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Rachel Arianna

Rachel Arianna at stars2come





 There is one thing about this great world we live in and that is, if we ever feel a bit down it is assured that a child can and will brighten your day, and with Rachel, she will make everyday, “bright”! Rachel is ten years old and her song, “Walking Away With Your Heart” couldn’t be more true, once you hear it, she’s got your heart and she is not letting go. Rachel is nothing but, pure joy. When you listen to Rachel’s songs, and it does not matter which one, it feels like a bright sunny day surrounded by kids playing in a park and flowers blooming all around you and not a care in the world. What an awesome place that is to go to and Rachel has the power to take you there. She is bubbly and she is sunshine, she is much like one other great child star, Shirley Temple. Shirley always had the power to brighten anyone’s day with song and laughter, plus she was very wise and Rachel is the very same. Rachel knows what she wants, she wants you to be happy and she is going to reach out in one form or another to see that you are.

Rachel said she had been singing all her life, but it was only about six years ago that she truly got started. Rachel’s mom and dad packed her up in the car and took her over to Ken Lundie to evaluate her. Ken told her she had perfect pitch and began working with her right a way. Ken Lundie works with Radio City Spectacular and the Broadway community. Rachel did not waste anytime, at five years old she recorded her first demo. By the time she turned eight she was singing and writing different songs.

Rachel did start to sing at an early age and it was not long before she began gracing everyone with her music. At just five years old she was asked to sing at a children’s concert at the Allentown symphony. When she was six she sang at Dopo Teatro in a 2 person performance Off Broadway in NY. The type of performances Rachel likes best are those that help people, charities and benefits.

Rachel does lots of performances, singing and theater. She loved playing Susan Walker in Miracle on 34th Street. She said they had amazing audiences that gave them great energy to respond to. She loves how every performance is always different. Rachel also loved playing Minnie Mae Barry in Bend in the Road as part of NYMF with Broadway director Benjamin Endlsey Klein. One of the charity events she loves working with is Ali’s Angels. She says she loves performing live because it gives her an opportunity to motivate the audience and get them to sing and dance with you. There is no doubt that Rachel will motivate any audience; you cannot help, but pat your feet and sway in your seat.

If there is anyone who performs that has true passion, it is Rachel. Rachel is music, she is the rhythm, the beat, the lyrics, it flows through her creating magic and wonder. Once she touches you with music it becomes part of you and it plays over an over in your head, but unlike most, you do feel it all the way through to your heart and never want it to end. “I like making people feel the emotion that I am portraying” says Rachel. She loves to be able to stretch her imagination and mind to help people on her journey especially with music. She says she could not imagine life without it.

Rachel Arianna at stars2come Rachel truly does have an amazingly creative imagination, and the imagination she has, she brings to life in the songs she writes. Her songs “Speechless” and “Walking Away With Your Heart” she co-wrote along with a great team from the music industry. Rachel gets inspired by things that she goes through and believes in. She says she tends to write more songs that have messages in them or something that people can just relate to. One of her songs “Speechless” did very well, it played in Kohl’s department store this past holiday season. The very first song she wrote was, “Walking Away With Your Heart” and she held a Give and Get fundraiser with monies from the song going to help the families in Newtown. The song also played in the movie and the trailer for “Lies I Told My Little Sister”. The music video was directed by Tracie Goudie who did Hunter Hayes’s “Wanted” video. The video ended up playing in Hard Rock Cafe and Resorts, Planet Hollywood Restaurants and Resorts and Norwegian Cruise Lines.  The video for Walking Away With Your Heart is very creative and a lot of imagination went into it, but also simple. It is evident that her music is very well received in the industry, and should be considering her talent. Rachel has written about a dozen songs and there is one in particular she hopes to get produced. The day of the bombing in Boston, Rachel happened to be there. Right after the bombing the only store she could find open was a Steinway and she was so sad and scared, she sat down at a piano and played the instrumentals of how she was feeling. Once she got back home she was able to say the words she was feeling and Erin Alden who she works with was able to put it all together.

“Walking Away With Your Heart” was not the only thing that made it into the movie “Lies I Told My Little Sister”, so did Rachel. She was part of the film from the very start, even one of the readers for the investors. She was asked to stay on and play the part of Young Jane. However it was after the filming when Rachel felt her new song would be a perfect fit for the movie, so her mom submitted it and they loved it too. The movie has since won Best of Fest at GIFF and had a screening at the Sarasota Film Festival this past April 5th and 8th.

Rachel started everything at a young age and acting is no different she was age four when Ken Lundie got her, her first Broadway audition for the Tale of Two Cities. Soon after she booked a Walmart radio commercial and did some voice over work and another commercial for Pediacare. (She was the dancing queen). All of this is amazing, but it did not stop there, she made it to the ultimate TV show, Saturday Night Live. She said SNL was a blast and got to work with a great group of talented actors and actresses. Her favorite segment was when she got to play Menorah the Explorer. This was part of Stefon’s farewell and it went viral.

Rachel Arianna at stars2come  The talent that Rachel has just does not stop and she is on top of her game every time. She was also #1 in dance nationwide. What this happens to be is a fundraiser she does with her school. The fundraiser is Jump Rope for Heart and it is for the American Heart Association and she has been the highest fundraiser every year in her school.

It is easy to see Rachel is a very kind-hearted, caring and passionate person that acts and writes music. She loves to use her craft to help others. Rachel will be doing more of that very soon when she performs a Benefit for St. Judes.

Anyone will be hard pressed to find another person so warm and kind as Rachel, this is something that came built-in and she has opened herself up to help others. What she does with songs is really incredible at her age, she truly has a gift to touch people and capture them in a fun and up-lifting way. Rachel’s songs she writes is a delight for anyone, but these songs and videos would be a perfect fit marketed to preschool through 3rd grade and the schools would eat these up and the kids would have a new idol. As heart warming as they are, they would be a smash for Sunday Schools and youth groups. There’s a need for music that Rachel provides. Everyone needs to be up-lifted and their hearts warmed and she does this, her soft and caring voice is magic. There are many great new talented people in the world, but there are few that possess the gift that Rachel does, she has the ability to be a new icon and at an early age. The only person that really fits is Micheal Jackson, his music just flowed through him, he was apart of the music and so is Rachel.

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say and sometimes you have a rainy day, but Rachel can bring the sunshine making those rainy days bright and the right words pop in your head. Once you experience Rachel’s music, she will walk away with your heart and fill your day full of joy. It has always been said that a child will lead the way, and Rachel is doing just that. She is leading the way to a bright and happier day. She is the sunshine, the happiness and the heart taker. She is exactly what we all have been waiting for. Thank you Rachel for putting a smile on my face!




Michelle and Olivia Cella

Michelle and Olivia Cella at stars2come




Michelle and Olivia are two amazingly talented young ladies who are currently in LA showing them just what two east coast beauties can really do. Both of these girls can do it all sing, dance, and act and they are on their way to becoming big stars. Both Olivia and Michelle have great personalities, they’re funny and very likable; LA along with the rest of  America will love them both.

Michelle and Olivia lives in New Jersey and in January 2008 their mom registered them into a local music academy where they took piano, music theater and vocal lessons. In the spring of 2008 the academy had their spring recital and this became their first singing performance. After this they both new they really loved performing and continues to perform for charity events. In 2009 they joined a local singing group where they performed regularly at retirement homes through-out New Jersey. They would wear costumes  and put on some great theater performances. They have also been on stage together when they were part of the tween pop group, the PS Dolls.

Michelle and Olivia have won some great awards for their amazing voices. They both have competed in the MAMTG competitions in East Hanover NJ and this has also become one of their favorite performances. In 2011 Michelle placed 2nd in the musical theater category and this year placed 4th in solo pop. For Olivia in 2012 she came in 1st place for classical voice, she sang a classic German song for this. She said this was totally different from what she usually sings. Then this past spring she came in 3rd place for pop vocal in the competition. They loved the experience, it was a huge event spanning 3 days and students came from all over to compete.

They both do love to perform every chance they get and they each have their own artists they like and enjoy covering when on stage. For Olivia she likes Lady Gaga. She says she likes her because she writes her own music and she is real. However she does not really like all the costumes she wears, but does feel they show her personality. For Michelle she just loves everybody. She says she doesn’t really have a favorite, she loves so many like, Justin Bieber, Sammy Adams, Emblem 3, and many more. These two might be a little different here and there, but one thing for sure is when they get on stage you will enjoy everything they do.

While they love to be on stage singing, they also love the camera and have appeared in front of one many times. They have been in everything from commercials to feature films and everything in between and their career grows more everyday. For Michelle this year alone she has had the principle role in 5 commercials (4 of them national) and has played the principle role in a Celebrity Ghost Stories segment on the Biography Channel. She has also played young Samantha Harris, (Dancing With The Stars host) and had the principle role in two web series. Michelle can currently be seen in a National IKEA commercial and the Norwegian Cruse Line. Olivia has been in several commercials and TV shows as well, and her acting goes back quite sometime with her first film shot at one and a half years old. This was a short film where she played the youngest daughter to a family, the film is called Bodies. Form here she moved into modeling and has appeared in Parents magazine a few times. From 2004 to 2007 they moved to Switzerland, while there they were ice skaters for a insurance commercial. Once they were back in the states Olivia landed her first role in a feature film titled, “They’re Out of the Business”. In this film she had several lines and she knew then she loved the entertainment business, she was seven years old. So far for this year she has worked on TV shows such as, Deadly Sins, Stalked, and Celebrity Ghost Stories. One of the accomplishments she is proud of, is of her supporting role in a upcoming feature film called Blowtorch, directed by Kevin Breslin, and starring Billy Baldwin, Armande Assanti, and Kathy Nijimy. Lois Robbins plays her mom and Jared Abrahamson plays her older brother. She said they were all so nice and made it a great experience.

They are both great girls and Michelle says she is a caring person that really loves the art of performing, particularly acting. She will also be starting high school this year. Olivia has many interests like water skiing, ice skating, and even sew in her free time, not to mention she loves spending time just being a kid. They both hope to continue with their careers and to hopefully land a lead role in a feature film or become a regular on a TV show. These two girls are in LA right now, and you can bet they are going to turn LA upside down with all the charm and talent they have. Both Olivia and Michelle are amazing with any project they do on stage or on film, making for great additions for the entire entertainment industry.


Michelle Cella
Michelle Cella
Olivia Cella
Olivia Cella





Alana Jo Beckman

Alana Jo Beckman at stars2come




Introducing a wonderful young actress, Alana Jo Beckman. Alana is making quite a name for herself with seven projects under her belt and a eighth film soon to be released. Her very first project was a featured extra in, “Dark Fields”. Later she was cast in a cool film, “White Lake”, her character was, Chloe one of the daughters. She said, this film was a lot of fun, especially the drowning scene. In this scene she got to get into a full tub in her pajamas.

Alana’s biggest project to date was, “Conviction”. This was directed by Tony Goldwyn, starring Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell. She had a principle role in this film, she was the little neighborhood girl cheering on the young Betty Anne Walters in a fight scene with her brother in a barn. She loved being on the set of a really big movie. Alana’s newest project is a film called, “After Visiting Hours”. This is a film about elderly residents disappearing from nursing homes all over the country. This is an age old enemy from Grimm’s Fairy Tales on the prowl for aged meat. Harvey a modern day monster slayer goes undercover and stakes out a nursing home but, the monster is too deadly, so he enlists the help of his two nieces, Kylie and Laurel. Alana played, Laurel in this film. She said, it was totally awesome bringing this character to life. She is the super intelligent one in this film. Alana says, the cast and crew all worked well together, and was like one big happy family.

 Alana Jo Beckman at stars2comeAlana hopes to one day be the lead character in a really huge box office hit. She has already achieved one of her goals, and that was winning an award for her acting. She won Best Supporting Actress in a short film called, “The Lost and Found Shop”, this was at the Detroit Independent Film Festival in 2011. Alana is doing very well with her acting career but, she would like to someday play the role of a child vampire, she thinks vampires are really cool. Acting is her favorite thing to do, she loves meeting and making new friends. She loves being in front of the camera, and she says that sometimes she will even kiss the camera for good luck. Alana has a great attitude going forward in her career, she says that there are a lot of talented people all over the world waiting to be noticed, these talented individuals will someday get that opportunity if they continue to believe in themselves. Alana is a believer!

Alana is  truly amazing and has a great future ahead of her in acting. She has a wonderful start and not afraid to go after any part no matter how big or small it is. This is what it takes, you have to take what ever comes your way. It is important to be seen and heard, and for Alana she is doing just that. If she continues the way she is going her break will come, and you will see her name on movie theaters across the country. You can keep track of Alana and her projects at IMDB

Amber Barbell “I’m An Angel”


Amber McBubbles Barbell at stars2come
Amber Barbell, behind the scenes of "I'm An Angel" video




Amber Barbell, the new up and coming “pop sensation”! Amber from Hollywood California has done it again with a brand new song coming out December 17, titled “I’m An Angel”. This song is expected to be even more sensational than her song, “Glitter Girl”.

Amber and Jus Me co-wrote this song. I is about goodness and overcoming adversity. This will be a song that you can dance to, but has great meaning. Jus Me and Rakif Waters produced the beat and engineered the song. Soon after the release on December 17, it will be available on itunes, so be sure to get your copy, you do not want to miss out.

“Just”, this great song is not all to look forward to. Long about Christmas time the video for “I’m An Angel” will be out as well. This “is” a must see video! Chris Bennett and Jus Me produced and directed the video.  This video takes place in Jacksonville Florida, at the notorious haunted building called, “School 4”. Also filming was done at the beautiful and historic St. Augustine. They shot for three days rain or shine to bring this fantastic video to fans everywhere. Amber had a lot of fun shooting the video, and everyone was very supportive of the project. This has been a major project taking in months of work, all to bring the best to the fans.

Amber has always produced amazing music, and this new song, “I’m An Angel” will prove to be the best “ever”! She loves music and will continue to bring smiles to her fans for a long time to come.  Write down December 17, you do not! want to miss this release. Keep an eye out on itunes for this great new single, “I’m An Angel”, and get your copy of this great new song.

Kaelynn Wright


Kaelynn Wright at stars2come




Kaelynn is a very bright and talented young actress. She can bring her character to life very well, and  it does not matter what role she plays. Some people when it comes to acting can only play certain parts such as, only comedy or action, but Kaelynn can handle anything. She has been serious, defensive, and scared out of her wits on screen, and for just  eight years old, she is like a pro. For someone her age starting in to acting being able to do any part is the best way to go. This will allow her to not only work more, but as directors and producers become familiar with Kaelynn her career will grow, much like Chloe Moretz.

Kaelynn only started in acting about a year ago and has done many great things already. One of the films she has been in is about a subject that is too familiar to many people, Bullying. The title of the film is A.B. Zone, which is an anti bullying campaign. This film meant a lot to Kaelynn for a lot of different reasons, and one is being bullied herself. Once the other kids in her class found out that she was an actress, they gave her a hard time, partly because she was not allowed to have any of them on set.  Her school does not put up with bullying so they soon put an end to this nonsense, and not only that, they gave permission to have the film shot at the school. Where they shot the film at her school many of the extras, are some of her friends. In this film Kaelynn played Beth, she is the best friend to one of the girls getting bullied. She tries to stand up for her friend, but the bully is big, so she is little defense.  Her hopes is that this film will make people understand that bullying is no joke. This is a great film with a message. How ever this was not her first film. The first one she played in was a student film called, Unsoundness of Mind, which is a thriller. She said, it was a little scary at first being her fist film, because of all the fake blood everywhere. The funniest part she says, was when the dad hit the table and the fake blood accidentally flew in his face, and as soon as they said cut he licked his lips and said, “yummy”. Everyone cracked up laughing, and after that she knew it was going to be really fun. In this film she played Mary, the youngest daughter. It is based on a true story where a Amish man who killed his wife. She said, the best part of this film was getting to meet her friends Dalton Gray and Katelyn Merricks, and they have gotten to do other things together since then.

Kaelynn continues to better herself for her career, by weekly training with her acting coach, Mr. John Lansch. She has done a lot of work shops, even one with Howard Metzler. Meeting John was a lot of fun for her because she wants to be on Disney someday.  With all the acting projects she has been in, she almost always ends up being the youngest daughter, and Dalton and Katelyn has been her bother and sister on more than one project. Her favorite film so far is, Where I’m From, it is based on a true story of a Houston preacher and his family. His daughter Anastasia wrote and directed the film. Again in this film Kaelynn was the youngest daughter. She said, it was really cool meeting the real person that she was playing. She wishes she could be cast on the Wizards of Waverly Place, or the A.N.T. Farm. She also thinks it would be fun to be the voice of a cartoon. Kaelynn does hope to be on Disney sometime, and then the movies after that, and if this doesn’t work out, then she would like to be a veterinarian, because she loves animals. She is well on her way to making her dreams come true. She has done many things in a very short time. She can be found in music videos such as for the band Ladylike, called On To Me. Not to mention commercials and print. One of these was October edition of Supermodels Unlimited Magazine.

Kaelynn has a great attitude toward her acting and her future. Thinking like she does and working, and most importantly having fun she will have many great rewards that will come to her. She is a person you need to catch on screen and see just how talented this young lady is, and you can do just that by catching her up coming film, “Someone Out There Likes Me”. This film was directed by, Bob Byington and staring and produced by Nick Offerman. It is about Nick’s character Sal and shows his life through thirty five years. In this film she is a girl at the birthday party of Sal’s son. She was set to be an extra on this, but they decided to feature her instead. Be sure to keep your eye on this wonderful young lady for more great films to come.



Lauren Owens


Lauren Owens at stars2come





Lauren is a awesome singer, actress,and writer. Her songs can take you away from where ever you are, and take you to a whole different place. She has the perfect rock/pop voice, it is just spectacular. Lauren is someone that is truly out having fun, and bringing a lot of enjoyment to people that hears or sees her.

Lauren is climbing right on up in her acting career. Many people may have seen her on the “Tim and Eric`s Awesome Show”. She has gone from this show to playing a regular on a new show called “New Girl”. This show will premier September 20, on Fox right after Glee. This show stars Zooey Deschannel. On the show she will be playing young Zooey throughout the  season. Lauren said, she had a blast shooting the show. With Lauren in this new show you can bet is will be awesome.

She might be a great actress, but her singing and song writing are out of this world. Lauren has been singing ever since she was very little, but it wasn`t until she was about eight that she started taking vocal lessons. She is currently taking lessons from, Billy Purnell.  Her first public performance came when she was five at a community play. The only problem with doing this performance was, she had to perform the song in Norwegian, and she didn`t know the language, but she ended up learning, and was a lot of fun for her doing it. Most of her performances after that  were around her hometown of Anchorage Alaska. Since her beginning she has performed at many places around the country, and one of these places was at Six Flags over Texas this past June.  This was a lot of fun for her because she got to perform with some friends of her`s. She says, it was a cool atmosphere having all the roller coasters around her. She also really liked performing at Whiskey A GoGo, because it is such a famous venue, and many people`s career was started there.

For Lauren singing is a great way to express herself, and she can not see herself with out music, it is a big part of her life. When she gets really mad about something she finds the right song on her Ipod and starts singing as loud as she can. This allows her to get a lot of her feelings out, and she says, there is a song for every feeling.

Lauren grew up listening to classic rock and her dad`s music, and she fell in love with it. A lot of people would tell her since she was a girl and young, that she had to do Disney/pop music. She says, she has nothing against that kind of music, and would sing it, but that is not what she is passionate about. She loves bands like Journey, Queen, and Bon Jovi. Her biggest inspirations come from the band Paramore, because their lyrics make you think, and have heart. Lauren also has the inspiration to tell people it is ok to be different. (This is the correct attitude to have, different is always good).

Lauren has been doing a lot of writing, and will have a new CD coming out soon with eight songs that she wrote. The CD is called, “No Apologizes”. On the CD is a song called “This is my Thank You”, and it was written for a great friend of her`s  and was a way to thank her friend for all the wonderful things she had done for her. No Apologizes is a song Lauren really loves, because she has gotten so many comments about how inspiring the song is, and that makes her feel good inside. Her ideas for writing comes from many places, like best friend fights, to just being mad about something, things that many people can relate to. When she is singing her songs, she does believe every word she sings. This makes for the greatest artists, believing and living the story.

She is talented in so many ways, but the important thing is, she is just a normal girl having fun. Even though music is a big part of her life she does always make time for regular fun. She likes to ski, go fishing,  play around on the computer , and of coarse hang out with good friends. Lauren does how ever want to take her career as far as she can, while making sure she stays who she is. She will always stick to what she believes in and make sure that her family and friends keep her grounded. Lauren is a very grounded young lady, kind, and has a good humor. She is someone that is not afraid to talk with her fans, and appreciates them all.

Amber Barbell

Amber Barbell at stars2come


This little curly top cutie  is Amber Barbell. She is a great singer and actress from Florida. She not only sings well, but she is a fantastic writer, and  can really bring her stories to life. She has been a part of some amazing TV shows, and her video Glitter Girl, is just outstanding. In the song it says, she looks like a million dollars. That is exactly what Amber is “A million dollar girl”.

Amber didn`t start singing until she was three years old, but she was in front of a audience at the age of fourteen months. When she was fourteen months, she was doing pageants, and as cute as she is you can bet she won the most of them. Once she started singing, she performed at many venues around Florida, Tennessee, Atlanta, and Hollywood. One of her  favorite performances  was the Disney Powerfest Concert in Orlando. Here she opened her own show singing a medley of Disney songs, and had her own back up dancers accompanying her. Then came the “Glitter Girl” video. She really loved doing this shoot. She had to perform many times, at many different locations. She says, everyone was very supportive and that it didn`t hurt driving around in a limo for hours.

Amber has won several contests, and has gotten many awards. She has won OverAll talents at state and International competitions. Amber gets all her drive and inspiration for all that she does from her family. She says, that they have been very supportive of her ever since she was born, and giving her great encouragement to follow her dream.  Also she thanks God for keeping her on the right path. All this positive reinforcement has helped in her creativity as well. She brings out a lot of this creativity, in her songwriting. Currently she has written three songs and a forth on the way. Her first three songs are, “Glitter Girl”, “Positive Reality”, and “Time To Pray”. Her forth will be called, “I`m An Angel”. All of her ideas come from family, animals, and God.

Singing is not all this young lady can do. She is also an actress and has been on one of the biggest TV shows in the country, Hannah Montana. On this show she played Rico`s niece. She has also been in Tough Love 2, and done featured films, voice overs, and documentaries. Amber is just unstoppable she just keeps growing in her career, and is loving every minute of it. Amber is a very nice person, and has the right attitude, and all the right people on her side to help make her dream come true.


Kailey Nicole Swanson

Kailey Swanson at stars2come



Now here is someone you don`t want to miss out on. Kailey is a fantastic singer and actress. She has made a lot of great music and the tone she has is one of the best around, it sort of has a bit of a Taylor Swift vibe to it. She is one of those people that she is right on the edge with her music, that it could be pop or country. People who are on the edge this way often gets a big jump into star dome.

Kailey is one girl who took right off in her career. She began when she was seven years old. She had always loved the theater. Her first theater performance was in a show called “Dear Edwina”, but she had always dreamed of being in the American Girl Revue in LA. She went out to LA for an audition, and was cast as Laura and performed for seven months at the American Girl Place Theater. From this she has remained in LA doing theater and film. Over time she has been in many theater productions. She is currently playing in a production of  “Gypsy”, and is playing the role of Dainty June. This will run through July 3.  Kailey is no stranger to film and TV either she has been involved in many projects, one of which was a short film called “The Legend Of Beaver Dam” which is winning awards all over the world including the Sundance Film Festival. She is also amazing with voice overs. Kailey is a recurring voice on Disney`s “Special Agent OSO”.  She says, she has been blessed with so many film opportunities and being able to meet so many amazing people.

Kailey did start out in theater, but it was not long before she began writing and moving into pop/country and got into performing around LA. When she started her writing she was co-writing, but now she does it all herself. Her first was “You Can`t Break Me”.  She has finished another, and says she is very excited to get into the studio and record it. Like most Kailey has been involved with vocal contests, but that really is not her thing. She loves to sing and does it for fun. She just wants to sing and be able to express herself, and reach someone emotionally, and hope to make a difference.

Kailey loves acting and singing and hopes to never have to choose one over the other. She just loves doing both. Kailey feels blessed to be able to follow her dream. She loves God above all else and is humbled by his gifts. She is very grateful to all the new friends she has made at home and around the world who gives her love and support. Kailey is someone who truly does appreciates the things that comes along in life and all the people that helps her. She is a very sweet girl, and does an amazing job with singing and acting. Kailey is well on her way to living the dream, and it is going to be very enjoyable watching her get there.