with his little sister, he says she is very creative, and a great inspiration to him. He also enjoys working with his older sister too, and she is a classically trained guitarist. One of the songs he wrote is called, All I Need Is You, which is about his family and how they make his life better. Another is, The Whole Wide World, which is about breaking free for once and playing by his own rules. These are just a couple of the great songs you can look forward to coming from Steffan, and you can bet they will be outstanding.

Steffan does have a love for entertainment, but his education and serving others is really important to him. He works very hard to make sure he gets good grades even with so much going on. He likes to lend a hand with Habitat for Humanity helping to build houses and playgrounds for people in need. He works with a group called, Solid Rock. He goes every year with his family helping those in need. He says, nothing can top the feeling of being part of activities that reach people in a good and positive way.

Steffan does a lot with his life, and it all revolves around reaching out to people whether it is helping those in need or through his music. What ever he does, he leaves a smile on people’s faces and feeling a bit warmer inside. He is the kind of person that people should look up to, and you can be sure that there are many who do! Steffan is refreshing, and has a wonderful personality. You can talk with him, and it is like he has known you for a long time, and it is people like Steffan who makes this world a better place for all. Be sure to catch Steffan this spring when he will be performing live at a Rockit Ranch production in Chicago. This event is to raise money for the FAME foundation, which supports children’s education grants and scholarships for the Fine Arts.  Steffan is someone you don’t want to miss!

Taylor Hay


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Taylor Hay is a wonderful person on screen and off. She is building a great career as an actress, and showing horses. Taylor took right off as an actress when she was four booking her first commercial, Peter Piper Pizza. Since this first project she has not stopped. Taylor had always want to act because her mom is an actress, and she wanted to be like her.

 One of the films she was in is called, The Blue Rose, director Joe Knight. Joe was also an actor in the film. She says, he was amazing to work with, as well as the whole cast. The cast made being on set so much fun for Taylor, and was an amazing experience. You will be able to catch her in an up coming film called, Wish Wizard. There was a lot of big name people involved with this film like, Garry Marshall, Morgan Freeman, and Ed Begley Jr.  Taylor only had a small role in this film, but she was grateful to be a part of this project. This was a special story, it was written to fulfill the wishes of four Make A Wish kids. Since Taylor is a Make A Wish kid herself it was very special. Taylor was one who got a second chance at life, she was diagnosed with cancer, and now is cancer free. Now she lives life to the fullest everyday and tries to be the best person that she can be, and gives back to others as much as she can to those who helped her when she could not help herself. Taylor says, if we all supported one another and did what we could to help, everyone would have a better chance at success.  She wants to continue to help promote non-profits she works with to raise awareness for childhood cancer. She is a 2010 and 2011, Care award recipient which honors working acting  kids who are involved in volunteering and fundraising, and who continues to work hard in school and good grades.

Taylor has kept busy with her acting, she had a blast doing “Yes, Virgina”, this was her first voice over. She was the voice of Taylor, which was a Tim Burton character. While doing this project she met one of her all time best friends, and got involved with the Macy’s Believe campaign. Macy’s Believe earns money during the holidays for Make A Wish through letters to Santa.  She hopes to someday do a horror film, or zombies, and a character on Terra Nova would work as well.

When she first started acting she did not have any training, but after she got a little older she has gotten some training from DJ Sullivan, Clay Banks, and Marcie Smolin. She feels lucky to have gotten to work with all these people.

Taylor does hope to continue acting, but she also loves to show her horses. She competes nationally, and loves to ride and show them.  She has been showing horses since she was three. Arabian Youth Nationals are held every year in New Mexico, in order to compete here you must show throughout the year.  She won her first top ten in 2009, and another in 2010. She said, this year she was really lucky to take three good horses and won six top tens. This means that she is one of the top tens in the Nation in her age group.

 Taylor is a wonderful caring person, that is working towards her dreams. You can be sure that Taylor with her talent, and her big heart for others, she will be seen on the big screen for a long time to come.

Taylor Hay at stars2comeTaylor Hay at stars2come

Dalton Gray


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Dalton Gray is another great actor coming our way in film. He has been cast in three films and three TV shows since he began two years ago. His first break in acting was just that! In June 2010, he broke his collar bone while he was riding his motorcycle, and  was unable to ride for eight weeks. He couldn’t ride, and while he was off he was asked to read for a featured film called, “Ilack”. They needed a blonde thirteen year old, he read for it and got the part, and this is how he got started in acting. “Ilack”, being his first film he was a bit intimidated because all the other kids were seasoned actors, but they welcomed him and were very helpful, and treated him like he had been doing this for years. He said, this was so much fun!

Since his beginning he has been doing quite well. He continues to train with his acting coach, John Lansch in Houston, and has worked with many casting directors in LA. All this work has landed him in films like Spy Kids 4, and Too Calm a Rage. In Too Calm a Rage, he played a teen that was being bullied, and the bully pushes him too far and he fights back, and he then went too far! Dalton just finished shooting a film that will soon be out called, No One Lives. In this film he plays the son of a rich family that gets killed when they come home from vacation and their home is being robbed. He says, this was a fun set working with the effects of getting shot and all the blood was awesome.

Dalton is one amazing actor working hard on a career that was in away an accident, but he also works very hard at Motocross. Dalton loves to race, and has over 100 wins, and many championships under his belt. He got his first bike a TTR90 for his eighth birthday on June 4, by mid-June he had entered his first race. After this he was hooked! His goal is to win a national championship race, but at this point he continues to come in, in the top 10. His other goal is to get to Loretta’s, this is the Superbowl of motocross. He tried this year, but crashed and got run over by 6 bikes putting him in serious condition for sometime, with two broke hips. Dalton does not let set backs get him down, he keeps striving for his goals. He says, the first time he won money from racing was awesome. He was so excited about winning money that he wanted to do something for his mom because she has been such a major supporter. He ended up taking some of the money to tile her bathroom.  She is his number one fan. He just loves motocross, the speed, the flying through the air, he can get on his bike and nothing else matters.

Dalton does not do anything half way, he puts everything into what he does whether it is motocross or acting. The hard work and training that he puts into his careers is what has taken him so far. He has been very successful, and there is no reason for him not to reach all his goals with the attitude he has. Be sure to keep up with Dalton and his film career on IMDB.

Dalton Gray at stars2comeDalton Gray at stars2come

Seth Lee

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Seth Lee is getting a great start in film, and print with several projects to his name already. Like so many kids today, he is talented also in martial arts. He hopes to someday be able use his martial arts training on TV. Some of his love for martial arts may have kicked in a little early in his first acting role. He started in a small production of Peter Pan, with Kids Acting Studios, in Austin, when he was seven. He played Captain Hook, and his big scene was the sword fight with Peter Pan. In the production he was suppose to fight for a minute and lose the sword. He said, “for some reason I did not want to lose to the guy in green tights, so I kept fighting a lot longer than I was suppose to”. The director kept telling Seth, drop the sword!

His first big project was “Voice of the Unknown”, this was a documentary about ghost hunting. He got to play himself, an awesome martial arts kid. Seth did get to play a pretty awesome part recently in the, Spy Kids 4, movie. In this movie he got to play the photo double of the lead character. Seth says, next time he plans on being the star. You just can’t beat the great self confidence he has. This is the kind of thinking that takes people to the top no matter what the career is.  He said, this movie was a lot of fun, and met some great people, and made some new friends. The hardest thing for Seth was, he had to cut his hair, he had a really cool thing going on with it, but they needed it to be short. Seth was also in a music video called, Holding On, with Ryan Layden. He says, this is going to be a huge hit, and he got to play the lead role as the homeless boy.

He is very serious when it comes to his martial arts as well. Seth is eight years old and he started just before his seventh birthday, and on track for his black belt in May. He is currently competing on the ATA circuit in Extreme Martial Arts. He is being trained by Ms. Palacios in traditional martial arts, and Carmichael Simon, in extreme martial arts. He is preparing himself for fighting stunt roles. He has been training once a week in stunts to add to the martial arts. He wants to be ready for any role. He says, he is one fearless eight year old.

Seth is doing a great job with everything he gets into, he has even made his way into print. His first modeling job was for, Fruition in Las Vegas. More recently he did some print work for Academy Sports and Outdoor. He should start showing up in ads after Thanksgiving. Seth is a person that wants to be the do it all type of actor and be able to do his own stunts. At some point he would like to be a director, but for now he wants to do all he can in front of the camera. He hopes to to someday be in a project with his acting coach, Maurice Ripke, and would like to do some action work with Leo Howard or Ernie Reyes. Seth is one person that truly knows what direction he wants to go with his career, and this is a big plus for him. He has a great attitude for what he is doing and works hard to make it happen. He is truly a person watch, you can bet he will be doing a lot of great things.

Seth Lee at stars2come  Seth Lee at stars2come

Samuel Cristea

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Samuel is a twelve year old that brings it all to the table for your entertainment. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer. You can see the great skill he has very well in his video, Time 2 Dance. In this video he shows off some great dancing, and his unique sound making for some awesome entertainment. This video was shot at IDA Hollywood in Hollywood, where he takes his dance lessons. He makes some smooth moves in his video along with the rest of the cast. The cast was made up of students from dance studio that Samuel goes to. He said, it was really hard to pick the dancers, because all the kids were so talented. He did love making the video, he said, there was so much energy from the kids which made it so much fun.

Samuel started singing at age ten, and has a great vocal coach, his dad. He does learn a lot on his own by listening to music and practicing all the time. You can tell in his songs that practice does make perfect.  His dad is a singer as well and if not for him Samuel may not have started. He had his first performance at the Celebrity Center International opening for other artists. He has come a long way since he started. Not long ago he gave a performance for the opening of his first music video, Time 2 Dance. He said, this was a lot of fun and a lot of fans showed up for the event.

His inspiration comes from Michael Jackson, because he was such a great artist. This shows in his music, he has a great style just like Michael. Samuel is a wonderful songwriter as well. He has written four songs so far, with two of them recorded. His song “Summer Time”, is special for him, because he loves summer, and where his songs comes from his experiences, Summer Time would be anyone`s favorite experience. People everywhere will be able to relate to this song.

Samuel is making his way quite well in TV. He has been in several Disney commercials such as, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney 3D Wow, and Disney California Adventure, plus many more. You can also find him in three short films, Charlie, Once on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and One for You and One for Me. This is only the beginning, you can count on a lot of great things coming from Samuel, he has all the talent and ambition to bring all of us some great entertainment for a long time to come. He does do a lot of things, but he is a great fun loving kid who likes to sing. Be sure to pick up your copy of his single, Jamin  , you will love it.

Jackson Odell

Jackson Odell at stars2come

Jackson Odell an actor and singer. He has one fantastic voice, with a great tone. He is always clean and clear with his music, this is  probably why his songs he sings are so addictive. His presence on camera is amazing, maybe it is the actor inside him that gives him the ability to put all the expressions in the songs he sings, both vocally and facial.

Jackson has been singing pretty much ever since he could talk, but his first real break came after joining the Colorado Children`s Chorale. Here he performed with the Colorado`s Symphony Orchestra, and got to sing with other great performers like, Natalie Cole and Michael McDonald. They even got to perform for the Governor and went on a world tour getting to perform with some amazing people along the way. Then about a year ago he picked up the guitar, and this fits so very well with his vocals it compliments him very well. He has picked up on it easily and quickly, this is due to his years of playing the piano, so the guitar along with other instruments came easy. One of his greatest experiences how ever came from his trip to China in November 2010. In China he sang in front of a live audience of 1000 people, and the show was seen by over 300 million viewers there. He said, that things got a bit crazy with everyone wanting to touch him, chasing him to the dressing room and car, but it was awesome at the same time. As crazy as all this was it might just get crazier so he progresses to the next level and he is working on that now. He is also into songwriting, and this is what propels you to the next level. He really enjoys writing doing this he gets to collaborate with other writers and musicians. He says, it is awesome to be apart of that experience, when a song comes together you can feel it.



Jackson Odell at stars2come

Jackson is great at vocals, but he is just as good as an actor. He started his acting career when he was about ten years old. At the Colorado Children`s Chorale they had coaches to learn how to perform on stage, this was a big help for him. He moved on and took up some acting classes, the teacher here knew some agents and managers, and they came out to see the kids. Soon after the visit his parents got a call and wanted to sign him. After this he has gone no where but up. He has now been on several TV shows. He said, being on Modern Family rocked because the cast was so amazing.  Another cool experience he had was working with Tracy Ullman and they hung out a lot during filming. He also liked doing some Disney stuff which he says, was a lot of fun. This summer you can look for him in the upcoming movie Judy Moody. This is his first big movie, but you can also catch him in the movie Not Bummer Summer, which will also be in the theaters this summer.

Jackson really loves acting and sing, there is nothing he would rather do. When acting he gets to be someone else, and to have that experience is just amazing for him. It is the thrill of being able to say and do things that you might never do in real life. When it comes to music he loves the process when making music. It is an awesome feeling going into the studio and just start jamming, and writing songs. There is something about music that can really affect people, and it is truly awesome. When it comes to music he likes it all from country, to rock, to jazz, with over 11,000 songs on his ipod. His main goal is to keep getting better at everything he does so he can keep doing what he loves, and to win a Grammy before he is twenty one. With as much fun as Jackson has with acting and music, he is certain to reach his goal. You can count on more great stuff coming from him soon. He has a great sound and attitude that will take him to the top.