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Chloe Jane, “Superstar”

Chloe Jane’s single Superstar is a “hit”. People are cranking up the song over and over. The title Superstar is perfectly fitting for Chloe, she is a Superstar. Everything about this song is fun, exciting and well written. This could all be in part by the fact that Meghan Trainor a Superstar herself, wrote it. Chloe was thrilled to receive this song. “I was so excited and honored. Superstar is a song I can relate to as can my friends” says Chloe. She had met Meghan and her producers, who got along well with her. Meghan and her producers told Chloe they had a song for her to record, so Superstar became her’s. It appears Meghan sees the Superstar in Chloe just like everyone else. 

Chloe says Superstar is a song her and her friends can relate to, but according to the high numbers the video is getting, so can thousands of other young people. The video was filmed all around New York with Chloe and many of her friends having a blast just like Superstars. The upbeat catchy song and video has caught the eye and ear of tweens worldwide. 

The road to success for Chloe started a few years back when she began playing the piano. It all progressed from piano, to singing to songwriting. She decided since she loved to perform, that the best thing for her to do, was to be an artist. Great decision, the artistry and creativity for entertainment, exudes from her. Chloe has been singing for four years now and has performed in Ibiza Spain, St. Barths in the Caribbean, and New York. 


While Chloe does excel as a singer, she is also becoming a legend as a DJ. Being a DJ is something she dearly loves. “I love DJing because I get to play and sing my songs as well as all the other great music I love and I get to see the audience have fun and enjoy themselves” says Chloe. She has been DJing for two years now. Chloe has a residency at Amnesia, which is the most legendary club in Ibiza Spain. She has her own glow party for teenagers at this venue. She also DJ’s in St. Barths in the Caribbean at places like Shell Beach and Le Ti. Chloe can also be found at various places around New York.

There’s a lot of exciting things coming to Chloe’s fans this year. She has a new video coming out for her song, Backseat. She says this may be her next single after Superstar. Chloe has another song which she has written called, My Life which will also be out this year. Be on the look out for some performances around New York this fall, that will be something you wouldn’t want to miss. You can keep up with her on her YouTube channel, Chloe Jane’s World. Chloe is also signed with Awesomeness TV and producing content for their YouTube channel.

The entertainment field is a huge place, but Chloe is carving out a big slice for herself. Her dream is to create a worldwide tour, combining singing, dancing and DJing. She loves what she does and puts all her time and efforts into her career. Being successful takes hard work and she wants to entertain for many years to come.   

Hillary Reese






 Down in Mississippi there’s a brand new voice that is getting attention from many people. This young lady has a sound of her own and everyone loves it. You can bet when she starts to sing, even the gators crawl out and listens swaying their tail.The person behind this wonderful new voice is ten year old, Hillary Reese. Hillary has a natural talent when it comes to singing, and likability. This is very evident with the huge number of views on her videos on Facebook. With over a million views, she has certainly become an internet sensation. 

 Hillary has a gift for delivering a song in a way to keep the attention of those who are listening. Unfortunately not everyone who sings has this gift, and those who do are rewarded through a growing fan base that’s loyal. And her’s is growing fast. She carries the same musical traits as LeAnn Rimes and Tanya Tucker who were the youngest stars of  Country Music at the age of thirteen. If Hillary makes it to Nashville, she just may find herself along side LeAnn and Tanya as one of the youngest stars of Country. At just ten years old and singing the way she does, it could happen. All it takes is one song to blow people away, and Hillary has the abilities to make it happen.    

 Like many people who love to sing, Hillary tried out for choir. Unfortunately she didn’t make it, and of course she was devastated. Her mom told her she had a different kind of voice, a stand out voice, and her mom was absolutely right. The choir, did miss out on a diamond. A day will come  when Hillary will be standing tall on a stage in a sold out arena with a team of vocalists singing back up to her. 

 At eight years of age, Hillary began to take vocal lessons, and they had her sing along with other performers who were taking lessons too. This was at a place in Ocean Springs called, The Shed. It was a rough start at first for her. The first song she tried to sing, she was so nervous she forgot the words. Hillary was very upset over this. “After the song I went to the bathroom and cried because I was mad and embarrassed” said Hillary.  But after a little time she dried up the tears and went back out and sang it perfectly. The song she was working on was Carrie Underwood’s, Before He Cheats. Hillary was so proud of herself for accomplishing this, that she knew then and there what she wanted to do from now on. 

 Hillary makes videos for the internet for people to see and hear her, but she also enjoys singing live. One of her favorite places to perform live was at The Harbor Lights. This was a favorite for her because her best friend was singing there too. “It was a beautiful atmosphere”, says Hillary.

 Singing and making people happy is who she is and is what helps to drive her. One person she always loves to cover and look up to is Carrie Underwood. Before He Cheats is a favorite song of Hillary’s. Hillary hopes to one day sit in the same area at the CMA awards as Carrie. With her drive she could make it happen. 

 Hillary doesn’t write songs yet, but she has co-written one. She says it is her brother Parker who is the songwriter of the family. Hillary says he is big into playing the sax, piano, writing music and lyrics. “He is an unbelievable talented musician” says Hillary. 

 Currently she is looking forward to doing another cover and video, as well as audition for America’s Got Talent. You can bet they will love her. 

 After listening to Hillary it’s hard to think of her doing anything other than singing. It is evident that she was born to sing. There’s something about her that makes you want to keep listening, just hearing her once is not enough. No one knows for sure what the future holds, but it looks to be very bright for Hillary. Who knows, maybe Hillary and Carrie will be on stage together accepting an award for their duet. Things do have a way of happening. “I believe if you put God first everything else will work out” says Hillary. She is so right!



Emma Marie

Emma Marie at stars2come





Colorado is a place filled with wonder and beauty. People living or visiting Colorado often talk about the mountains and the scenery, how inspirational it is. This beautiful place was the home of John Denver, a true legend. He too found inspiration in Colorado creating some of the best known songs that are still sung around the world. For decades, John’s music has warmed the hearts of many. His creations were brilliant. Now Colorado is home to another creator of song, Emma Marie. Just like John, Emma’s music is captivating and makes you feel whole and warm inside. Maybe Emma is picking up some of the same senses that John did. At just eleven years old, Emma already posses the creativity that could make her too, a legend.

When listening to Emma it is easy to forget that she is only eleven years old. Her voice is so smooth and well tuned, more of a veteran than an eleven year old. It is great to have the technology that we do today. This technology allows us all to witness someone grow into a star or legend, and Emma is one we get to watch with great anticipation.

Emma has been singing pretty much from the very beginning. Emma’s mom is a music teacher and she has always encouraged Emma in her music. Over time, she has been involved with several choirs and musicals. As for choirs, Emma auditioned for the Centennial Children’s Choir and became part of that. In musicals, the most recent she was Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz. She is currently working the part of Peter Pan. Emma’s first public performance just happens to be a musical it was when she was in kindergarten.

At the age of nine Emma began to learn guitar and this is when the creativity she possesses started coming to life. With only a few chords learnt, she was hearing melodies. Her mom then encouraged Emma to start writing songs. Now in this short time, she is performing her own songs all around Colorado. In the summer of 2015 she performed on the Singer Songwriters Stage at Bohemian Nights in Fort Collins, Colorado. She really loved this. “The crowd was so amazing and supportive and I was the youngest performer ever to perform on an adult stage at this festival with youth musician, Grace Kuch” says Emma. She had another great experience when she performed at the “Blues From The Top” in Winter Park, Colorado. “It was such an amazing experience and I got to meet and collaborate with other talented youth musicians” says Emma.

Music is something that has no boundaries and by having no boundaries,  great things happen. As for Emma she connected with another creative talent 5000 miles away, Lucy Gowen. Lucy is also a growing legend with her abilities to shred a guitar with the best of them, people tune in to her from around the world. When you put two talents like these together, it becomes extraordinary. In Colorado there is a program called, RAMP (Rising Artist Mentorship Program) by Vincent Burkardt. Vincent already knew Emma and he found Lucy on social media. After this, magic happened. They decided to collaborate together, Emma was recorded and filmed in Colorado and Lucy in the UK. They covered the iconic song, Sweet Child O Mine. Taylor Ault edited the video with great skill giving the illusion they were on stage together.  They are a perfect fit. Not only was some great music created, but a friendship as well. They now hangout together online playing music. People often talk about various dream teams, well this is one of those dream teams. Emma and Lucy together on the same stage, wow! that would be a team. No matter what the event, they would bring the house down. The two of them with their talents, compliments each other so well. Everyone likes ice cream, they are the milk and sugar, the main ingredients to something people love the world over.

Emma Marie at stars2come  Emma’s talents have earned her many awards. She won her first award at “Big Country’s Got Talent” through Big Country radio station at Cheyenne Frontier Days. “I sang my first two originals in this competition and was the youngest to perform” said Emma. This is what really kicked everything off for her. Emma has also won “Most Original” at Stars of Tomorrow as well as “People’s Choice”. Just recently she won “Performer Of The Year” from Blue Star Connection. Blue Star Connection is an organization Emma is involved with that provides musical instruments to kids and young adults with life threatening diseases.

For most, performing is fun, and Emma feels the very same. She just loves it. Emma loves when people come up to her and tells her that a certain song touched them. She wants as many people possible to hear her music. “It is very important to me to be a positive role model for young people and encourage people with the lyrics of my songs” says Emma.

Lot of people when they perform, sing covers, so does Emma, but very few. Emma wants to be her own person, and prefers singing her own songs. She is gaining quite the repertoire with twenty songs now written. Her most special song is, “Whispers Of Love” this is because, she is adopted. “When I was a baby my birth mother wrote a poem about her love for me. I decided to take that poem and make into a song” says Emma. This shows just how special her gift of creativity is, she has taken a poem and turned it into a powerful story that is full of love and warmth. The song says in the beginning that she is a gift. She was a gift, a gift to everyone.

Whispers Of Love

Emma gains inspiration for writing from different things, like Whispers Of Love, the poem was her inspiration. However many times she will start strumming and melodies appear in her head. Her mom will help her figure out what melodies are good and to use. When it comes to lyrics, she thinks about what message she wants to get out, her mom will help her tweak the words. Emma and her mom make a very good songwriting team.

Emma has several gigs coming up, be sure to catch her live if you can. A few of them are, March 10 a benefit for Blue Star Connection, March 24 Musicians Angels Network fundraiser, March 18 at Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital, and Blues from the Top in June. Keep up with where she is by visiting her website http://www.emmamariemusic.net/.

Emma is skilled beyond her years as a songwriter, and is able to deliver the songs with intensity, but yet soothing at the same time. There are different things that set artists apart from those who just sing. One of these is that ability to not only write and deliver a song, but for that song to stick with the person after hearing it. This is what happens after listening to Emma’s songs, they stick with you, not forgotten once the end comes. There must be something great in Colorado producing yet another stand out artist. When people are asked what stands out to them about Colorado, most say the Rockies and John Denver. In a few short years that just may change, and Emma Marie will be added in response to Colorado.

Reignn Acedera

Reignn Acedera at stars2come






Reignn Acedera is nine years old, but do not let her age or size fool you. Despite Reignn’s small package, when she steps on stage and begins to sing, her voice becomes as big as the world. It is always a treat to find young people who carries  such a tremendous voice like Reignn. Already at her age the control and passion in which she sings a song, is far beyond her years. Vocal talent like Reignn is usually found in artists much older and seasoned like, Alicia Keys. Reignn has all the potential to be the next Alicia.

Reignn started out singing when she was two years old. It was not until the age of three that Reignn debuted her brilliant voice to a live audience. Her first performance was at a Filipino American Christmas party event.

Performances are building in number, and Reignn recalls one of her favorites happened when she was three years old. She sang, The Climb during a concert in her township. Her first TV appearance is one that holds a special place with Reignn. This performance was on PIX 11, she sang, I Have Nothing. PIX 11 may have been her first TV appearance but,  she has gained the attention of others. Reignn had another great performance on Fox and Friends. On Fox and Friends she played piano and sang, Titanium. Reignn says these performances were a great experience for her. It was a lot of fun to be on TV and on a big stage with lots of people cheering for you.

Reignn’s powerhouse voice entertained the audience of the Apollo in NYC. She sang at the Stars of Tomorrow contest and without surprise, won the contest.

Reignn says she loves to share her God-given talent to the world. When she is out sharing her talent Reignn enjoys covering artists like, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Taylor Swift. She says they all have great songs, and they inspire her to become a great singer. Reignn dreams of being a successful singer, musician and actress. With so many people inspiring her, her dream is sure to be realized one day.

Because of the internet artists like Reignn has the world for an audience, and the people of the world are finding her and loving her performances. She is looking forward to recording more songs for YouTube, and hopefully soon to have her own originals as well.

The music world is full of amazing performers and Reignn is another to add to the list. However is not the only thing Reignn can do. Reignn also plays the guitar and piano. She has been playing the piano since she was six. She says it is pretty cool playing the piano, she can sing whatever she wants without a CD. When she is enjoying some down time from performing, she loves the Littlest Pet Shop toys.

What a great world we live in today where we can watch young people like Reignn. When Reignn takes the stage she is not just a singer, she is a entertainer. She can capture any audience and keeps them hooked from the first note to the last. Reignn has total confidence and you can see that by how well she commands the stage, she owns it and a person that owns the stage, owns the audience. Don’t miss anything from Reignn, her voice is just brilliant!



Jase Nelson

Jase Nelson at stars2come

Canada recently had one of the biggest heart-throbs to ever hit the stage, Justin Bieber. Now Canada is home to a brand new heart-throb, Jase Nelson. Jase is coming up strong with one of those voices that makes girls melt right where they stand. It will not be long till girls coming to see Jase will have to take a number and stand in a very, long line. One day Justin will look up, and wonder where all the girls went, and he will find them on Jase’s doorstep.

Jase has an amazing new video called, Cupid. This is a cover song originally done by Sam Cooke. It was Jase’s grandma that came up with the idea to sing Cupid. His grandma thought it would be a great song that young girls and older woman would enjoy and relate to. This was a perfect choice his grandma made. Jase sang the song perfectly, and the video itself depicts exactly what Jase’s life is going to be.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  In the video Cupid, girls become taken by Jase with the help of Cupid and her famous arrows. Not long into the video girls are coming out of the bushes after Jase, and he soon has a long line chasing him. In the end he chooses a girl in a wheelchair to be his love. He in fact with his choice, he becomes a hero. Cupid may just be a video, but after learning a bit about Jase, it is clear he would have chosen the girl regardless of Cupid. Jase said he had a blast filming the video in LA. He also says, he is not used to having girls chase him, and that felt kind of weird. Because of the video Jase was able to meet many friends. One of the kids that he met was Barry White’s grandson, Jason. It was exciting for Jase to have Jason be part of the video. Jase’s brother and sister were part of the video as well, and Jase was happy about that. Cupid is a lot of fun to watch, and you get to see what is to come for Jase.

It was at the age of three, that Canada’s newest heart-throb began his journey. At three years old Jase, like many people would sing along with the radio. By the time he was turning five his grandma heard him singing along to a Justin Timberlake song, and it surprised her that he knew all the words, and could sing on pitch. His grandma asked if he liked singing. He said, “oh yes I do”. His grandma then asked if he wanted to take lessons, and he excitedly said, yes!

Not long after Jase turned five, he began singing to the public. He started out on stage at, Sunnybrook Farms which is a tourist attraction where he lives. Since then, he has been on over fifty stages around his province. He performed at Calgary Stampede in Calgary Alberta from age seven through nine. Jase said he loved performing there, he got to perform in front of thousands of people. When his second and third year performing come around, he was excited to see people coming just to see him. When Jase was six, he was cast as Chip in Beauty and The Beast at their local college. Jase said it was exhilarating being in front of a live audience with a huge cast to work alongside.

Jase Nelson at stars2come With no great surprise Jase has been getting considerable attention from the media. He has made many radio interviews and has been featured in magazines that are distributed all across Canada and the US. He has also done a great many local newspaper interviews. There are plans in the works for TV and other interviews to come in the near future.

Nerves are something all performers must overcome, but for Jase it is all part of the experience. He says he likes the feeling of nervousness before he gets on stage. Jase will be all shaky and excited, then he gets on stage, starts singing and it all goes away. It always makes him feel good knowing that people came to listen and enjoy him.

Jase says he hopes to become a household name. He wants to encourage other kids to sing, play an instrument, read books or perhaps write their own book. There is a lot going on with bullying, and Jase wants to do his part and speak out against it, and give kids a voice so they can be more confident.

Cover songs has been a big part of Jase, but he is now beginning to perform songs of his own. He has written three songs with his producer in LA. He says he has lots of ideas and he presents them to his producer, and from  there they work on building a song. The three songs that Jase has written so far are, I Miss You Michael, Waking Up, and I Take My Hat Off To You, all of which you can find on iTunes. The song, I Miss You Michael came to him after he seen a billboard of Michael Jackson’s new album. Waking Up, it came from a short film that he was the lead in. I Take My Hat Off To You, his grandma came up with the title and was written for fun because he always wears a hat, and has over 50 of them.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  Don’t be fooled, music is not the only thing Jase is mastering, he is also an author. Jase writes children’s books. They are working on getting his first book to print in January 2015. The book is about a Canadian boy and his snowman that he built and becomes his friend. His second book is already written, and just need to prepare it for print.

Other than Jase’s books going to print soon, there are other exciting things coming from him. He is featured in a teenager’s magazine out of Florida called, Teen Fare. It will be out in January 2015. Also in January he is hoping to film his next video and by March be on his third. Jase has begun working on more songs to add to his album, so be on the lookout for those.

Jase does a lot of great things, but he always takes his music seriously. He takes voice lessons, piano, guitar, and dance workshops because he wants to be a great singer. He does everything to follow his dream, this is not his families dream, but his. Jase’s family does help to make sure he balances things out, have fun and play. Sometimes people thinks he is girl because of his long hair, he doesn’t care, he loves it anyway. He is always kind, respectful and considerate of others.

It is not hard to see and understand why he is becoming a teen idol. Jase is extremely talented, handsome and a heart of gold. Now these three things, are things, that no girl can resist. It may have felt weird for all the girls chasing him in Cupid, but it is something he might as well get use to.

Baylee Sullivan

Baylee Sullivan at stars2come





Baylee is one remarkable artist. She has a very soothing and soft voice, and she uses it very effectively. She is very much like Deana Carter. Baylee is an artist that has star quality in every song she sings. It is her understanding of the song she is singing that gives her this edge. Anyone can get up and sing words, but it is the person who understands those words that becomes the star. Baylee is just such a person, you can hear it in each and every word. This is another trait that Baylee has that is similar to Deana. When they sing, they sing the words like each, is the last they will ever say. Both Deana and Baylee give powerful meaning to the songs they sing, every-time!

It is hard to believe as amazing as Baylee is, she really has not been out singing very much at all until recently. Bernard Porter in Nashville helped get her first public performance singing at the Opry Mills Mall. Baylee says looking back it was not her best performance, but it was a great experience.

Baylee’s most favorite place is New Orleans. She was so very happy when she was able to perform for Apple Barrel in New Orleans. This was an amazing performance and experience for her being able to sing where she loves. “The whole city always gives me a good vibe and makes me want to sing my heart out! ” says Baylee.

One of Baylee’s favorite artists she likes to cover is, Julie Roberts. Baylee feels Julie’s music and her style are much alike.

Baylee has just recently gotten out of her comfort zone to where she can put on a good performance without being so nervous. She is enjoying singing and talking to the people. Baylee says she usually never stops singing or talking, so it is a lot of fun for her.

Most up coming artists have a goal to become a star. Baylee also has this desire, but she would like to explore the simple side of life. “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher”, Baylee says. She believes with both careers she can help and inspire people. For Baylee if she had to pick one goal it would be to help and inspire people to be who they are.

Writing songs is a must for artists, and Baylee is putting her best efforts toward writing herself. She has written four or five songs, and has already begun recording them. She takes inspiration from good times and hard times, or whatever comes to mind she feels would be good to write about. One of the songs Baylee wrote is called, End of Time. This is a love song and it demonstrates the creativity Baylee has for music. This is a song that I can expect to hear when I turn on the radio. Her talent for delivering a song is so great, no one would ever know when listening to End of Time, that she is thirteen years old.

When Baylee is behind the mic she is serious about what she is doing, but she’s really just a silly energetic person having fun. She likes to laugh and be with her friends, but she is happiest when she is singing. Baylee loves when she is able to put a smile on someone’s face when she sings. She is very thankful to her parents for their support and love. Baylee gives all the glory to God for the gift she has received.

Baylee does have a great gift and she will be making people happy for a longtime to come with that gift. She has the talent that can take her to the end of time. A voice like her’s does not come a long everyday. Music was created for a person like Baylee. She is someone who needs to be on your list of people to see. Baylee will be having more performances soon at the Apple Barrel in New Orleans, this would be an excellent time to see this fabulous new star on the rise.

End of Time


Brayden Ryle

Brayden Ryle at stars2come




Most people when they think of Tennessee the first thing that comes to mind is Nashville and country music. Well there is a small town just outside of Nashville called Clarksville where a little man by the name of Brayden Ryle lives that just might be changing all of this old thinking. When Elvis came along he got the state of Tennessee rock’n and made Memphis famous and Brayden just might be doing the very same. Brayden is like a mini Elvis and this young man is going to make Clarksville as famous as Elvis did for Memphis.

The thing is with this new up and coming heart-throb, he is only seven years old and no one had a clue he could sing or even wanted to. Brayden said he just watched his dad work with some singers and he enjoyed the music so he wanted to give it a try. One day he just asked his dad if he would record him, and his dad agreed and he shocked everyone with what he could do.

Even though Brayden is a rocker at heart his very first recording was a gospel song called, “We Know What We Do”. Then soon after he asked his dad if he would write a song with him and together they wrote his very first original, “Eye On You”. Brayden says he likes this song and it really rocks. This song does rock and so does the music video. He said it was a lot of fun making the video, but it was also a lot of work. He also says music is a lot of fun, but you have to work hard to be good at it. Brayden does work hard with his music, but it has all been worth it.

Brayden really does love singing and he says the best thing about it is being in the studio. He said he wished he didn’t have to fix so many lines, but it all sounds good when it is finished making it all worth it. “My dad hears everything that’s wrong but, I think he is a professional” Brayden said.

Brayden currently has only one video out, but that video has gained him a great deal of attention from various TV shows to Disney looking to take him on. He has not followed up on any of these leads, but he has appeared on cable TV recently where he lives. Brayden says he feels that it is good that people want to sign him for things, but “I am just seven years old, maybe I will sign when I am in the third grade”, he said.

People are fast learning who he is and when they see him they are already asking for his autograph. Brayden says it is really cool when people ask him for his autograph, but he likes spending time with his dad doing what he loves.  He does love what he does, but so does the girls. He has become a heart-throb over night and it will not be long before they start mobbing him everywhere he goes. Brayden says he really likes the girls, but his friends say they are not any fun, but Brayden says, they are pretty.

He would like to thank everyone that has watched his video and the nice things that are being said. He really does love his fans. Also be on the look out for his next song coming soon. He is currently back in the studio again recording his new song, “Live Wire”. He said he can’t wait to hear it when it is finished, it rocks even more the “Eye On You”.

Brayden is a wonderfully talented kid and a blast to be around. He loves to rock and it is only a matter of time before people will be thinking of Brayden when Tennessee is talked about. Get ready girls the new Elvis is coming and his name is Brayden Ryle.

Be sure and catch his new video right here as soon as it is released.




Sara Rowe

Sara Rowe at stars2come




Ten year old Sara Rowe has been amazing people with her talent in acting and singing while out chasing her dream of being on Disney or Nickelodeon. She is perfect for any show that may come her way; she is funny, outspoken, and bubbly on camera, not to mention one of the cuties faces out there. When it comes to her singing she is just dynamite can sing any genre, but there is something in her voice and character that could put her more in line with Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift a country/pop  kind of girl, and you can bet Nashville would love her.

Sara first started out at the age of seven for Dee Studios musical production of Toy Story in Santa Clarita, California. In the production, she played the dog Slinky and the penguin Wheezy. The director of the show Nancy Horak picked her to close the show with Robert Goulet’s jazzy version of, “You Got A Friend In Me” dressed in a penguin suite. “Very funny and I was hooked as a performer”, says Sara. At one of Sara’s performances Virginia Stewart director of a children’s opera group called Once Upon A Opera and recruited her and things just took off. Sara ended up doing several operas including Carmen for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera. It was not long after this that she was referred to a triple threat training program in LA called Hollywood Launch Academy. She says she auditioned and was selected as their youngest member at eight years old. Sara said, “I’ve been training there for 2 years and credit them (especially the director  Jonathan George) with really developing my vocal performance skills and acting.

Sara has done a lot of amazing things and has entertained many people since her beginning. There was one comedy skit that she was a blast to watch and very funny called Carmine the Magnificent and Carlos the Dummy, she played Carlos and it became one of her favorite performances. Sara had a lot of fun practicing it with her talented friend Rita Rodriquez and she got to do a real cool Spanish accent too. Sara has also performed  at The House of Blues on Sunset. Sara said that this was where she first performed Carrie Underwood’s song, Good Girl, and it was incredible. “I love the song and it was the first real concert performance I’d done in front of a big audience”, says Sara.

Sara Rowe at stars2come Sara loves the arts and has a great passion for them. She says it is an incredible feeling getting on stage singing or acting. She loves seeing the audience reactions and it always makes her feel good.

Sara has many great talents and another that she is doing really well with is piano. She has been playing for over a year and she really likes it. She says that someday she would like to compose music and the piano will be great help.

She was in a vocal competition called, Socal Icon and came out in the top five of this very big competition. Sara done an excellent job getting this far with contestants coming from all over the country to compete in this contest. She said it started with what seemed like 100 contestants, but made her way through the first round and then the semifinals, and ended up being one of five kids competing if front of celebrity judges. She said it was a great experience.

Sara has been on stage for theater and music, and now comes TV; it is like there is no end to her talent. Here just recently she filmed Kidz Bop 25 for 2 days at Universal Studios in Hollywood. She said she had so much fun, they filmed a music video for the CD and footage for several commercials. She was also in an international commercial with Halle Berry for her shoe line for Deichmann. It was just Sara, Halle, and the driver so Sara was really featured. “They gave me my own chair between takes so I felt like a real star!” says Sara. Of course you can also find Sara in Mess Masters. Mess Masters was an ad campaign to promote the show Dirty Jobs (and a line of cleaning products associated with the show) starring Mike Rowe. She said this was a blast, they had her make the biggest mess she could, filmed it, and then Mike Rowe interviewed her. “The best part was when they made me try to eat a foot tall hamburger and covered me in condiments”, Sara says.

This wonderful girl has been interview many times and here recently she got to return the favor and do some interviewing herself. Sara just finished interviewing celebrities at the 2014 Golden Globes Secret Room Carpet Style lounge event at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca. representing the BYOU organization. She interviewed a bunch of celebs including, Joe Lo Truglio from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Victoria Secret super model Toni Garrn, Titus Welliver from Agents of Shield, and many others.

Sara does do a lot in entertainment, but she is really just like any other girl hanging out with friends having sleepovers, and she has a dog named Rocky she likes to play with. She loves art and draws whenever she gets the chance. Her favorite game to play is Minecraft. Sara loves to build roller coasters and mansions in her world. Most of all she loves her family.

Sara is out chasing her dreams and she is a person that belongs not only on Disney or Nick, but she needs her own show, The Sara Rowe show. She is talented in so many areas, she can act, extremely funny, witty, can sing anything, the perfect ingredients for an awesome show.  Now this would be a show all ages would find themselves laughing and having a great time watching. Don’t miss any of Sara’s adventures by keeping track of her on Facebook, and coming soon website www.sararowe.com.