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Alex B

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Alex is one of the finest young pop artist to hit the stage. He brings a lot of great energy to his songs, and performances. He also carries everything  the music industry loves in young pop artists,  cool, up-beat, fun and a great sound. At twelve years old he is getting right in the age range for boys to be signed, and you can bet it will not be too far down the road before a major label picks him up. One of his originals, “Shine” is a great example of how great a pop artist he is, and it is very up-beat. The song is about our ability to brighten other people’s lives by the love we show them. This is only one of his ten original songs, and you can bet they are all amazing.

Alex started off singing around the age of four. His brother was already taking voice lessons and Alex thought it looked like fun, so by the age of five he was right there taking lessons too. He discovered his love of performing after his kindergarten variety show. At the show he sang, Ozzy Ozborne’s “Crazy Train”, his mom dressed him up in a long wig with round sunglasses, and everybody loved it.  Alex says, one of his favorite performances was at the Hatboro Carnival. After the show there were tons of kids waiting to get his autograph. This truly made him feel like a real, “rock star”! Another great performance that he did was in Punta Cuna at The Hard Rock Hotel. This was during spring break and there were thousands of people at the resort, and once the last song was sung, the crowd cheered for one more song in Spanish.

Alex really like the group, Linkin Park. He says, he loves how they combine rock, rap, and pop and make it work with two lead singers. They happened to be the first concert he ever went to. Some of his other favorite artists are, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Elton John, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and Eminem.  He loves how singing makes people feel different emotions. He says, the energy you get from a audience can be intense.

His goal in music is to share his music with the world and have some fun doing it. Alex does love to sing, but he is a regular kid who loves to spend time with family and friends and live life to the fullest. He said, ” Life is a ride and we’re on this rollercoaster so hang on tight, you never know where it takes us”. Alex is a wonderful pop artist with a very bright future. He is also part of the SaftyBratz team. Be sure to keep your eye on Alex, there are a lot of great things to come.

Paris Smith

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Paris is a beautiful and funny person with mad skills as a songwriter and vocalist. Like most she takes her ideas for the songs she writes from experiences in life, but it takes a creative person to breath life into their songs to where people will want to listen, and Paris is that person. All her songs are very well written and catchy. One of the songs she wrote, “He Says” is very catchy and well written with a great melody, it makes you want to listen over and over. This is a sign of a hit song when people don’t want to stop listening. This song came from a crush she had on a boy. Another great song of her’s is “Crush on Hollywood” , this song is special to her because it was written when she first got to LA. It is about how much she loves it there, and feels like home. If you like to dance then pop in her song, “Game Over” and you will not stop moving from the time it starts til it’s  over. Paris is one great pop artist on the rise who’s music is some of the best around. Once you hear her music you will never forget the name, Paris Smith!

Last spring she got to take her original song to the public at a concert at,  The Shoppes of Chino Hills. She loved doing this, she got to perform with all her friends and everyone had a great time. Paris has stayed busy since her first performance when she was ten in Houston Texas for a Holiday Live Performance for Tom McKinney. Last fall she performed at a Halloween concert for St. Jude’s. Paris was the last performer and was an awesome adrenaline experience. Last May she got to have a great patriotic moment when she got to perform the national Anthem for the 66ers in San Bernadino.

Paris has also been taking her beauty and amazing wit to TV and film. Her first project for film came in a feature film, “Puncture” with Cris Evans and Vinessa Shaw. She was also in a independent film, “I Am Not A Hipster”. This is about a family of four and was just accepted to the Sundance Film Festival. She would like someday to play a pretty, funky, funny, quirky girl on Disney or Nickelodeon for TV, but for film she would like to play a role where she is Angelina Jolie’s daughter. The humor Paris has is always shinning. She says, she would like to do a national commercial with something yummy and sweet so she can eat dessert before dinner.

Paris is for sure a funny girl and must be a real blast to be around. With the great personality she has, you know all her live performances are going to be amazing, she is certainly a performer that is well worth going to see. Her music is going to amaze everyone, and everyone will love it, and they do! To sum up Paris, “awesome”!

Amanda Roit

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Amanda is truly an adorable young lady, that has set out to make her mark on Broadway and the music industry. Amanda works hard trying to be the best she can be, to bring everyone some fantastic music. One of the best things when watching her is, you can see very clearly how much fun she is having, and that means everything. She puts all she has into her songs, and delivers them wonderfully.

Amanda started performing at age eight in the Broadway show “Hairspray” at the Lincoln Center in NY.  One of the performances that she really loved was performing in the Off Off Broadway production of, “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”. She enjoyed meeting new people and going to New York City for rehearsals and performances. She has also starred in “Annie”, at the Cultural Arts Playhouse. This was a dream role for her, because of all the acting and singing this character has. Coming up very soon you can catch Amanda live at the Apollo on February 15th. To find out more details visit www.amandaroit.com.

Amanda sang in a competition at the Long Island School Media Association, and took home first place here. She also performed at another competition and was runner up at East Northport Idol, it was presented by 94x radio station. This was the first time she sang her very first original song, “Stayin’ Up All Night” live to a large audience. If you have never heard this  song you are really missing out it is absolutely outstanding! Amanda wrote this song after a sleepover she had with her friends. In the video she truly brought this sleepover back to life. The song and video was brilliantly done. She is currently working on more songs now. If they are anything like her first, we have an absolutely brilliant new star on our hands.

She loves everything about singing, but one of the most special feelings for her is when she gets out on stage and just about to perform, it is so exciting for her. She gets so much inspiration from Taylor Swift. She says, that Taylor teaches her to never give up on her dreams, because one day they really can come true.  With Amanda her dream has a very good chance of coming true, her skills and creativity as a song writer could very easily make her one of the best pop artists out there.  Amanda is a bright and shinny new star on the rise, that others will be looking up to and wishing they could be just like, her!

Tiffany Ferrary


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Tiffany has a magical voice that is getting attention all around Gibraltar, and beyond. She is another in a growing number of very young artists, that is capable singing way beyond their years. It is just amazing how one so young can have such range, and control, and take one of these complex songs, and turn them into such beauty. Tiffany is one of these young artists, that can do just that. When ever she sings, it becomes beauty.

Just like many of these great young artists, Tiffany was singing before she could even talk. She has been surrounded by music how ever all her life. Her dad and sister are singers, and this has led to her love of music and her early start.  With her dad and sister singing, she has not had any formal coaching, most of what she has learned has come from them. Then her mom posted a video of her singing, “If I Were A Boy” on facebook and the director of the best music school in the area, Santos Academy, saw it and contacted her to become a student at the school. The same night she was also contacted by a local pageant show producer wanting Tiffany to sing at the next show. This turned out to be her very first public performance. She was seven at the time of the performance. She said, it was like a dream come true. She felt completely at home on the stage and did not want to leave. This was held at Gibraltar’s most prestigious open air venue, the Botanical Gardens Theater. She was so excited, she got to sing two solos and a duet with her sister.

Tiffany has done many performances since the pageant, and she loves everyone of them. One of these was when she sang along the Costa Del Sol in Spain with the Wow Factor team in aid of CUDECA, she was praised by a panel of international judges, and she met the fantastic singer, Rowetta. Another was at the Gibraltar song festival in 2010, where she sang, “I’ll Be There”. This is where her first standing ovation came from, and after the show people was coming up wanting photos with her and talk. She thought she was surely dreaming.  Tiffany is just unstoppable, not only has she done many performances, but also has won many competitions. She won first prize in her very first competition, Festival for Young Musicians singing “Someone Like You”. On another occasion she won first place in a duet singing with her sister, and second in solo.  She gets a lot of inspiration for singing from her dad and sister, but sometimes it comes from the mood she is in. Sometimes it can be when she is feeling lonely, happy or sad, she just has to sing to let the feelings free. She hopes to one day sing in America, and meet some of her idols like Beyonce, and Selena Gomez just to name a couple.

People living in her area has had the pleasure of watching her on TV on several occasions. She was on the Christmas GBC TV, for a local charity, this is a very popular show where she lives. It was a great honor for her to appear on this show. She has had several TV interviews, one of which was when she sang for the Wow Factor. For the interview she sang “A Moment Like This” on TV. All the attention she has gained also got her a TV interview for her album release, “Music and Me”, and her first single, “Dancing in the Rain”. This is a wonderful single and the creation of this song is very touching. Tiffany started fiddling around with a tune that she had been thinking about for a while. Tiffany had a sister that had passed away before she was born, she knew a lot about her sister even though she had never met her, but Tiffany felt as if she did.  So once when Tiffany was looking at her picture she started singing to her “Dancing in the Rain”, and how that one day they would meet. Tiffany and her mom got together with a songwriter, and put the lyrics and music to it and “Dancing in the Rain” was born. When you listen to this song you can not help but be touched by the words and the feeling she puts in this incredible song.

Tiffany is such a sweet and caring girl, with her heart in the right place, not just for music, but for others. She is a pure delight to listen and to speak with. There is nothing like a young artist that can reach out with music and touch someone in the heart, and Tiffany can do just that.


Dylan Holland


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Coming straight from Cincinnati is guitar packing Dylan Holland. This is one person that does not keep his head buried in the ground when it comes to his fans. Dylan always appreciates his fans. He never goes without saying thank you or love you to his fans, he is a true down to earth artist. This has played a part in him becoming  so popular , and second he is dynamite when it comes to his singing and guitar playing. He is so smooth when he plays guitar, he never misses a lick. When it comes to his vocals he has a great tone, and delivers a song very well. He is a person that can keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. It shows that this is true considering, he only started sing barely a year ago. He has already gotten over 800,000 hits in this short time on YouTube and over 12,000 followers on twitter. This is truly remarkable, and proves what kind of artist he is and how genuine. Dylan is just himself, he does not pretend to be anyone , just check out his videos and you will see what a great guy he is.

Dylan may have only started sing about a year ago, but he has been playing the guitar for a long time, and it really shows.  He had always wanted to sing, but he says, he just was not very good. So he would come home from school and record himself singing, then play it back and listen to what he need to work on. He did this for months, and it has sure paid off. He has a great unique sound to his voice that makes the songs he sings, awesome!. His first public performance was in November 2010. He performed at a charity event at a local mall. From this one performance his fan base began to grow after some kids there heard him sing. He has since played several shows in Nashville at the Teen Hoot. The Teen Hoot has become his favorite place that he has performed. He says, it was just a great atmosphere, and got to play with so many other talented kids. The Teen Hoot was a contest and he ended up winning. What a fantastic start to a great career. Last month he did audition for Majors and Minors TV show, and made the TV auditions. So be sure to tune in to see and hear Dylan coming up this fall on Hub Network.

He is a real music man, when he sings there is nothing else around him that matters. It puts him in a position to where he is completely happy. It shows in all his videos how happy he is when performing, and you can bet his fans are happy as well. Music is his escape from the real world, and everything that is going on in it. He wants to try and make everyone happy, and make them feel like they were put on this earth for a reason. He would like for other kids that have dreams and aspirations to never give up. Dylan says, that just knowing that singing and playing his guitar could make a boy or girl`s day, is breath taking and is good enough for him.

There is one thing that you can say about his singing and guitar playing, and that is, excellent! He has written several songs and a couple are ready for release, so be sure to keep up with Dylan, and get his songs when they come out, they are sure to be awesome.

Madison Logan


Madison Logan at stars2come




 We have one fantastic pop singer coming up in the music world, and her name is, Madison Logan. Madison has an incredible voice, and her song writing is amazing. Madison can deliver a song like she has been  singing for years. The soft tone she has really compliments all her music. It`s just beautiful.

 Madison did start pretty early in life. At around six years old she began singing in music theater productions. Once she turned nine she began training and singing as a pop artist. She has worked with a lot of great vocal coaches, but right now she is working with Nick Cooper and Billy Purnell. Madison`s talent didn`t start with singing how ever it began with competitive Ice-skating when she was just three years old. She excelled in ice-skating, and has won several trophies for it, and now she is taking that same drive and is excelling in music.

Madison has been putting on some great performances, and one of her favorites was at the Chino Hills Promenade. This one really stands out to her because it started drizzling and she had always wondered what it would be like to perform in the rain. She said, the experience of performing in the rain was magical, because they had all the Christmas lights on.  Her singing talent has not gone unnoticed. Madison has received several trophies for her singing. She got one for being a finalist in the Inland Idol singing competition. She also received a trophy for being a child soloist performing with Golden State Pops Orchestra.

 Madison gets a lot of her inspiration for her music from Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, and Sheryl Crow. She likes these people because they are great singers/songwriters. They all have different styles for writing, and portrays their ideas in music differently. She uses what she learns from all these great people and applys it to her own music. What Madison does with music is amazing. One of the songs she wrote was “Unforgettable”. This is the first song she ever wrote with her guitar. She wrote it about a guy who is completely incredible. She started listing things she liked about him, and then she came up with the pre-chorus first and then built the rest of the song around it.  This song once she finished was amazing, and is a song that everyone will love.

 Her talents are not limited to only music. She is also a great actress and has been in several commercials including, Barbie, and Bratz Dolls. She has had some small roles on TV shows, but her biggest roles have been on stage, where she has performed the lead roles of some of her favorite musicals. Madison at the age of eight started designing her own clothes, and hopes to get a degree in fashion and have her own clothing line someday. She is a very rounded girl who loves not only to sing and write, but reading and baking. She loves to bake anything cookies, cupcakes you name it she bakes it. She says, her dad calls her the, Mad Baker.

Madison is a great person for anyone to look up to. She puts so much effort and work into everything she does, and it all shows. For Madison the thing she likes most is being on stage. This is where she feels the most comfortable. She loves to see the reaction from people when she performs, and loves to see the smiles on their faces when she is singing.  That is one thing for sure, Madison can sure put a smile on your face.

Brooke Rose

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We have a great rocker here coming out of Southern California. Brooke Rose at sixteen is keeping California move`n with her performances whether it is covers or originals, she keeps them rock`n.

Brooke has been singing her whole life. When she was growing up Brooke was surrounded by a musical family, and some of this was sure to rub off on her. The music did rub off and now here in the past couple of years she has taken her career to the professional level. She has gotten in with a couple of great vocal coaches to help her along her musical journey. One is Patty Cabrera, who is a Christian Dove award winning artist, and soon she will be under Nick Cooper`s direction as well.

Like so many Brooke started off  in talent shows and was also involved in musicals growing up. Her performances began to get bigger and bigger once she started doing the National Anthem, for the Dodgers, Lakers and many more.  What she really likes is when she gets to do performances that she can share with family and friends. She says, it makes the experience even better. Brooke also enjoyed when performing with the Talent Bootcamp in Hollywood Showcases at the famous SIR Studios on Sunset Blvd. She basically just loves to perform where ever and when ever she can. Performing is a big part of her life. All this musical background has eared her some nice awards for her performances. She  won the 2010 7th Annual Omni Youth Music and Actors awards, which was for Best Pop Performer.

Brooke loves to write her own music. She has co-written all of her songs, with help from Ashley Poole. She writes all her songs from her own life. She says, by writing about her life she connects better with the performance. She believes that music should speak from the soul. Brooke has a real passion when it comes to her music, she wants as many people as possible to hear and relate to her music. She wants her music to touch, heal and help people. She hopes to be a lot like Micheal Jackson, who was out to heal the world through music. Brooke loves to perform for benefits, this is her way of giving back with the gift that god has given her, and that is music. Be sure to stop by the Roxy Theater Saturday June 18 , and give Brooke your support, Brooke is a Nominee for 2011 Pop Single of the Year, by the 21st La Music Awards.


Kayla Jo

Kayla Jo at stars2come
Kayla Jo, is another Australian beauty making her way in music. There is one thing about Australia it is teaming with great talent, and KJ is there with the best of them. This girl could sing the phone book, she has some fantastic vocals, amazing control, and great expression. She is another super star in the making, she can handle country,and pop as good as anyone on the radio.
From the sound that KJ has, it would seem that she has been singing for years, but she has only been singing for just three short years. This is what`s so  amazing about her, for such a short time she has done a lot of great things, and many people have taken notice. KJ is eleven years old, and her journey began when she was eight. She is currently taking vocal lessons from South West Vocal Training with MR. Rex Harris, and also Faye Fiso who is a member of the Group Mahogany. She is also training for an up coming show at Catholic Schools Performing Arts Sydney. In 2009 she entered in her first Talent Quest at Wizard Of Oz Funland, and here she came in first in the ten and under group in the vocal section, she also came in first in the in the duo with her sister.
Kayla Jo at stars2come
KJ says, that one of her highlights has been when she was asked to be a special guest singing solo at a midyear Dance Spectacular on behalf on of the dance studio where her singing lessons are held. It was a huge event and she performed Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”  in July 2010 to an audience of over 500. Since this performance she has had the honor of being the guest solo artist for many events. She recently entered into a huge Talent Quest at the Northern Beaches, here she made it through to the grand finals where she competed against 27 other people up to seventeen years old. At this Talent Quest she received the Judges Choice which put her in the top five, and it was really overwhelming for her.
KJ is one that is unstoppable, the achevments she has made are increditable. At the Fifth Avenue Dance Festival Eisteddfod, she came in first place in three catagories, popular song, your song choice, duo, and second for vocal championship. Also at the Dance Blitz Eisteddfod, here she also came in first place in four catagories musical theater, vocal uptempo, ballad, duo, and she took first in the vocal championship, these are all just a small portion of the awards she has recieved, the number of them is huge.
KJ hopes to someday be in a singing group with her sisters or a solo artist, but she is not only looking at entertainment. She loves all animals and would also like to be a vet one day.  When we talk about someone who likes animals she certainly does. Her mom said, that when she asked for a dog, that she wanted to go to the pound and pick one out that needed help, like a three legged dog. Her mom couldn`t fill that request after having numerous cats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and a lizard, but she finally did settle on a Japanese Spitz. KJ is not just someone who is a great vocalist, but has a kind heart, and people like her with a big heart will always be a success.